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LBI Event Recap: Michigan Thanksgiving Scrimmage (Grand Rapids, MI)

By R.Simone @R_SimoneP, 11/23/18, 11:15PM EST


Grand Rapids, MI: The Michigan Thanksgiving Scrimmage featured 48 teams that traveled from every corner of the state to play and prepare for this year’s season. From the first jump ball to the last buzzer sounding, all five courts showcased some of the best players in the state and a few teams who established themselves on the 2018-19 watch list. College coaches from every level watched from above as the players battled and left everything on the court.

Top Players

Parrish Hudson  2021  5’8”  PG  Wayland H.S.
Hudson’s tough and scrappy play was consistent throughout the day. She was able to maneuver through the defense to get off a good pass or a pull-up jumper in the lane. She also did a good job of feeding her
frontcourt and controlling the tempo for her team.

Stephanie Ainsworth  2021   6’2”  Center  Wayland H.S.
While moving well without the ball, Ainsworth created space and opportunity for herself. She did a great job of feeling the defense and getting off her shot while playing with her back to the basket. Stephanie was a huge presence for her team on defense, altering shots in the paint and around the rim.

Breanna Berry 2020  5’7”  Guard   Morley Stanwood H.S.
By being aggressive on the defensive end, Breanna created a problem in every game. She was awesome at playing the lane to get tips and steals. In half court play, she created scoring opportunities for herself by penetrating and getting to the free throw line.

Kyleigh Rau  2020   5’9”  Wing  Lowell H.S.
Kyleigh is a hard worker that never gave up on a play until it was over. She did a great job of recognizing where she needed to be on the court, whether it was on the block posting up a smaller wing or around the perimeter. When Rau went to the bench, there was a noticeable difference in her team’s rebounding numbers.

Aajah Hendrix  2019  5’10”  PG  Swartz Creek H.S.
A quick card with quick hands, Aajah was a defensive firecracker for her team. She was very effective at creating turnovers, both forced and unforced, for the other team. Hendrix also showed moments where she could handle the ball under pressure. 

Cianna Gloster  2020  5’10”  Wing Swartz Creek H.S.
Cianna was the hardest working player on the court in every game that I watched. She did a good job of recovering on defense and helping her teammates, crashing the boards for rebounds and getting in the paint to finish around the rim. She is not afraid to get dirty either. There was a play when Cianna was on the floor with four members of the opposing team, fighting for a loose ball. 

Makayla Clement  2021  5’11”  Wing  Byron H.S.
Versatile player that’s not afraid of contact, Clement was often the spark plug her team needed to make a run or get a much needed defensive stop, especially being that she can guard multiple positions. Makayla also showed her leadership in tight situations, at the end of some close games.

Hannah Schroeder  2022   5’7”  Guard  Allendale H.S.
Schroeder is a very disciplined guard with solid handles and great floor presence. She got her team in the right positions to make offensive plays and was a huge presence on the defensive end as well.

Taylor Adams  2019  5’5”  Guard   Allendale H.S.
Impressive on both ends of the court, Taylor was a key component to her team’s chemistry in every game. She’s aggressive, not afraid to shoot the ball and works extremely hard. Her hustle help to create multiple
second-chance opportunities for her squad.

Lauren Ross  2020  5’10”  Guard  Muskegon Reeths Puffer (verbal commit to Ferris State University)
A gritty clean-up type player, Ross used her solid size to rebound, set hard picks, and get to the rim to score. She showed her ability to make great decisions with the ball in her hands, including snagging down a huge rebound, then going coast to coast for the layup.

Bridget McHugh  2019  6’0”  Post   Muskegon Reeths Puffer H.S.
McHugh was one of the most effective and patient players in the scrimmage. Every tactic that players use to throw off the person guarding them, she did it. Never rushing her shot and yet always getting the shot she wanted. Bridget was good at using her long frame to get herself open by working hard without the ball.

Cierra Laska  2022  5’5”   Guard   Byron Center H.S.
Small in size but huge in her presence, Laska was the power source for her Byron Center squad. Several times she made her way to the paint and finished with a nice pull-up jumper. Cierra can also shoot from long distance and consistently followed her shot for second chance opportunities. Cierra is solid with the potential to only get better. 

Avery Zeinstra   2020   5’ 5”  Guard   Byron Center H.S.
Avery’s ability to make smart decisions with the ball helped her and her team
have a nice showing during the scrimmage. Whether it was finding the open man, having her team reset or shooting the ball herself, great things happened while she was in control. Avery also played great defense and showed that she has a ton of potential.

Alana Micheaux   2021  6’3”    Post   Wayne Memorial H.S.
Micheaux has a very solid frame and the strength to match. She moves around the court very well for her size and has quick defensive hands. Alana is a rebounder on both ends of the court and at times finished at the rim with contact.

Jordan Wright  2022   5’7”  Guard   Wayne Memorial H.S.
Quick, athletic and tough, Wright left a lasting impression on her opponents and a few colleges in the stands. She’s a solid defender and not afraid of contact. She did a great job of getting to the rim and drawing the foul.

Lauren DeWolf  2022  5’7”  Guard   Ann Arbor Pioneer H.S.
DeWolf is a crafty lefty that can get to the bucket or stop and pop in the paint. Her teammates looked to her to run their offense and fed off of her energy on the defensive end. She has long arms and does a good job of using them against smaller opponents and to battle for rebounds.

Abrie Cabana   2021  5’8”  Guard   Grass Lake H.S. (verbal to Grand Valley State University)
A true combo guard, Cabana was extremely fun to watch. She is able to handle the rock under pressure, offering up head fakes and step back threes in the process. Her shot is pure and she can knock it down from anywhere on the court. She can go left or right and is able to create shots for herself and others. Look for her to make a lot of noise this 2018-19 season.

Brianna Alexander  2019   5’5”  Guard   Muskegon H.S.
The level of energy that Brianna brought on the court was undeniable. She hustled on every play, creating tons of turnovers and scoring opportunities. Her strongest asset is her defense. She does a great job of staying in front of her man and playing the passing lane. 

Bre’Naya Lane  2021   5’6”  Guard   East Lansing H.S.
Lane was at times the floor leader, directing traffic and controlling the tempo. She showed her ability to turn the corner strong off of screens and getting her shot up. Defensively she was very active and was the direct cause of quite a few turnovers.

Corinne Jones   2022   5’7”  Guard/Wing   East Lansing H.S.
The energy was consistent from Jones in every game that we watched. She works hard on both ends, finding the gaps on offense and playing the passing lanes well on defense. Corinne did not hesitate to penetrate the paint to help open the floor up for her shooter. 

Kabriana Hallman  2021  6’3”  Post   East Kentwood H.S.
Kabriana was one of the quickest post players in the gym. She did a phenomenal job of running the court and positioning herself for easy buckets on offense, blocked and altered shots on defense, and rebounds on both ends. She can play with her back to the basket and facing it. Once her timing comes together, teams will not want to face off against her. 

Keliese Christopher  2020   5’10”  Wing East Kentwood H.S.
workhorse of the team, Christopher made her presence felt on both ends of the court. She worked hard to get rebounds, dove for loose balls and was a hard-nosed defender. She showed that when needed, she can get on the block and make something happen for her team.

Top Teams

Detroit Edison (Class B)
With an entire team full of D1 commits and prospects, look for Edison to once again dominate this season. Their high powered offense is fun to watch and extremely difficult to defend. Their only kryptonite may come by way of their aggressive defense, which could cause key players to be in early foul trouble. 

East Kentwood (Class A)
Kentwood was great at moving the ball around and using all of their weapons. With 3 players over six feet, a sharpshooter and a strong floor general, look for them to make a huge splash during the tournament. 

Muskegon (Class A)
Gritty, aggressive and quick, Muskegon will be hard to score on and also hard to stop. Although they are missing height in their frontcourt, don’t be surprised if they once again are in the state’s top 10.  

Muskegon Reeths Puffer (Class B)
The sleeper team of the scrimmage, Reeths Puffer showed what playing solid team ball looks like and how far it can take you. They work hard, they’re patient, unselfish, and well coached. That combination can take a team very far.

Wayne Memorial (Class A)
The Zebras came out the gate playing hard and aggressive. They were solid on both ends and did a great job of getting to the rim and drawing the foul. “Free Throws” should be a very important piece in practice for the entire season. As good as they are at getting to the hoop, they will need to knock down the freebies at the stripe and not let their hard work go in vain.