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LBI Week In Review: Team & Elite Camp Edition

By Keith Wade @wadesworld32, 06/29/23, 4:00PM EDT


MIchigan, Toledo & Detroit Mercy Team Camp Recap

Attending high school team camps presents an opportunity to witness prospects showcasing their skills in front of college coaches, hoping to capture their attention. Recently, I had the privilege to attend some Elite and Team camps and observed several players who stood out to me.



2025 Sophie Peloquin | Sports City Angels
Sophie is a long wing with a smooth shot from deep. She was in constant motion today, doing a great job slashing for buckets and scoring from all over the floor. Sophie did a great job using her length on defense and rebounding the ball.

2026 Katie Fox | Legends U
Katie is a skilled athlete with a nice handle and showed great vision and a nice feel for the game. She was pretty unstoppable, making plays out of the pick and roll, either dropping a pretty pass or turning the corner for a bucket. She was effective all day scoring in transition and off the bounce. 

2024 Lena Walz | Erie Irish
Lena is a tough high IQ guard with a smooth lefty stroke who made plays off the bounce well. Even in an elite camp setting, she showed great leadership at the one she did a great job facilitating and picking her spots on when to score or dish. One of the shining stars of the camp.

2026 Maya Layton | Always 100
Maya had a great afternoon making big time plays affecting all aspects of the game. She scored it, locked up on defense, rebounded, pushed in transition, and if she wasn’t pushing it up the floor, she was finishing on the end of the break. Her energy and competitiveness was elite all day. As a coach sign me up for a player like Maya any day of the week.

2026 Whitney Stafford | WV Thunder
Whitney is a smooth, very skilled guard who had a great day at camp. She shot it well from deep, scored in transition, and ran the show using a nice handle and elite vision to find her teammates or get to the basket. Whitney was definitely one of the top players in camp.

2026 Layla Hale |Sports City Angels
Layla is a big guard who did a great job scoring in transition, rebounding the ball, and pushing it, creating instant offense. She is a skilled wing that was effective on both ends of the floor by flat out, outworking everyone else. She definitely will be heard from in that deep 2026 class.

2026 Maliyah Lofton | Sports City Angels
Maliyah is a super quick physical guard with a strong handle who did a great job attacking the lane off the bounce and finishing or dropping a dime to a teammate. There was a stretch today that she flat out dominated a whole game on both ends of the floor, hounding the ball, creating turnovers, and scoring the rock. Maliyah had a great day in Savage Hall.

2025 Lillian Gleason | MBA
Lillian did a great job today playing with an extremely high motor, rebounding at a high clip, getting to every loose ball, and scoring inside and out. Lillian showed she could hit the 15-footer, which gave her space to attack and finish at the basket when they closed out on her.

2024 Gia Piscitelli | SMAC
Gia has an elite handle. She was sweet off the bounce and electric with the ball in her hands all day. She ran the show for her squad, dropping dimes and getting anywhere she wanted on the floor to make plays. Gia was definitely one of the best guards in camp.

2026 Anna Habra | Legends U
Anna is a tough guard who played with an extremely high motor and made plays on both ends of the floor with intense skill and effort. She did a great job making nice passes in transition and finishing in traffic. Anna was one of the most competitive players in camp today.

Michigan Elite Camp

2025 Gina Davorija | Full Package
Gina was one of the most skilled players at camp today; she not only was a threat to score from all over the floor, but she was also effective in making plays off the bounce for her or a teammate. She consistently made winning plays all day. Gina was definitely one of the top performers of the camp.

2027 Amirah ‘Tootie’ Jordan | WV Thunder
Tootie was electric all day with the rock; it started in the one-on-one drills, where she was impossible to contain and kept going throughout the five on five. She did a great job using her elite quickness and handle to get to her spots and make plays; she either assisted or scored in bunches for her squad while also locking up on defense.

2025 Anna Wypych | Michigan Drive Premier
Anna is a big guard who usually is ball dominant, but because of the teams, she moved off the ball today and still managed to control the tempo and dominate the scrimmages. She effortlessly got to the basket and did a great job using her height and length to finish in traffic and make the right read. Anna shot it well from deep and also did a great job rebounding from the guard spot.

2025 Aubrey Galvan | Full Package
Aubrey was a joy to watch all day long; she was magical with the rock making big time passes and playing with complete control of the game. She knew when to score it, which she did from all levels, and when to pass it, keeping her defender honest and off balanced. She was one of, if not THE most exciting player in the gym today!

2025 Halen Mclaughlin | Michigan Mystics
Halen is a straight up bucket. She scored from 3, off the bounce, or beat her defender to the hoop. Halen is smooth and never plays rattled; she has a deceptively quick first step and a sweet pull up in her arsenal. Halen was one of the best scoring guards in the camp today.

2026 CeCe Bonner | MBA
CeCe is, first and foremost, one of the most elite defenders for her age, she takes pride on the defensive, and today she did a great job hounding the ball and creating havoc for opposing ball handlers. With the rock, CeCe has the ball on a string getting to her spots on the floor and dropping dimes or getting in the lane to make a play. CeCe is one of the toughest 2026 guards you will encounter; coming off of an injury, she is slowly getting back into top form, which won’t be a good look for opposing guards.

2026 Secrette Carter | 1 Nation
Secrette is a smooth long guard who can shoot it with the best of them. She does a great job creating her shot off the dribble or finding ways to get open off the ball to get her shot. She has unlimited range and today did a great job of knocking down the shot from deep but also facilitating and sharing the rock. Secrette is one of the top 2026s in Michigan and seems to get better every time I see her play!

2028 Erin Thomas | Sports City Angels
Erin stood out both days at UofM; she is a long, athletic wing that did a great job playing downhill, attacking the basket, and finishing in traffic. She plays with a smooth demeanor, much more mature than her age, finding ways to affect the game on both ends of the floor. Today she did a great job rebounding and pushing the ball in transition, using her height, length, and athleticism to make the right read. Get used to hearing this name; she is just getting started!

2026 Sienna Wolfe | MBA
Sienna played at a very high level today, scoring it at all three levels, most impressively shooting a high percentage from three, making it look easy. Sienna plays with a great motor, and as skilled as she is, it allows her to dominate inside and out. She showed today her ability to create plays off the bounce using the dribble to get to her spots.

2027 Cece Arico | Sports City Angels
Cece is a tough physical dominant wing who does it all on the floor for her team. She can facilitate at the one, shoot it from deep, rebound the ball at a high clip, and excel on the offensive boards, getting put backs for buckets. Today playing more off the ball, Cece did a great job slashing for buckets and going to “get shots” off the bounce. One of the big-time 2027s in this class; stay tuned; she’s only getting better!

Detroit Mercy Team Camp Morning Session Day 2

2024 Hanna Lisch | St. Catherine
Hannah plays with a lot of confidence; she has a nice handle and good vision. Today she shot it well off the bounce and did a great job running the show for her squad. 

2025 Caitlin Griffin | St. Catherine  
Caitlin is a long, skilled wing who did a great job putting the ball on the floor; she showed good court awareness and was crafty finishing in traffic. 

2025 Jordyn Ushery | Southfield A&T
Jordyn is a tough cat quick guard who was slick with the handle and found ways to get to the rack and finish in traffic. She did a great job today running the show and picking her spots when to score or pass; look for a big year from her this season!

2025 Imani Johnson | Detroit Renaissance
Imani might have had one of the best days of all players today. She shot it well from deep, scored well playing downhill, and was relentless on defense. Imani played with a nice pace, controlling the game's tempo and dominating in the lane. If Imani continues this play, Renny will be hard to beat!

2024 Corniya Clay | Toledo Central Catholic
Electric with the bounce, getting to her spots, scoring at will, and running the show is just a little of what Clay did today. She was next to impossible to contain; she did a great job knowing when to pull up and hit the jumper, get all the way to the hoop, or drop a dime. Her play today rightfully helped earn her an offer from the host school!

2024 Brooklyn Vaughn | Toledo Central Catholic
Brooklyn was dominant inside and out today. She plays the game so smoothly, effortlessly scoring from the perimeter or using great footwork to score down low. She did a great job of rebounding the ball at a high clip and finding her shooters when double teamed out the post. CC will be in a lot of games with Brooklyn on the floor!

2024 Karma Jones | Romulus
Karma was easily one of the hardest working players of the morning session. Her motor and energy were unmatched, allowing her to make plays and finish in transition and at the basket. Karma was lethal playing downhill off the bounce and showed off some nice finishes in traffic.