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LBI Roundup: Queen of The Rock (Toledo, OH)

By LBI Staff, 05/16/23, 2:30AM EDT


Toledo, OH: Queen of the Rock always brings together some of the best teams and players around, and this weekend was no different. There were girls playing up, standing out, and some continue to show they are the real deal. Here are a few that shined!

2026 Kamaria Lowe | Michigan Crossover 15U EYBL
Kamaria has great size and length; she did a great job catching the ball, finishing in the paint, and even stepping out to the short corner and knocking down the jumper. She used her length very well on defense, blocking shots and getting rebounds. 

2026 Marianna Jones | Michigan Crossover 15U EYBL
Marianna is a super aggressive physical wing that does a great job finishing in the paint and showed this weekend that she has the ability to make plays off the bounce in transition. Coming back from injury, she showed the potential to make a lot of noise for the crossover this summer. 

2025 Tracy Thomas | Michigan Anarchy
Tracy is an aggressive, strong finisher who dominated in the paint but also stepped out and knocked down the mid-range jumper. She rebounded the ball at a high clip and protected the paint well. 

2025 Demaya Asberry | Michigan Anarchy
Demaya is a strong physical combo guard with a nice handle and played well going downhill, making plays for her or a teammate.  She scored, getting to the rack and in transition. Excelling on both ends of the floor, she also did a great job locking up on defense. 

2027 Niera Stevens | Legends U 2027
Nieras motor was non-stop from the jump. A physical workhorse guard lived at the free throw line, attacking off the bounce, rebounding relentlessly, and playing to exhaustion. Defensively she made it next to impossible to dribble the ball in her area. Someone in her family had on a shirt that read “all gas, no breaks” and they were not lying!!!

2026 Makayla Schlorf | Michigan Drive Premier 2026
Makayla is a very skilled PG that consistently hits the three, runs the show, and has a great feel for the game. She can break her defender down off the dribble and does a great job of making the right play. She plays the PG spot well beyond her years and seems to get better every time out.

2025 Lauren Perry | Always 100 Platinum
‘Flick of the wrist’ that’s all it takes for Perry, a very skilled wing to give you three. She is a long wing with a smooth jumper who also has great vision and does a great job using her length to affect the game. She does a great job jumping the passing lanes on defense and offensively, showing mature patience and not getting sped up but taking what the defense gives her.

2024 Ella Cupka | WPA Bruins
Ella has a deceptively quick first step and a nice ability to beat her defender and finish in traffic. She did a great job of making plays with the ball scoring from all over and dropping dimes to her teammates. She is an aggressive defender that played with a very high motor.

2027 Kaylee Deangelo | WPA Bruins 9th
Playing up a grade, Kaylee demonstrated a crafty handle with all the sauce in her bag. Step back jumpers, scoring off the bounce, getting to the rack, and she was very comfortable shooting it from deep. She was one of the best players on the floor in every game she played today.

2026 Avery Crawford | Lady Suns
Energy, passion, heart, and ability…all of these describe Avery. Playing with an unbelievable motor, Avery got her hand on every loose ball and rebound, and she was super aggressive, attacking the hoop and scoring the rock in traffic.

2024 McKenzie Givens |  Legends U
Givens is a kid who can help you win championships in that she is so efficient from the field and gets you extra possessions from the offensive glass. She was great defensively as well as she was able to guard multiple positions on switches and pick and roll situations. Givens has a lot to offer under recruited.

2024 Maddie Geers | Drive Premier
Geers was electric vs. Legends U. She broke down the defense off the dribble and made plays that lead to easy baskets. Time and time again, she just seems to make the right decision despite being under constant duress. Geers is a gamer.

2026 Saniyah Hall | Legends U
Hall has an elite offensive arsenal. Her ability to attack the rack and create space for her jumpshot is next level. Vs. the WPA Bruins, she demanded the entire defense's attention and still could score it on all three levels. In transition, she was breath-taking at times. Must watch.

2024 Faith Walker | WPA Bruins
Faith was “Steady Eddie” for her squad. She played with consistent effort and applied pressure on the defense by getting downhill, scoring driving either way. She also has one of the best motors I’ve seen of players 6’2” or over, as she was constantly moving in offense and making an impact on the offensive and defensive glass. Knocked down some 3s as well.

2024 Aubrie Booker | Always 100 VTR
Booker got it going early for Always 100 VTR vs. WM/Drive. She found a way to get free to make several triples in a highly competitive early morning game. Quick release, good footwork. Shot looked good from top to bottom. She’ll knock down some key shots at the next level for sure.

2025 Anna Wypych | Michigan Drive Premier
Cool, calm, and collected and a well rounded game. Matter the score or situation; you could count on Wypych to knock down the shot or make the right play. She was efficient from the field in the offense flow, and she got garbage buckets on offensive rebounds. In a very physical, low scoring, and chaotic game, Wypych was just what the doctor ordered.

2025 Kimber Abshear | Always 100
Abshear had a profound impact on the game off the ball. Whether diving to the basket for buckets, rebounding, or getting a hand on the ball off the glass, Abshears impact was felt. Even knocked down a clutch 15-footer in the last minute of the game. She’s super long and athletic, and it translated on the court to boost her team.

2025 Monique Mitchell | Always 100
Mitchell scored buckets on catch and shoot 3, midrange jump shot off the dribble, back to the basket, and found herself getting to the free throw line on straight line drives from the perimeter. Offensive arsenal is elite.

2024 Laila Wells | Legends U
She’s back! After a leg injury delayed her start to the spring travel season, Wells looked to be back to her old productive self. She canned multiple triples and did some dirty work on the inside in Legends U 20+ point win over a tough Always 100 team. Wells also made gritty plays on defense, as she was able to get deflections and steals to help her team get some easy transition baskets.

2025 Ryiah Wilson | Always 100 Takeover
100% effort, all the time. Wilson was the catalyst in Takeover's near comeback after being down 13 late in the 1st half. Defensively she was disruptive and, at one point, forced three turnovers in 3 straight possessions. Offensively, she was featured in pick and roll actions and was able to create shots for herself and others. Her growth has been evident over the spring.

2024 Samiyah Stout | Always 100
They don’t come much tougher than Samiyah. She was unstoppable getting to the basket where she has a special ability to score even amongst the trees. She’s a killer with her first step and change of speed.  Stout was a bright spot for her team all weekend.

2024 Brooklyn Vaughn | Legends U
Relentless! Vaughn made a huge difference with her activity level on both ends of the court. Blocking shots. Help side rotations. Offensive rebounds and more. Vaughn did ALL the dirty work and was critical for her team's success.