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First & Final Decision

By R.Simone @R_SimoneP, 10/31/18, 8:15AM EDT


Country Day's PG Jasmine Powell '19 Verbals To Minnesota

First & Final Decision

This is the time of year when the best and brightest players in girls’ basketball make one of the biggest decisions of their lives…what college or university they will attend to further their basketball careers and education. The process can be very eventful and an unforgettable experience. It can also be stressful and time consuming. After all of the phone calls, text messages, home and campus visits, some players unfortunately still don’t make the right choice.

In this day and era, we have seen far more transfers than in the past. These student athletes make the decision to switch schools for several reasons, and to each her own. However, the majority of these transfers occur due to the situation not being a good fit. The “fit” or lack thereof can be applied to many different aspects. The school being too big or small, the program not complimenting the player’s style of play, or even a clash of personalities between the coaching staff and players. However, more times than we often care to admit, players end up transferring to a different institution simply because they selected a school for all the wrong reasons.

2019 Country Day senior point guard Jasmine Powell is one of the many top players in the state that was privileged enough to have a say in what jersey she will be wearing on the next level. When Jasmine was a freshman, LBI saw her great potential on both ends of the court and put everyone on notice. She did not let us down. Powell is arguably the best defender in the state and her offensive game has grown by leaps and bounds, all while maintaining a 3.4 GPA.

After the best summer of her high school career on the EYBL circuit, the nation saw what we have had the pleasure of witnessing for the last three years. This two time state champion (in basketball and track) cracked the ESPN Hoop Girlz top 100 in the country list, landed 4th on the EYBL best three point shooters list and her recruitment went from strong to wow!

With a total of 13 Division I offers, Jasmine understood how critical this decision would be and wanted to make sure she did not take it for granted. Her selection process was unique and at times very tedious. With that being said, I think her system is by far one of the most thorough I have seen and should be adopted by more players in all sports. By taking a few extra measures, Jasmine greatly increased the chances of her first decision being her final decision and finishing her collegiate career where she starts it.

What school have you decided to attend to continue your basketball career and education?

Jasmine:  I have selected the University of Minnesota to continue my academic and athletic career.

What will you be majoring in?

Jasmine: I will be majoring in journalism and minoring in film and production.

What were your top three reasons for selecting this school?

Jasmine:  I chose this school because of the academic opportunities, the coaching staff and the level of competition.

What are a few things that you did throughout your selection process that helped you make this decision?

Jasmine: Taking the time to do research on each school that I was considering. What my role on a team would be by figuring out who is leaving and who is returning. I also watched game film. Researching games gave me a better look on how the head coaches lead, their patterns and how they coach the players on the floor. It also helped me understand the style of play and systems. Asking questions that have to do with my major and what I am interested in also helped me.

How would you describe your pre-official visit process?

Jasmine: My pre-official visit process was stressful because narrowing down schools had a lot to do with relationships between the coaches and where the school stood on my priority list. I made sure that I knew what I was looking for while watching the practices. I also had a list of specific questions prepared for each coach.

What advice would you give other lady ballers to help them select a good school?

Jasmine: Some advice I would give other ballers is to always follow their gut feeling. Schools will pressure you but do not lead schools on or make quick decisions. Stay polite and professional. Do your research on the school and find the best fit for you and not anyone else. This is your college experience, the choice should be yours.

Anyone special you would like to thank and acknowledge?

Jasmine: I would like to thank my mother, Rhonda, who has supported me through thick and thin, my sister, Jessica, who is always there for me, everyone who has trained me and lastly the Michigan Crossover family.

Congratulations to Jasmine and all of the dynamic players in the 2019 class that will be going to the next level to play basketball and pursue their dreams! The LBI team wishes you the best in all you do, and we look