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LBI Roundup Event: Grassroots Memorial Day Shootout (Hammond, IN)

By Keith Wade @wadesworld32, 05/29/23, 11:30AM EDT


Hammond, IN: Some hit the lake or the beach on Memorial Day weekend, but some play the game they love, and this weekend there were quite a few ballers in Hammond, IN. Showing that they were locked, loaded, and ready for JULY!! Here are just a few. 

2027 Rihanna Young | Michigan Crossover 2026
Rihanna is very elusive with the handle; she did a nice job beating her defender off the bounce and attacking the hoop. She is a quick, aggressive defender who won 50-50 balls and was relentless with her pressure.

2026 Kennedy Ellison | Example Sports 2025 Black Kennedy is a cat quick, strong, aggressive guard who plays with a high motor and a mindset well beyond her years. Easily one of the BEST defenders in the gym, she excelled in transition and effectively shot the three. Keep your eyes on this one!!! 

2024 Anna Kast | Illinois Lady Lightning 
Anna caught my eye right away. She is non-stop energy, slashing and attacking the hoop. She has a pretty shot off the bounce and showed good athleticism. She did a great job using her athleticism to make plays all over the floor. 

2024 Kanyla Tyler | Michigan Drive Premier S40 
KT did a great job attacking off the bounce, getting in the lane, and finishing in traffic.  She is a tough physical guard who got after it on defense and made a number of hustle plays for her squad. This unsigned guard will be a pleasant addition to someone’s recruiting board in July.

2025 Lilyana Taylor | Example Sports GUAA
Lilyana, or shall I say Ms. Make a play Lilyana, is a very tough wing that made plays all over the floor. She showed sweet vision, and a nice handle, rebounded at a high clip, and made multiple plays off the bounce while also shooting it well from deep. Her confidence and approach to the game is second to none!

2025 Trinity Davis | Example Sports GUAA
Trinity has a lefty sweet jumper; she hit about four straight at one point in one of the games I was watching. She moves well without the ball and is scrappy on defense. Trinity plays with a nice pace understanding how to find her shot. 

2025 Lindsay Harzich | M14 2025 
Lindsay has a nice handle and great ball and body control. She did a great job handling pressure and not getting sped up. She ran the show making the right play and shot the ball well from the outside. 

2024 Zoe Navarro | M14 Hoops Blue Star 
Zoe is a very skilled guard who shot it well from deep, finished in traffic and showed toughness off the bounce to make plays. During certain phases of the game, she took over assisting or Scoring in bunches from all over the floor.

2026 Joslyn Bricker | OPS 2025 Black 
Joslyn is a heady guard who scored the ball well, got in the lane, and made the right play. She was aggressive on both ends of the floor, making key plays for the OPS. 

2024 Chelsea Bishop | Michigan Crossover 17U EYBL
Chelsea was a Workhorse on both ends of the floor; she scored well in transition and did a great job finishing in the paint through contact. She plays the game with a super intense motor which gives her an edge on 50-50 balls and making the hustle plays. 

2024 Devin Hagemann | Michigan Crossover 17U EYBL
Devin is a true PG who is going to make some college coach a happy individual. She has a tight handle, she is super quick, makes the right read, and can finish in traffic or hit the pull up. Devin showed this weekend and continues to show that she is still one of the best PGs in the state. 

2024 Reese Polega | MI Drive Premier S40 
Reese is a do it all guard who can do it all. She creates her own shot off the bounce; she can hit the three, but she is probably best at slashing, moving without the ball, and making plays for her squad. Playing this weekend with a shortened roster, Reese took on more of the load guarding 1-5 and playing and scoring the ball inside and out. Reese is one of the Big-time 2024s still on the board. 

2024 Mia Bergstrom |  Wolverinas 2024
Mia is a knockdown shooter with limitless range. She plays at a smooth, always under control pace, has a deceptively quick first step, and did a great job finishing over and around defenders in the lane. 

2025 Ella Todd | Wolverinas
Ella is a highly skilled guard with great size, a great feel for the game, and can score it from all over. She did a great job of picking her spots this weekend between running the show and aggressively looking to score.  

2025 Alainna Poisson | Example Sports 
When I say shooters shoot, we must add Alainna to that conversation. With not a lot of space needed, she lined them up and knocked them down. With her smooth stroke, she hit three after three in multiple games. She also did a great job of attacking off the bounce and dropping dimes to her teammates. 

2025 Jakiah Brumfield | Michigan Drive Premier Jakiah is one of the hardest working guards in the building. Playing with an extremely high motor, she always has control of the game, running the show and taking what the defense gives her. She gets to the basket off the bounce, can hit the open jumper, and finds her teammates for buckets. She plays with consistent energy on the defensive end, applying pressure and mixing it up for rebounds and loose balls.

2025 Molly McLeod | Michigan Crossover 16U EYBL
Molly told me pre-game that she was back, and it didn’t take long for her to show me. She hit bomb after bomb in the first half and then hit probably the biggest one of the game from about 35 feet to give her team a comfortable lead. She also worked hard on the defensive end forcing turnovers and getting her team out in transition. 

2026 Xhaviara Harris | Example Sports UAA 2026
Harris is extremely smooth off the bounce with the ability to shoot it, drop a dime or get to the hoop. She does a great job of moving with no wasted energy, and she has a mature feel for the game. Typical for an Example guard, she takes pride in her defense and the pressure she puts on the ball handler.