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LBI Event Roundup: Nike Nationals (Chicago, IL)

By Jason Wilkins @LBInsider, 07/12/23, 5:15PM EDT


Chicago, IL: The July evaluation period saw various teams, coaches, and scouts travel nationwide to attend events. One popular stop was the prestigious Nike Nationals event at McCormick Center in downtown Chicago. Here is a summary of the top performers.

2025 Divine Bourrage | All Iowa Attack 17 EYBL
One of the hardest working players in the gym, Divine, did it all. She controlled the tempo of the game and her team’s offense, running the point. She was able to create shots for herself under pressure. She rebounds and plays phenomenal defense. She sees the court and knows how to throw perfect lead passes for her teammates to get easy buckets. She is tough and can get it done on both ends of the court.

2026 Abuna Ruop | Boo Williams 17 EYBL
Standing at a legit 6’8”, there was not a chance for a shot going in when Abuna was in the paint. At her youthful age, her timing and presence are undeniable. In one half, I counted seven block shots, and I might have missed a few. She gets up and down the court and moves well without the ball. Her upside is through the roof. Once she truly understands her abilities and strength, she is going to be unstoppable.

2026 Jerzy Robinson | Why Not Premier 17 EYBL
Jerzy has game, IQ, and on court maturity beyond her years. She is strong and has the moves to get to the rim and finish strong with and without contact. She can score in multiple ways and do it consistently. She is a workhorse and hustles every play. She is an aggressive defender that gets big stops. When the game is on the line, she wants to be on the court and the ball in her hands. She is a standout player and showed a lot of leadership.

2024 Kendra Hicks | Tree of Hope 17 EYBL
Once Kendra starts going downhill, be prepared for something magical to happen. She knows how to demand her space in the paint and finish strong. She was amazing at taking smart and high percentage shots or getting assists by spotting her teammate cutting to the basket. She knows how to flash quickly for the quick pass and score. She is a big-time rebounder and could do so in and out of her area.

2026 Zoe Osby | Fairfax Stars 17 EYBL
A tenacious guard that does not give up, Zoe played extremely hard on the offensive and defensive end. She has a solid frame and knows how to use it to her advantage. She protects the ball well and had very few turnovers. She made smart basketball plays and knows how to score or create baskets for others. She uses the clock well. She did not do a lot of excess dribbling and was always looking up, seeing the court.

2024 Myana Cook | Michigan Crossover 17 EYBL
If defense creates offense’ was a person, its name would be Myana. From the moment she stepped on the court, Myana was a defensive menace. She knows how to lock in and create forced shots and turnovers. She has great defensive anticipation and was impressive at playing the lanes and getting steals. In transition, she is effective with and without the ball. She looks up and advances the ball, and she knows how to run the lanes and make herself available to score.

2024 Gabby Wilke | WI Flight Elite 17 EYBL  
Nothing seemed to bother or slow Gabby down. She is a solid all-around player. She knows how to score. She can put the ball on the court and beat her defender to get to the rim, or she can knock down long range shots off the bounce. She does not mind getting a little contact. She will get in the mix and snag down rebounds. She defends the rim like it literally belongs, altering and blocking shots.

2027 Kaleena Smith |  Cal Storm Team Taurasi 17 EYBL
No, this is not a typo. Kaleena not only plays up but is always one of the top players on the court when she does. She can handle the rock. She has an arsenal of crafty moves that she uses with ease. She never showed signs of distress or uncertainty when she was receiving pressure. She sees the court and helps the offense move like it should. She is a flat-out scorer. She can create for herself but also execute in a halfcourt set. She is a special player.

2025 Ariella Henigan | Midwest Elite 17 EYBL
Ariella is fast. She has a quick first step on offense and definitely knows how to get inside for easy buckets. As fast as she is, she knows how to slow it down and be smart. She understands the game and makes solid decisions with the ball in her hands. She has a wide stance with a quick reaction on defense and will get right in her defender’s face. She is a ball of energy that is always in go hard mode.

2024 Vivian Iwuchukwu |  Essence 17 EYBL
Vivian is an athletic, versatile player that can give you results in the small or power forward position. She is long with an unbelievable wingspan. She has good footwork in the post, where she is often either quicker or bigger than her defender. She can also step out on the perimeter, put the ball on the floor, and create off the bounce. She is also a strong rebounder and solid defender. She hustles every possession.