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LBI Roundup: Wednesday Night Showcase (Ypsilanti, MI)

By Keith Wade @wadesworld32, 06/22/23, 11:45PM EDT


Ypsilanti, MI: Wednesday Night Showcase lived up to its hype, featuring high-stakes games and players who delivered impressive performances. The intensity of the competition has steadily increased throughout June, revealing the teams improving before our eyes!

2025 Alison Farr | Howell 
Alison is a steady guard with a great feel for the game who plays with high energy on both ends of the floor. She shoots it well and did a great job aggressively attacking the lane off the dribble and making plays for her or her teammates. 

2026 Gabby Phiepo | Howell 
Gabby is an unbelievably poised guard for a rising sophomore who was one of the most electric players in the gym tonight.  She handled the ball with exceptional pace dealing with pressure and making plays off the bounce. She shot it at a very high clip from deep and also showed off her ability to beat her defender to the basket for easy buckets. Gabby plays with an extremely high IQ and a high motor, making her tough to deal with. Looks like Howell found their next great! 

2024 Sylver Bowels | Ypsilanti 
Sylver is a tall guard with a nice handle and a nice ability to get to her spots on the floor to make plays. She plays with a lot of poise, maturity, and a nice controlled pace. Tonight she did a great job making plays off the bounce providing big time leadership and scoring the rock, attacking the hoop, or knocking down the jumper. 

2024 Taylor Wallace | Arbor Prep 
Taylor was a big part of Prep's two victories tonight. She shot the ball well, ran the floor, scored in transition, and made some huge buckets down the stretch.  Arbor Prep is looking very solid as a unit, and Taylor’s steady play, sweet shot, and leadership ability are playing a huge factor in that. 

2025 Autumn Pernell | Arbor Prep 
Autumn is a super aggressive athletic guard who plays with a high motor and thrives in the open court. In tonight’s action, she was all over the floor making plays, scoring the rock forcing turnovers, and making the right read on the break. Autumn is an unbelievable addition to an already strong Arbor Prep squad; look for her and the team to make a lot of noise this year. 

2025 Alena Blumberg | Dexter 
Alena is a strong physical guard who has a nice skill set; she did a great job playing tough defense, making plays in transition, and shooting it from deep. She showed good court awareness and played with a high motor affecting the game on both ends of the floor.

2025 Kate Starkey | Grass Lake 
Kate is definitely going on a few of my summer lists after watching her the last two weeks.  She is no doubt one of the most improved players I have seen; she also would be on the list as one of the most outstanding players I have watched. Kate looks like a veteran on the floor, scoring the rock and making plays for her squad. Only a 2025 she is dominating any opponent she has faced scoring it from deep, off the ounce, and finishing through contact. I am super impressed with Grass Lake, their youngsters, and their leader Kate Starkey. 

2024 Tessa Roe | Lansing Catholic 
Tessa plays with an aggressive all-around skill set with high energy and makes plays on both ends of the floor. In the games tonight, she showed why she is such an integral part of the defending champ’s system by scoring from the outside, slashing, making the right pass, turning defense to offense scoring in transition after creating turnovers. Tessa and the Cougars look ready to defend their crown! 

2024 Leah Richards | Lansing Catholic 
Leah is such a versatile wing that she makes all aspects of the game look so easy. She can shoot the three at a high level, score inside, make guard like passes in the flow of the offense, rebound, and defend the lane. All winning teams need that one player with the skill set to cover all intangibles needed to succeed. Lansing Catholic definitely wIns, and Leah has a lot to do with that! 

2024 Alexis Halley | Wayne Memorial 
Alexis is a quick, aggressive guard who perfectly complements the dynamic young guards Bryant and Cross in the Wayne backcourt. Halley can run the show, score it from deep, and she is super aggressive and Efficient in transition. Her biggest asset to the squad is her ability to defend all over the floor at a frantic pace and maintain it for 32 minutes. Her intensity is contagious, and it’s a big reason Wayne Memorial is one of the best defense teams in the state. 

2026 Morgan Smith | Wayne Memorial
Morgan has great confidence, which most shooters need to succeed. She has a pretty shot, and she did a great job hitting the three from deep, getting to the basket, and finishing in the lane. She will be a menace on defense and a big contributor to the Wayne Memorial high powered system. 

2027 Aaliyah Frost | Queens 
Straight to the point, Aaliyah Frost is going to score a ton of points in high school. She has a sweet shot, a nice hesitation, a tough in and out combo that had defenders guessing all night. She is very smooth for a youngster, not getting rattled and consistently attacking her defenders. This one has a chance to be really good.

2026 Diamond Prince | Queens 
Diamond is a long, athletic wing with a nice handle, deceptive quickness, and a smooth left hand jumper who did a great job hitting the pull up or getting to the basket. Diamond has the potential to be special.