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LBI Event Recap: ChicagoLand Invitational (Lisle, IL)

By R.Simone @R.SimoneP, 01/06/19, 7:15AM EST


About 45 minutes outside of Chicago, some of the best talent in the Midwest entered the gym to face off against each other.

Lisle, IL – About 45 minutes outside of Chicago, some of the best talent in the Midwest entered the gym to face off against each other. With parents, fans and a ton of collegiate level coaches watching, the lady ballers at the ChicagoLand Invitational Showcase, played their hearts out from the opening tip to the sound of the final buzzer. Even the #1 ranked team in Michigan, Detroit Edison, made an appearance, going back to the Great Lake State victorious in a win over the host team Benet Academy.
There are a few things that were once again confirmed for me…1) It’s all about the match-ups! Any team, on any day, can take a loss. 2) Never underestimate the power of hard work, hustle and team chemistry. 3) Big time players will always show up when it counts the most.
Congratulations and great job to all the teams that played today!
Kaylen Evans  2020  5’8”  Guard  Nazareth Academy (IL)
A guard that crashes the boards and rebounds, Kaylen Evans showed her toughness from start to finish. She did a great job of moving her team to their correct spots while executing the press breaker and in the half court set. Kaylen also showed great composure, especially when the game was tight.
Anne Stritzel  2019  5’11”  Wing  Nazareth Academy (IL) (Committed to Harvard University)
Stritzel was unstoppable at times, giving her team everything they needed, exactly when they needed it. Whether it was a spin move in the paint for an easy bucket at the rim, or long distance three, she delivered. She also was active defensively, altering shots and creating turnovers. She finished with a game-high 25 points.
Lindsay Blackmore  2020  6’0”  Guard/Wing  Geneva (IL)
Blackmore is long, yet quick for her size. This combination allowed her to be effective inside the post and along the perimeter. She hustled and gave her all each possession, battling on boards and the floor for the ball. Her ability to make great shot selections and take advantage of her length made her very difficult to defend. Lindsay scored a team-high 17 points.
Katherine Palmer  2021  5’9”  Guard  Geneva (IL)
Carpenter was quiet, but a key piece to her team. She played hard on both ends of the court, using her size and quickness to maneuver through tight spaces for steals. She also did a good job of handling the ball and making good decisions. Katherine was able to knock down huge shots under pressure.
Aneesah Morrow  2021  6’1” Wing  Simeon (IL)
Aneesah has the frame and strength of a post, but the quickness and game of a wing. She has a quick first step that her opponent just wasn’t ready for. She never gave up on possessions and was often on the floor, fighting for a loose ball. She was also a verbal leader on the court. She is a smart player with a mature game.

Khaniah Gardner  2021  6’2”  Wing/Post  Simeon (IL)
Gardner was my favorite player for the entire showcase. She was everywhere doing everything! She’s tough both physically and mentally, never getting rattled or too excited. Many of her team-high 16 points were from her grabbing offensive rebounds and laying the ball in the rim. She stepped up when her team needed her the most, using her high game IQ to create some phenomenal plays.
Celia Satter  2019  6’0”  Wing  Loyola Academy (IL)
Celia is a shooter that was able to hit tough shots, with and without a hand in her face. She did a great job of moving without the ball, making herself available for easy looks. She has a long wingspan that worked to her advantage on both ends of the court. She finished with a game-high 25 points.
Summer Parker-Hall  2021  6’1”  Post  Loyola Academy (IL)
A nice blend of athleticism and solid fundamentals, Summer showed up when it counted the most. She had some big moments in the fourth quarter while her team was fighting to regain the lead, including taking some hard contact and finishing at the rim. She also battled on the boards, grabbing rebounds over bigger and stronger players.
Kayla Henning  2020  5’8”  Guard  Evanston (IL)
Henning was her squad’s leader. They fed off of her energy and looked to her during critical moments. She played extremely hard the entire game and was always in the mix. She did an excellent job of creating opportunities for herself and her teammates.
Jayla Turchin  2020  5’10”  Wing  Evanston (IL)
Everything about Jayla said she was a post player until she got the ball in her hands. She has a tight handle, good court vision, a quick first step, and can shoot from deep. She was effective at the two and three spot both offensively and defensively. She creates a match-up issue when she is on the court.
Maya White-Eagle  2021  5’10” Guard  Madison Memorial (WI)
Sweet is a strong and tough point guard that was scrappy and aggressive the entire game. She did an awesome job of handling the ball under pressure, seeing the court and hitting the open man. She is also a solid defender, getting numerous stops without excessive fouling and playing the lanes getting steals.
Liliana Garcia  2020  5’6” Guard  Madison Memorial (WI)
Garcia was a high energy player that gave a little bit of everything for her team. She is a vocal floor leader and often was directing traffic, even when she didn’t have the ball. She is a good defender, especially on the ball. When she played the point position, she did a good job of controlling the offensive flow and getting the ball where it needed to go.
Gabrielle Elliott  2020  5’10”  Wing  Detroit Edison (MI)
Gabrielle started off quiet but quickly became the X-Factor in her team’s victory. Defensively, she used her long arms to her advantage, playing the lanes for steals and also stripping the ball from her opponent. She sank three deep threes that pushed her team out of reach and clinched the victory. She finished with a game-high 20 points.

Shaulana Wagner  2020  5’8” Guard/Wing  Detroit Edison (MI)
Wagner came off the bench locked, loaded and ready for battle. She has a high IQ and uses it to always be in the right place at the right time. Several moments throughout the game Wagner battled in the paint for offensive rebounds and made easy layups. She is one of the best defenders on her team both, while in the press and on the ball.
Kendall Holmes  2020  5’11”  Guard  Benet Academy (IL) 
Whether it was knocking down clutch three’s or creating great defensive plays, Holmes gave all she had to give to try and get her team a win. She is tough and not afraid to get down and dirty. No matter how hard she battled on the defensive end, Kendall still managed to find the energy to be an offensive threat.
Brooke Schramek  2020  6’1”  Wing  Benet Academy (IL) (Verbal to University of Wisconsin)
Schramek was awesome at running the floor and making herself available to score. She was able to hit shots from several places on the court, making her very difficult to defend. She played with a lot of confidence and a calm demeanor the entire game. Brooke was also able to defend multiple positions and get stops.
Kyla Jones  2019  5’9”  Guard  Whitney Young (IL)
There was not one player on the court that was able to slow Kyla down. She got to the rim at will and did a phenomenal job of finishing at the rim, with and without contact. She was very productive under pressure, having very few turnovers throughout the game. She scored a game-high 29 points.
Kayla Green  2020  5’6”  PG  Whitney Young (IL)
Fiesty and tough, Green was a problem for the other team on both ends of the court. She has quick hands which made her a dynamic on the ball defender. Kayla was very effective in transition, getting the ball up the court quickly for easy baskets.
Sydney Affolter  2021  5’11”  Guard/Wing  Marist (IL)
Sydney was a great all-around player. She was able to use her long frame to keep the ball high while shooting and as she surveyed the court to make great passes. She did a great job of scoring around the perimeter and at the rim. Sydney also crashed the boards for second-chance opportunities. She scored a team-high 22 points.
Bailey Butler  2020  5’5”  Guard  Marist (IL)
Small in size, but tough as they come, Butler was a scrappy defender and aggressive on the offensive end. Making solid decisions with the ball in her hands, she kept her head up to see the entire court, showing that she knew when to pass and when to score.
Rachel Kent  2019  5’10”  Wing  Maine West (IL)
Kent took over the game, literally scoring in every position she played. She hit multiple threes, completed three-point plays and rebounded for second-chance points. Rachel was also an awesome defender, showing her ability to defend at the perimeter and in the paint. She led her team to a twenty point victory, scoring a game-high 19 points.
Angela Dugalic  2020  6’4”  Post  Maine West (IL)
Angela is a post player that is also able to be effective on the perimeter. She was almost impossible to defend in the high post, using her long reach and strong footwork to get herself open. She can also shoot from deep. She did a good job of surveying the court and getting the ball to her teammates for easy baskets in transition.
Taris Thornton  2021  6’0”  Post  Montini Catholic (IL)
If it were possible to bottle Thornton’s energy and toughness and give it to her team, the game might have ended differently. She was a hustle player, playing hard every possession. She was effective facing the basket and with her back to the rim. Taris consistently got to the rim, finishing with contact and drawing the foul.
Sophie Sullivan  2022  5’6”  Guard  Montini Catholic (IL)
A tough, smart and scrappy guard, Sophie was a verbal leader on the court the entire game. She gave all she could to try and help her team fight an early double-digit deficit, playing almost the entire game. She was relentless on defense, fighting through picks and creating turnovers.