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Gym Rats Invitational: Day 1 Recap

By R.Simone Brown, 05/17/15, 5:45AM EDT


Midwest Elite 15U team was dominate on Day 1

Gym Rats Invitational: Day 1 Recap


Ft. Wayne, IN - The Indy Lady Gym Rats hosted their annual Gym Rats Invitational the weekend of May 16-17. The invitational is well organized and loaded with high quality players that made the day long but exciting.  Bracket play will be very interesting to see. Anyone can go home as "Champs".

Player Highlights

Tiara Wallace 2016 5’7” Guard Chicago Hoops Express
Wallace is a solid defender that disturbs offenses and creates turnovers. She plays with intensity and shows great hustle to make game changing plays. She is active without the ball on offensive and can finish great plays.

Kia Brooks 2017 5’8" Guard Chicago Hoops Express
Good finisher that can take over a game, Brooks utilizes her length to stretch over opponents and knock down shots. She is a gritty player and doesn't mind getting on the floor for a lose ball.

Shelle Daniels 2016 6’ Forward Gym Rats-Tan
Daniels has a strong body and a solid frame which  she takes advantage of well. She can finish with contact, is very aggressive on both ends and plays hard from beginning to end.

Siyah Frazier 2016 5'9" Guard Michigan Crossover EYBL
Long, quick, and athletic Frazier is a very aggressive attacker of the rim. She plays in your face defense and she has a high steal average to show that she's good at it.

Alicia Norman 2017 5’5” PG Michigan Crossover 15U
Norman has quick hands and is very fast which helps her be a phenomenal defender. She is very tough and doesn't mind enduring a little contact to help create opportunities for her teammates.

Isabelle Spingela 2016 6'2" Post Mac Irvin Fire-Godfather
Spingela has a strong big body which she uses to be aggressive on the boards and rebound out of her area. She is not afraid to shoot a jump-shot or long range shot if its available to her.

Gabrielle Cooper 2016 5’10” Forward Mac Irvin Fire-Godfather
Cooper is athletic and quick.  Aggressive on both ends, she can finish with contact and doesn't mind doing the dirty work her teams needs done like rebounding, going after loose balls and of course getting scoring.

Kailyn Strawbridge 2017 5’7" Guard Midwest Elite 15U
Strawbridge is a solid scorer that can open a defense right up. She is a solid defender and gives the same amount of effort on defense that she gives on offense. She has superb court vision and a high basketball IQ! She works hard.

Brea Beal  2019  6'0  Forward  Midwest Elite 15U
Beal plays bigger than what she is. She has good post moves on offense and can defend on the wing and post on defense. She is a true hustle player that creates opportunities for everyone.

Daijah Smith 2018 5’10” Midwest Elite 15U
Smith uses her long wingspan on defense to create issues for opponents. She is a smart and quick player. She crashes the boards, work hards from start to finish and is mentally engaged on and off the court.

Cassidy Hardin 2018   5'8” Guard   IN Flight Thunder-Marlin
Hardin grabbed everyone's attention with her disciplined sharp shooting. She hit 8 long range shots in one game alone. Her shot is pure and accuarte. Shots like her's forces teams to spread their defense which Cassidy takes advantage of by getting the ball to teammates.

Story was written by R.Simone Brown she can reached via email also follow her on twitter @LBI_RSimone