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LBI Roundup: The Clash/Select 40 Part One (Cincinnati, OH)

By LBI Staff, 04/24/23, 10:15AM EDT


Hamilton, OH – Spring travel season is in full swing, and The Clash was proof of that. Four sites, 28 plus courts, coaches from colleges and universities from all over the country and at every level, and abundant talent were present in the Cincinnati area. LBI was sitting courtside, trying to capture as much as we could. As hard as it was, here are a few of the Lady Ballers that caught our attention.

Imari Berry 2024 | United Family 17U 3SSB
Imari has the caliber of talent that cannot be ignored or denied. She is an offensive threat in multiple ways. She can shoot from deep and off the bounce. She has impeccable court vision and always finds the open man. She has an arsenal of moves and uses them at will to get a score inside. Her anticipation on defense kept her opponent annoyed and her team’s score going up. She is truly a top tier player.

Berry Wallace 2024  | United Family 17U 3SSB
Berry is smart, vocal, and a game changer. When she gets the ball in her hands, there is no telling what will happen next. She has great footwork and can score on either side of the basket. She can put the ball on the floor and go right to the rim with and without a ton of pressure and contact. She directs her teammates and talks on defense. Berry’s shot percentage is extremely high due to her taking smart shots and not forcing anything.   

Lauren Walsh 2024  | 1 Nation 17U 3SSB
A shooter that is not afraid to let it fly, Lauren was one of the best shooters in the gym. She shoots the ball with superb accuracy and confidence. Hit or miss; she’s going to put the ball in the air again and again. Lauren was not only a great shooter but a good passer. When her shot wasn’t there, she made smart decisions and helped to keep the offense flowing. She plays with a lot of energy.

Kayla Mount 2024 | 1 Nation 17U
A presence on the court that made opponents think twice before coming in the paint, Kayla did a great job of playing big and strong. She often was a wall that could not be moved on defense, snatching down big rebounds and executing on second chance points. Kayla played hard and physical. Once she was low and planted, she could do whatever she wanted.

Trinity Grant 2026 | BounceNation FBC Jay 16U
Trinity is the kind of player that if you don’t guard her and be purposeful in boxing out, she will make you regret it. She works hard on both ends of the court and on every possession. She was a key rebounder for her team. All of her points came from layups and free throws. She knows where her team needs her skills, and she delivers. She has a ton of potential and a high motor.

Lauryn Cooper 2025  | BounceNation FBC Jay 16U  
Lauryn is a scrappy floor general with a lot of energy that her team taps into. She handles pressure, doing a good job of not turning the ball over or taking bad shots. Her on the ball defense was top tier and consistent. Lauryn is no push over, and opponents learned quickly that she was not going anywhere. She stepped up big in clutch moments.

Zahra King 2024  | New Heights NYC 17U Dom
Quick, tough, and athletic, Zahra was a spark plug to her team’s motor. She has a quick first step that she used to attack gaps and get easy buckets at the rim. She is strong and knows how to create space for herself to sink jump shots from all over the court. On the defensive end, those same quick steps allowed her to apply intense pressure and force turnovers. She hustles every possession.

Yahmani McKayle 2024 | New Heights NYC 17U Dom
Yahmani is small but tough. Once she is locked in on defense, she was going to get that ball. Or at least give the possession back to her team. She did a good job of keeping the offensive flow moving and knowing when to score and when to create for her teammates. Yahmani kept a level head, even in tight situations. She made smart plays and decisions even when she was being heavily guarded. 

Saige Edmondson 2025 | Michigan Mystics S40 Finest 25
A player that battles inside and finishes strong, Saige was very active on both ends. She moves well without the ball and made herself available to score. She was a key rebounder and responsible for several second chance opportunities. She ran the lanes in transition, getting open layups or trailing a teammate for the rebound and put back. Edmondson's stellar play this past weekend got her a scholarship offer from Davenport. 

Armonie Smith 2025 | Michigan Mystics S40 Finest 25
A solid, quick, relentless player, Armonie used her athleticism and speed to be a huge defensive presence. On several consecutive possessions, she either outright picked her opponent's pockets or forced bad passes, resulting in easy layups for her team. She is not afraid to take some contact in the process. When Armonie was not on the court, the pace of the game and energy shifted. She definitely was impactful.

Erynn Moffett 2025 | East Coast United Family
Erynn plays much bigger than what she is. She’s tough and strong and was able to battle inside for rebounds and shots against bigger players. In transition, she sees the court and did a great job of advancing the ball or taking it straight to the hoop herself. She is a solid defender on the ball and in help defense. She is a worker bee and took no possessions off.

Tykiria Benjamin 2025 | East Coast United Family
A guard with a lot of heart and tenacity, Tykiria did not give up on a play until it was over. She has a high motor and plays hard. She was active in keeping the offense flowing; however, she is fast and able to make strong moves to create offense for herself. She never settled for bad shots and was able to take contact at the rim for the old fashion three-point play.

Alyvia McCorkle 2026 | Mac Irvin Fire 16U S40
Alyvia is the type of player that sacrifices everything to help her team win. She played almost every minute of the game and never once looked to the bench for a sub. She can score in multiple ways. She is a vocal leader, doing an excellent job of communicating on defense. She stepped up in the clutch and made some great plays to help send the game into overtime. Alyvia wants to win, and it shows.

Layla Bouldin 2024 | TN Flight E40
A versatile player that did an awesome job of working to get open, Layla is a shooter and creator. She was able to knock down deep shots with an opponent on her trail and with a hand in her face. She has a long reach and quick release, allowing her to put the ball high in the air and often. Being a shooter did not matter to Layla on defense. She never slacked off to save her legs or energy. She played just as hard on that end of the court and gave her team 100% effort. Layla is an impact player.

Destiny Washington 2024 |  UTS Elite
Destiny is an extra special floor general for UTS. She is a tough, scrappy defender who takes on any and all challenges in front of her; she has complete control of the game and did a great job scoring the rock when needed.  Look for her to stand out even more when they get some of their roster back from injuries. 

Orlagh Gormley 2024 | MCW S40 17U
The Hesi-Queen…..Gormley made a living beating her girl off the bounce, scoring the rock, or dropping a dime to a teammate. What she lacked in size, she made up with just straight GAME. She was unstoppable in a big-time win over MAC Irvin.

Ashley Dinges 2025 | MCW S40
Buckets, Buckets Buckets!  However, you wanted it. Ashley was giving it out this weekend. Off the dribble, in the paint, in transition, and hitting the jumper from deep she did it all for her undefeated squad. She is very smooth and plays with great pace.

Tanner Schramm 2026 | Michigan Drive Premier 2025 E40 Willis
Playing up a year, Tanner is a tough, scrappy player who makes a living playing tough defense, aggressively getting to every rebound and loose ball. She Finishes around the basket through contact, can hit the jumper, and plays with an extremely high motor on defense. She is a coach’s dream and seems to get better every time out.

Alivia MCCaskell 2026 | Sideline Cancer Dynamite
Alivia has good size and length at the guard spot. She did a little bit of everything for her squad today. She was aggressive, making plays off the dribble, doing a great job of scoring the ball, and also setting up her teammates for easy baskets. She effectively used her length and athleticism to lock up on defense. 

Ariyana Wiggins 2025 | 1 Nation 16U 3SSB
Ariyana is extremely tough off the bounce. She is deceptively quick getting to the hoop and does a great job finishing in traffic. She has a great feel for the game, an aggressive mindset, and plays with a lot of energy on offense and defense.

Gabrielle Gerald 2025 | 1 Nation 16U 3SSB
Gabrielle is a big-time finisher in the paint, took the contact, and still was able to get the bucket plus one. She Showed good footwork and was relentless on the boards. 

Lauren Gerken 2024 | Always 100 Elite 3SSB
Lauren had the inside out game going this weekend, getting great position scoring in the paint and stepping out to knock down the perimeter shot from deep. Lauren has a great basketball IQ and looks like she loves to mix it up, crashing the glass on both ends of the floor.

Madison Parish 2025 | Legends U 16U 
Madison has a big- time scoring mentality with a killer instinct. She scored the ball, slashing to the hole off the bounce and off of hustle plays. She has a very high motor and a good skill set, making her a tough cover. 

Alayna West  2024 | Mac Irvin Fire Godfather 
Alayna is a Smooth guard who got to the basket and finished over and around the traffic. She has a nice handle and an aggressive mindset to make plays off the bounce. Another great piece to the Godfather's lethal backcourt. 

Marissa Taylor 2026 | Team Tre 16U
Marissa playing up a grade has a great feel for the game playing out of the post. She has good footwork, does a great job establishing position, and finished with a soft touch with both hands. She also caused havoc in the lane on defense and worked hard to go after rebounds, offensive and defensive. 

Myah Epps 2026 | Always 100 Elite 3SSB
Myah is a matchup nightmare for most guards but especially small guards. She can score from the outside and get to the basket off the dribble, but she is also a bully on the block. She is a physical guard with a great feel for the game and the ability to get into the paint and finish in and through traffic. She can cover 1-4 and rebounds the ball at a high clip.

Jasmyn Cooper 2025 | MCW S40 17U
Jasmyn is very good at scoring the rock in the paint or off the dribble. She did an excellent job of getting to the basket, drawing fouls, and finishing. She has a very smooth pace to her game and never lets the defense speed her up. Cooper stepped up big time and hit a game-winner vs. Godfather on Sunday. 

Alesia Ode 2026 | Michigan Mystics S40 Dalton
Ode has great length, nice size, and a great feel for the game. She does a little bit of everything for her Mystic squad scoring from all over the floor and showing a nice ability to make plays off the bounce using great vision to find her teammates. She does a nice job of using her length to play tough defense, creating turnovers, and scoring in transition.

Avery Lay 2025 | Michigan Drive Premier E40
Avery's growth has been unbelievable to watch. She has played herself into a bona fide division one prospect. She is a versatile wing with a very smooth game; she can score the ball inside and out, has great vision, and can play and cover various positions. This weekend she was relentlessly attacking off the dribble, finishing in traffic with either hand. Avery is definitely on my stock riser list after this weekend!

Alexis Castator 2024 | Always 100 Paul
One coach sitting on the baseline said, “Alexis just touches every stat,” and she did all weekend. Alexis is a smooth, versatile guard with great size who can fill it up from deep and is very effective in getting to her spots on the floor to make plays. She also rebounds the ball at a high clip and loves mixing it up inside.