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LBI Roundup: April Showers Classic Part Two (Belleville, MI)

By R.Simone @R.SimoneP & Keith Wade @wadesworld32, 04/19/23, 8:30AM EDT


Belleville, MI – Some of the best teams in Michigan went toe to toe with some of our neighbors from Ohio, Illinois, and Indiana. As always, it was a basketball fan’s dream with the sidelines lined with college coaches to match. Here's a quick breakdown of a few players that performed well throughout the weekend. 

Sinai Douglas 2024  | Legends U S40 17U
One of the hardest working players I watched all weekend, Sinai took zero possessions off. Between her speed up and down the court and quick hands and feet on defense, it was like watching a character in a video game. Once she put the ball on the court and turned the corner, she found her way to the rim no matter what. She has great court vision and made some great passes to open teammates. She was a lot of fun to watch.

Breayah Jefferson 2024 |  Legends U 17U Blue
Breayah is small, but her heart is large. She plays with no fear. She is a smart and tough defender, able to pick pockets left and right without collecting a bunch of fouls. No matter what was going on, Breayah never let her emotions show or get the best of her. She controlled the flow of the offense and knew when to take shots and when to pass the ball.

Teagan Mallegni 2024 | Wisconsin Lakers 2024 White
Teagan defines the word versatile. She literally played positions 1-4 and did whatever she needed to do to get the win or at least give her team a fighting chance. She’s a verbal floor leader that directs traffic on both ends of the court. She has good court vision and a nice IQ, allowing her to push the ball and make great plays either for herself or her teammates. Her shot is almost perfect, and she can knock it down from deep.

Aaliyah Guyton 2024  | Mac Irvin Lady Fire-Godfather
A feisty guard that is not afraid to put it all on the floor, Aaliyah stepped up in big moments. She has a great feel for the game and was superb at reading the defense, attacking gaps, and getting her opponent on their heels. She’s vocal and makes a difference in the game, whether the ball is in her hands or not. She can get to the basket or knock down the three. She’s a hooper.

Mackenzie Davis 2024 | Michigan Crossover 17U EYBL
McKenzie is the type of player every team needs, at least if they want to be successful. She can play multiple positions as well as defend them. She can score, making great shot selections and not forcing anything. She is a strong kid and not afraid to use her muscle to bully her way to the basket or battle on the boards. When the game is on the line, she wants to be on the court, and it shows.

Amy Terrian 2025 |  Wisconsin Lakers 2024 White  
One of the toughest players in the tournament, nothing seemed to bother or slow Amy down. Her motor is through the roof. Amy took everything they had against a very physical and athletic team and never missed a beat. She played almost the entire game showing no signs of fatigue. She got inside to help rebound, played hard-nose on the ball defense, and made it rain from behind the perimeter.

Gabby Spink 2025 | Nike Gym Rats 17U EYBL
A shooter will always shoot, and that’s exactly what Gabby is. She was selective with her shots and also effective. With her feet set, she could knock down short jumpers off the bounce and deep threes. In addition to being a great shooter, Gabby is an overall solid player. She played great help defense, intercepting passes and advancing the ball down the court. She created shots for herself and her teammates and had an impact on the game every minute she was on the court.

Samiyah Stout 2024  | Always 100 Gamble 2024
A tenacious guard that does not give up, Samiyah played extremely hard on offense and defense. She has a quick first step that left opponents playing chase. She can make her way to the basket, even with some serious contact, and finish strong. On defense, she has a wide stance with a quick reaction, getting multiple stops or forcing bad shots. She is a ball of energy that spreads to her teammates.


Gracyn Gilliard 2026 | NLGR 16U
Gracyn has great size, athleticism, and skill to be a big- time wing. This weekend she showed she was one of the better bucket getters in her class, scoring from all over the floor against any and all defenders who stepped up. She moves with a smooth pace, never getting rattled or speeding up. Look for her to have a big time break out spring and summer for the Gym Rats. 

Indiah Hutchinson 2026 | NGRL 16U 
Indiah is a physical athletic wing who played downhill all weekend, getting to the rack taking the hit, and finishing through contact. She rebounded the ball at a high clip and was tough on the defensive end as well. 

Danica Barnes 2025 | Always 100 Showtime
Danica is an aggressive, high motor guard who has an assortment of moves off the bounce and she was deep in her big this weekend.  She excelled in transition, using great speed, a nice handle, and the ability to finish in traffic.  Barnes was a menace on defense, causing and creating turnovers leading to buckets for her and her teammates. 

Madison Aldridge 2027 | Michigan Mystics 15U NE2k 
For a young girl playing up a grade, Madison has a very mature game; her court awareness, toughness, and ability to get buckets are off the charts. She did a great job all weekend picking her spots, and knowing when to score and when to facilitate. She also was next level defensively, hounding the ball and creating turnovers. 

Alayna Shields 2025 | Mac Irvin Lady Fire 16U
Little Ms. Excitement is electric with the rock in her hands on defense Alayna. She has a super tight handle and has the ability to get by her defender and finish over the taller defenders inside.  Between her sweet, no look passes and her lockdown ball pressure, she is must see!!

Aubree Allen 2026 | Michigan Drive Premier 
Aubree had a good weekend getting great post position demanding the basketball and using good footwork and a soft touch to get buckets in the paint. She also showed that she has good vision of pinpointing the post to her shooters. 

Mari Gerton 2025 | Legends U S40 16U
With the ball in her hands, Mari is as special as any 2025 out. She has an elite handle which allows her to get anywhere she wants on the floor to make a play for her or a teammate. She has a great feel for the game, and she showed that she could shoot it from deep and get to the rack for two.

Vanessa Rodriquez 2026 | MI Mystics Dalton Throw out size, throw out age throw out anything else you would like Vanessa Rodriguez is a straight BUCKET. Watching her this weekend do whatever she wanted on the floor was a thing of beauty. She is a big- time competitor that scores the ball from all over and dominates the game from the guard position.

All Tourney Team 16U,15U

Sydney Savoury 2027 Legends U 16U
Vanessa Rodriguez 2026 Michigan Mystics 2026 Dalton 15U
Isis Johnson 2025 Michigan Crossover 16U
Anna Wypych 2025 MI Drive Premier 16U
Indiah Hutchinson 2026  Gym Rats 16U