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LBI Event Roundup: GUAA Nationals (Hamilton, OH)

By Keith Wade @wadesworld32, 07/27/23, 5:00PM EDT


University of Michigan commit Olivia Olson '24 (Minnesota Fury) was tough to stop in Hamilton, OH

Hamilton, OH: The GUAA Finals held in Hamilton, OH showcased the best teams from the Under Armour circuit. College coaches from all over the country were in attendance to witness impressive performances by some of the finest players throughout the weekend. LBI evaluators were also present and closely observed the games. Here are a few players that caught our attention.

2026 Kennedy Holman | IGB GUAA
Kennedy is a cat quick, athletic guard with a tight handle and aggressive mindset she did a great job taking the hit and finishing through contact. She was all over the floor for IGB this weekend, controlling the game and running the show. She is an outstanding leader. 

2026 Brooklyn Renn | IGB GUAA
Brooklyn has great size and length, and she did a great job using her length on both ends of the floor, scoring the rock, rebounding, and defending. She also was very efficient in stretching the defense by knocking down the three with big-time range. 

2025 Destiny Lunan | West Coast Elite
Destiny has a super tight handle and is electric off the bounce. The lefty guard made plays beating her defender and getting to her spots. She did a great job knowing when to score it and when to drop it off for an assist. As the leader of the team, she did a great job staying aggressive defensively on and off the ball. 

2025 Samari Bankhead | West Coast Elite GUAA
Samari is an agile wing with great footwork, a great feel for the game, and a nice touch from deep. She is a physical rebounder who played with a high motor. She got to the rack finishing through contact, also showing a nice ability to make the right read and pass of the bounce.

2025 Jacy Albi | Texas U 2025 GUAA
Jacy is a big time inside out threat with a good handle and was tough off the bounce attacking downhill and finishing physically in the paint. She was exceptional in transition and shot the ball well from the outside. Jacy was consistently one of the top players in the finals.

2024 Chazadi Chit Chat Wright | Supreme Team GUAA
Chit Chat is an ultra-quick lead guard with an excellent handle, vision, and toughness. She was uncheckable off the bounce, using step backs and a lot of wiggle to get to her spots on the floor. An outstanding floor general and leader Georgia Tech got a good one coming.

2025 Jordan Ode | Minnesota Fury GUAA
Jordan is a very smooth, always under control guard who used a nice creative handle, great footwork, and deceptive speed to beat her defender get to her sweet spots and score the ball. She shot it at a very high clip from deep, causing problems for all teams trying to contain her.

2024 Zamereya Jones | FBC United GUAA
Zamereya has the complete offensive package, and she had it on display all weekend at the Finals. With her super smooth tight handle, she created off the bounce, making plays for her or a teammate using great vision and a flare for the exciting. Drawing oohs and ahhhs regularly, she hit her defenders with step backs and crazy crossovers to either get to the rack or knock down a three. She was at her best in FBC's semi-finals, hitting big shots down the stretch to help win the ship!

2026 Kelsi Andrews | Center FBC United 2024 GUAA
Kelsi is a strong physical imposing force on a gifted squad loaded with big time perimeter players. Kelsi plays very physically and is super light on her feet, scoring repeatedly in the paint while also showing her smooth stroke from the outside. Only a 2026 already winning championships playing up; it doesn’t look good for her opponents trying to slow her down.

2027 Symora Damon | Example Sports UAA 2026
Do not let the age fool you Symora Damon is ready!! A 2027 guard playing up, Damon is electric with the rock, plays with a super high IQ, and can score the rock at all three levels. All weekend she did a great job making the big play when her team needed it. She shot it well from deep, and used a crazy creative handle to get her shot off, or drop a dime to a teammate. Defensively she got after it on and off the ball jumping passing lanes and applying pressure.

2026 Alexis Eberz | Comets GUAA
Alexis is a tough, gritty guard who plays a physical brand of basketball; she did a great job slashing, taking the hit, and finishing through contact. She rebounded the ball at a high clip from the guard spot and proved to be a lockdown defender.

2025 Alexis Bordas | West Virginia Thunder GUAA
Alexis is a bucket; she is powerful with the bounce, gets to her spots, and can shoot it from all over.  She can create a shot for herself or draw two defenders and feed one of her teammates.  Alexis plays with great confidence on both ends of the floor. She is a high impact performer every time she steps on the court.

2025 Bryn Martin | West Virginia Thunder UAA
Bryn plays with great pace and a great feel for the game. She does a great job of knowing when to score and when to get others involved. She is a big-time shooter who also excels at getting to the basket for two.  Bryn has great length and does a great job using it on both ends of the floor. 

2026 Meeyah Green | FBC United 2025 GUAA
Meeyah is a strong guard who shoots it very well from deep; she plays the game with a ton of confidence and loves to get downhill, scoring with the pull up or in the lane. She did a great job of using her physicality to create space and get a bucket. Her play was pivotal in her team’s championship run.

2026 Keadriah Butler | Always 100 Platinum
Keadriah is a strong physical big guard who made a living in the paint, attacking the basket and scoring through contact.  She has a nice handle with a deceptively quick first step, and she played downhill all weekend, putting pressure on the defense and making plays for her or a teammate.

                               GUAA Finals Best of The Best

2025 Jasmine Davison | Northwest Select GUAA 2024
Out of all the top players in the GUAA finals, Jazzy managed to make the game look the easiest; everything she did was smooth at her own pace, and under control.  A tall guard with great length and vision, she did a great job making the right read, pass, and play all weekend.  When she decided to score the ball, she did it from all three levels effectively and efficiently. It is easy to tell why she is one of the top ranked players in the 2025 class.

2024 Gabrielle Reynolds | MBA GUAA
Gabby has an extensive offensive package. She can create off the bounce and shoot it from deep. She is most effective playing downhill and either scoring with the pull up or getting to the basket.  Gabby has a great feel for the game she always plays at her own pace and under control.  She is a long, athletic guard who takes the challenge on the defensive end of the floor.

2024 Jaloni Cambridge | FBC United GUAA
Jaloni was the tournament MVP; her speed, aggressive mindset, decision making, and overall feel for the game is generational. Jaloni was in control of the game every minute she was on the floor with her exceptional ability to take over the game, she dominated on both ends of the floor, refusing to lose. In the semi-final matchup with her team down, she scored or assisted on the last 15 points to help win the game.

2024 Summer Davis | Michigan Storm GUAA
Summer was exceptional this weekend; her will to win was unmatched, and her competitive, never give up attitude was contagious for her squad, who made a great run to the Final Four. Summer seemed to knock down everything she threw up. Sharing the basketball, playing outstanding defense, and putting on an absolute clinic shooting the three ball, she was very close to leading her team to a championship.  It was a great weekend for Miss Davis. 

2025 Darriana Alexander | West Virginia Thunder UAA
Darriana is as physically gifted as they come. When she made her mind up to get to the basket and get a bucket, it was a wrap for any defender in front of her.  Her exceptional handle, her ability to finish through contact with both hands and her refusal to get stopped made her impossible to defend all weekend. There are players you can tell after watching for a few minutes that they have it, and you don’t need that long with her. She is more physically gifted than most, has more skill than most, and has that dog in her that won’t allow her to be stopped.

Michigan GUAA Top Standouts

2027 Ryenn Becher | Michigan Storm GUAA 2026
Ryenn is definitely on the future player to watch list, but this weekend she did a great job letting everyone know she is a force on the floor right now. She did a great job holding down the paint for the Storm, rebounding, blocking shots, and making it tough for anyone driving to the basket. She has good hands and a nice soft touch in the paint. Only a 2027 playing up a grade she showed she belongs!!

2025 Camryn Vanden Bosch | MBA GUAA 2025
Camryn is a long talented wing who shoots the ball at a high level. She has a great feel for the game and does a great job doing all the intangibles to help her team win. She is asked to defend the post and the perimeter, and she does both at a high level. Camryn is going to land on a number of college recruiting boards this fall.

2027 Mia McGregor | Michigan Storm GUAA 2025
Mia is a big-time force at the guard spot. Only a 2027, she is one of the main options on a very good Storm team, attacking her defender off the bounce, physically finishing at the basket, and knocking down the jumper from deep. Mia has a crazy motor battling all game for every loose ball and every rebound; she is always one of the toughest players on the floor.

2024 Komara Sylvester | Michigan Storm GUAA 2024
Everything is relative and comparable to the situation, the stage, and the production Komara might have had the best performance of the weekend. Her confidence, ability to score the ball, quickness, and toughness all stood out in a tough final four game vs. FBC. She was aggressive off the dribble, getting to the basket, hitting the jumper, and making plays on the defensive end that led to transition hoops. Komara definitely is on the Top Stock Riser list!

2024 Braxcynn Baker | MBA UAA 2024
Braxcynn is a big-time bucket getter; she plays the game with an unmatched intensity and a unique ability to create a shot off the bounce as well as moving without the ball to find her shot. She has unlimited range and does a great job finishing through contact!

2025 Aizlyn Albanese | Michigan Storm GUAA 2025
Aizlyn was lights out the month of July, and she kept up the hot shooting in the Finals. Her shot was money from deep, she did a great job moving without the ball and only needed a sliver of room to get her shot off.  Once it was released, it usually was in. She played great defense and rebounded the ball showing her all-around game; I look for her to add quite a bit to her offer list.

2024 Indiya Davis | Michigan Storm GUAA 2024
Indiya was great all weekend on both ends of the floor, and maybe what made her stand out the most was her attention to the defensive end of the floor. She was dynamic, locking up on defense, applying great ball pressure, and creating havoc off the ball in the passing lanes. Indiya also made some huge shots, showing that she was hard to contain off the dribble creating shots and making plays. Big time weekend for Indiya.

202 Abigail Sietsema | MBA GUAA 2026
Abby had a nice weekend playing physical tough-minded basketball, taking the contact, and scoring in the paint. She was relentless on the boards battling and rebounding at a high clip, using her toughness and quickness to get to the 50/50 balls keeping possessions alive.

2026 Sheridan Beal | Michigan Storm UAA 2026
As one coach on coach’s row said, “man, that girl can score the ball” Sheridan was in her bag this weekend, scoring the rock from all over the floor and using a physical explosive first step to beat her defender to get to the basket. She shot it well from deep and played under control, taking quality shots.

2026 Sienna Wolf | MBA GUAA 2026
Sienna was very efficient this weekend, taking and making high percentage shots. She did a great job taking what the defense gave her by getting to the basket, hitting the pull up or knocking down the three. Sienna is a special talent; the bigger the game, the more she produces. She has an assortment of moves and finishes with a toughness about her that makes her tough to stop.

2026 Kendyl Smith | Michigan Storm 2025 GUAA
You will be hard pressed to find a better leader at any level than the 2026 Guard Kendyl Smith playing up for the Storm. Kendyl had an unbelievable stretch of games in Cincinnati, leading her team on both ends of the floor, providing toughness and a competitive drive that forced her teammates to follow. One of the things that also stuck out was the way she scored the ball; she shot it consistently from deep and was super aggressive in attacking the hoop. Kendyl was one of the weekend's biggest stock risers and one of the best, Period!

2026 Lizzie Wolthuis | MBA GUAA 2026
Lizzie plays the game with a high motor and has an extremely high skill set. She shoots the ball extremely well from deep and does a great job moving without the ball to find her shots. She is a tough defender who has great lateral speed and a physical presence at the guard position. Lizzie is one of my stock risers of the weekend!

2024 Christian Sanders | Michigan Storm GUAA 2024
Big Shot after big shot, big play after big play, that’s all Christian did all weekend, helping her team reach the final four. She constantly used her superb quickness and a great feel for the game to make plays for her or her teammate. Christian is a great floor general, and she was exceptional, leading her team on both ends of the floor.

2025 Jordyn Bonnema | MBA GUAA 2025
Jordyn is an athletic guard who did it all for her squad this weekend. She locks in on defense with an ability to cover 1-4, she can play lead or shooting guard, and she showed that she could score the ball at all three levels. Jordyn was one of my big-time stock risers for the week.