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LBI Event Recap: Detroit Mercy Team Camp "Afternoon Session" (Detroit, MI)

By Keith Wade @wadesworld32, 06/25/24, 1:15PM EDT


Detroit, MI: The afternoon Session of The Detroit Mercy Team camp was off the chain. They have great players, great teams, and great coaching. Detroit Mercy is on the rise, and some players were on the rise all afternoon!

Avery Lay 2025 Guard Chelsea HS
Avery has a new role on her high school team this year, and it looks like she is ready to become the leader that they need her to be. She not only showed that she could score the ball, attacking off the dribble, posting up, and knocking down the jumper, but she scored from everywhere. She was an outstanding leader, she rebounded, and she locked up on defense; I expect Avery to have a huge year for Chelsea, and now that she is committed to GVSU, she is able to relax and just play!

Braiden Scheffler 2025 Wing Chelsea HS
Braiden is the energizer bunny for the Bulldogs. She plays with great speed and aggressiveness, attacking the defense off the dribble and using her good size and length to finish through and around defenders. She is physical and showed absolutely zero back down on either end of the ball. She and Lay form a great tandem for the young Chelsea squad.

Elli Roback 2026 Guard Clarkston HS
Elli is a tough guard who is deceptively quick with a nice first step. She did a great job beating her defender off the bounce and finishing in the lane with nice, creative moves over and around defenders. She shot the ball well from the outside and competed at a high level all day.

Bella Flavin 2028 Post Clarkston HS
Bella will be a huge addition to Clarkston this season. She is physical, runs the floor very well, has a soft touch around the hoop, and already has a great feel for the game. Not even playing a high school game yet, she looked comfortable making the right pass, attacking the boards aggressively, and playing the game with a big time IQ.

Naiya Krispin 2026 Guard Detroit Country Day HS
She has a pretty shot; she is playing great and so smooth; wow, who is that? Those are all things I heard from coaches and people in the gym yesterday about Naiya. Krispin had a great day; she shot it well, played under control, showed an elite handle with a nice vision to make plays, and was one of the best guards on the floor in every game. Big time afternoon for the rising Junior.

Ari Wiggins 2025 Wing Detroit Country Day
Ari was deep in her bucket bag today; she was in attack mode, scoring from all over the floor and using a mix of quickness, physicality, and a nice perimeter skill set to score inside and out. She was a terror in transition, playing downhill and finishing through contact. Ari definitely put her name on the intriguing prospect list; coaches, take a look. You will like what you see!

CeCe Arico 2027 Guard Detroit Country Day HS
CeCe is all about business when she hits the floor. Her preparation, her competitiveness, and her desire to compete at a high level are evident, and she is consistently one of the best players on the floor.  Today, she shot it well from deep, which opened up the drive, which is her strength. She aggressively attacked the defense, finishing through contact using smooth footwork and scoring with either hand. She is a willing passer and usually covers the other team’s best player.

Mariah Cross 2026 Guard Wayne Memorial HS
Mariah is a blur on both ends of the floor, but she was exceptional with the rock creating off the bounce or hitting the three from deep. Earning an offer from the Host school, Detroit Mercy, she was all over the floor, hounding the ball on defense and pushing the tempo in transition.

Zoey Hightower 2025 Wing Wayne Memorial HS
Zoey is the glue of this year’s Wayne team. She is always one of the top defenders on the floor; she rebounds at a high level and takes pride in getting after every loose ball. She thrives in transition, using great athleticism, length, and speed to finish and to put pressure on the defense running the floor. Everyone knows the Wayne outstanding backcourt will do what they do, but Zoey and her extreme versatility may be the key to success.

Jaebri’an Autry 2026 Wing Detroit Renaissance HS
Autry had a big-time afternoon today, scoring the ball. She was the leading scorer for her squad, flying around scoring in transition, knocking down the jumper and putting it on the floor, getting buckets going downhill. Autry has nice size and length and she is extremely quick getting to the basket.

Victoria Gambles 2026 Guard Detroit Renaissance HS
Victoria is Renaissance's quiet assassin. She makes all the right plays using quickness, a nice handle, good vision, and the ability to shoot, which opens up the floor for everyone. She excels in transition but is the calming force when the team needs a half-court bucket. Victoria locks in on defense, and I look for her to have a huge season as the experienced playmaker for her squad.

Serinity Bolden 2026 Guard Toledo Central Catholic HS
Serenity is a tough, smart guard who handled the rock and made plays off the bounce. She got into the lane regularly, either scoring or finding a teammate for an easy assist. She played well on or off the ball consistently moving without the ball and getting to her spots on the floor to have success.

Marissa Justen 2026 Guard Toledo Central Catholic HS
Marissa is a deceptively quick guard who made some nice moves off the bounce and had some tough finishes in the lane. Her biggest strength on the day was knocking down the three from deep. She did a great job creating her shot or shooting off the catch. Justen had an impressive afternoon.

Addison Chase 2026 Guard Dexter HS
Addison has improved so much. She is super aggressive off the dribble, showing a confident handle and the ability to drive and dish. Today, she was in her bucket bag, knocking down jumpers from deep. Addison has a sweet shot, and she does a great job getting to her spots to get her shot off. Chase will be a huge part of the deter plan this year, and with her ability to play on or off the ball, I look for her to have an all-SEC season!

Se’Crette Carter 2026 Guard Belleville HS
Coming off of a big east offer, Carter has been on fire lately, and nothing has changed as of today. She is shooting the ball at a high clip, beating her defender off the bounce, and competing at a high level on the defensive end. Carter has used this summer to prove that she is one of the top five players in her class in the state of Michigan and seems to be getting better!

Iyanna Stephens 2025 Post Belleville HS
Iyanna is an athletic jumping jack on the boards. She showed multiple times today how aggressive she is, getting four or five boards in one possession and sometimes re-jumping before other players hit the ground. Her mindset to attack the boards and play physically is unmatched. She does a great job finishing in the lane and is an intimidating factor on defense.

Sydney Savoury 2027 Guard Belleville HS
Sydney is so smooth and fluid. She moves effortlessly through and around the defense, getting to her spots on the floor to score. Today, she hit pull-ups and threes and dominated in the lane. Playing at an extremely high level, she is next to impossible to stop, a willing passer when doubled, and plays with unmatched aggressiveness on both ends. Savoury is a pro and it is and will continue to be fun watching her reach unthinkable heights as a player.