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LBI Event Recap: Wade's World Showcase Part One (Ann Arbor, MI)

By Keith Wade @wadesworld32, 10/09/23, 4:45PM EDT


Ann Arbor, MI: Wades World Showcase was a big time stage for players to not only work with some of the top coaches and trainers in the area during station work but to show and display their skill set in game competition in front of College Coaches. Here are some of the players that stood out.

Gabrielle Piepho 2026 Guard Howell HS
Gabby had one of the best days of anyone today, from her aggressive approach to the stations, learning, going hard in each drill, and separating herself from the pack. She definitely didn’t slow down in game play. She was lights out from 3, knocking down a few from well beyond the arc. She was physical with the ball getting in the lane and making plays. She showed her competitiveness by locking up on defense, and at one point, she was on the floor diving for a loose ball in a showcase that is not the NORM. Gabby is a big time player with the skill set and the mentality to be one of the top 2026’s in the State.

Charlotte Miller 2025 Guard FGR
Charlotte only knows one way to be on the floor, and that is a leader. Right from the start, Charlotte was the PG1 on the floor full of guards; she did a great job pushing the ball up the floor, finding teammates, and using her new and improved physicality to score the ball through contact. She looked as fast and as confident as I have seen her to date, and when she is hitting the three ball like she was Sunday, she is extremely hard to guard. Charlotte has an unbelievable feel for the game and does a great job controlling the pace and not letting anyone speed her up or slow her down. She is definitely a PG1.

Se’crette Carter 2026 Guard Belleville
Se’crette is so smooth and polished she glides up and down the floor, making the game look easy. She is lights out from 3 and has a handle that allows her to get to her spots to get a bucket. Playing Sunday with three guards, Se’crette did a great job playing with or without the ball; she was impossible to stop off the bounce, but she also did a great job slashing and scoring in transition. Se’crette is another player who obviously has been living in the weight room; she looked stronger, more physical, and in great shape. I have been saying for a while that Ms. Carter will be one of the top recruits in her class, and Sunday, she proved to me that I tell no lies!!!

Chloe Bullinger 2026 Wing Tecumseh
Chloe might have been the leading scorer of the whole showcase. If you were trying to figure out who she was, she was the blur flying up and down the floor, making plays on both ends and making a living scoring in transition. Chloe does it all on the floor; she is one of the top defenders and can handle, shoot, and slash better than most. Chloe has great size, great speed, and a nice feel for the game. Coaches row was buzzing over her effort and ability, looking for her to play a huge role on a loaded Tecumseh squad this year.

Vanessa Rodriguez 2026 Guard FGR
It didn’t take long for Vanessa to remind everyone in the gym that she scored the rock at a very high clip. She shot it from deep, consistently broke her defender down, got to the rim, and scored over and around the bigger players. Vanessa plays the game at a fast-paced high level; her style is contagious, and she makes everyone around her pick up their effort and speed. She has the rock on a string and has a nice ability to control the tempo with her handle and high basketball IQ.  I feel bad for the coaches that have to prepare for those FGR guards this season.

Rayah Hitt 2026 Guard Parma Western
Physical, smooth, smart, under control, and aggressive. All of these words describe how Rayah played this weekend. As one coach put it, "She was the best player in the gym,” and if she wasn’t, she was very close. She was aggressive, scoring the ball from all over, she shot it well from deep, she scored going to the rack with defenders bouncing off of her, and she saw the floor very well, making the right pass in transition and off the ball screens. When Rayah has her mind made up that she wants to get somewhere on the floor, she gets there, and that is a tough skill to defend, especially when you can shoot it from deep as well. Big day for Rayah HItt!!!

Faith Jungwirth 2024 Wing Lansing Catholic
Faith had a great day. She ran the floor well and showed nice footwork in the paint. She was physical on both ends scoring the ball through contact and defending the lane. She worked hard and battled for any and all rebounds; she was easily one of the most physical and aggressive players at the showcase!

Alison Farr 2025 Guard Howell
Alison is one of the hardest working, smartest basketball players in the state. She talks non-stop on the floor, and she plays the game with a joy that is contagious to all around her. She is super skilled, usually the PG, when she is on the floor; she did a great job adjusting to playing off the ball and still making plays and being very effective. Alison is what I call a stat stuffer; she does it all for her team and plays tough defense on the opposing ball handler. An extension to the coach on the floor she is a coach’s dream!

Taylor Wallace 2024 Guard Arbor Prep
Taylor is an aggressive bucket getter. Known for being a big time shooter, she did a great job attacking the hoop off the bounce hitting the pull up, or scoring in the lane. She did a nice job pushing in transition making plays slashing to the hoop. Taylor was easily one of the best on ball defenders in the building and her physical defense forced her opponent into tough shots or turnovers. Whichever school lands, this young lady is getting a good one!

Riley Abney 2024 Guard Brandon
Riley did a great job Sunday showing that she is more than just a bucket. She was one of the leading rebounders on the day grabbing boards and pushing the ball from the guard spot looking to create for herself or a teammate. She played physical defense and played the game with a high IQ. During the station work, all the coaches commented on how coachable she was and how well she shot the ball, still unsigned; someone is going to get a steal with unlimited potential!!

Jakiah Brumfield 2025 Guard Traverse City Central
Jakiah is a high IQ guard who plays the game with a nice physicality and sneaky athleticism. She has a nice handle, makes great decisions and today showed that she can shoot the ball from deep. She is a tough defender and always seems to make the right play. Jakiah plays the game with great passion and skill, two great traits for a combo guard.

Salena Titus 2025 Guard Jenison
Salena, with the rock in her hands, I am a fan! She is super quick has the rock on a string and does a great job dropping dimes or beating her defender to create for her or a teammate. Salena is super intense on defense, and in transition, she was tough to maintain. One of the biggest things I noticed about her was her willingness to want to learn in the station work; she worked hard corrected herself and showed that she is ready to take the next step in her progression. Like I said I am a fan!!

Ashlyn Moorehead 2025 Guard Tecumseh
Ashlyn is a throwback guard who is pass first, smart, makes the right play, and competes her butt off. Ashlyn has great vision, a great handle, and the physical ability to play through contact and make the play. During the station work, she displayed her ability to shoot it consistently and all my coaches commented on how coachable she was, all things we look for in a PG1.

Addison Chase 2026 Guard Dexter
Addison had a very good day, showing just how much better she has gotten since her first year of varsity basketball. She is a shot maker with nice range; she handles the ball with confidence and shows a nice ability to beat her defender to create for a teammate. Addison never gets rattled on the floor which is big time for a young guard; she showed her maturity today by taking great shots over good shots, making pin point passes out of the pick and roll, and being one of the hardest working players in station work! Look for Addison to take the next big step as one of the top players for Dexter this season.

Makayla Schlorf 2026 Guard Tecumseh
Makayla is the energizer bunny of all energizer bunnies. She is non-stop motion on both ends of the floor making plays and causing havoc on defense. Makayla is not just fast; she is very skilled and has a great feel for the game; she loves mixing it up inside with the bigger players and uses her quickness to get out with the ball and start the break. She did a great job with some sweet passes for layups to teammates and her intensity is unmatched. The thought of her and Chloe B on the break for Tecumseh is scary, two blurs in motion!

Mackenzie Duthie 2026 Wing Howell
Mackenzie is getting better and better every time I see her. She is already blessed with the physical size, length, and ability and now she is adding a skill set that is potentially pretty scary. She can shoot it from deep, she rebounds the ball, she slashes, she plays defense, but most importantly she is a sponge and wants to be great! Watching her in the stations, she was intense and worked hard at the drill; then I noticed during the game she used what she learned in competition. Mac is definitely one to watch in this class, she may have started this race late, but she is making the turn and about to pass a lot of players who don’t work as hard as her; stay tuned!

Tanner Schramm 2026 Wing Goodrich
Tanner is a physical wing that has an extremely high motor. She did a great job attacking the basket and finishing through contact. Tanner is a big -time rebounder who thrives at getting position and keeping possessions alive with offensive rebounds. Tanner is sneaky explosive, a tough defender, and a player who can guard 1 through 5.