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LBI Roundup: April Showers Classic Part One (Belleville, MI)

By Keith Wade & R.Simone , 04/18/23, 8:00AM EDT


Belleville, MI – Some of the best teams in Michigan went toe to toe with some of our neighbors from Ohio, Illinois, and Indiana. As always, it was a basketball fan’s dream with the sidelines lined with college coaches to match. Here's a quick breakdown of a few players that performed well throughout the weekend. 

Gabby Wilks 2024 | Wisconsin Flight 17U EYBL
Impressive from the opening tip, Gabby’s skill set and IQ made her stand out. She is versatile, dominating on the wing and on the block, on both offense and defense. Her footwork with her back to the rim allowed her to have her way with her defender. Her long stretch allowed her to shoot over opponents, knocking down big shots at crucial moments. She’s a true baller.

McKenna Johnson 2024 | Wisconsin Flight 17U EYBL
McKenna is a coach’s point guard. She did a great job of assessing the defense and calling out plays without looking to the bench for guidance. When she was given directives, she was able to execute and keep the offense flowing. She sees the court and makes the passes that no one else sees. She’s also a shooter and an all-around solid player.     

Hailey Cole 2024  | Always 100 Wright 2024 White
The mountain in the middle, Hailey held her ground and held it well. She is strong and uses her strength and a solid frame to do whatever she wants. She dominated the boards on both ends. She ran the court well in transition, making herself available for easy buckets. Contact…just another day on the job for her. The old-fashion three points is how she earns her money. If you know, then you know.

Faith Wiseman 2024  | Indiana Elite Thunder 3SSB
Faith was basketball poetry in motion. Her ability to switch between the small and power forward positions was beyond impressive. She can put the ball on the court and make anything happen. On defense, she owns the lanes in help defense. She uses her long wingspan to intercept and break up passes and turn them into easy buckets. She’s a rebounder, too.

Avery Gordon 2025  | Indiana Elite Thunder 3SSB
When a 6’6” player can run up and down the court as well as Avery can, you’re destined for great things to happen. The paint belonged to her when she was on the court. She’s agile and able to rebound in and out of her area. She definitely cleaned up on second-chance points. She ran the lanes almost perfectly in transition. Avery, without a doubt, was the shot blocker of the day. If she happened to miss the block, she recovered well and could still alter the shot.

Alayna West 2024  | Mac Irvin Fire Godfather S40  
Alayna, one of the fastest players I saw all day, was a problem, especially on the defensive end. Staying in front of her opponent was not an issue for her. She seemed to come out of nowhere and steal pass after pass in the full-court press. Once she started downhill, just count the bucket and get back because there was no catching up to her or slowing her down. She’s a smart player that made great basketball plays and decisions.

Ce’Niyah Williams 2025 | Michigan Dream Elite
Ce’Niyah is an athletic player that gave 110% on every possession. She was able to put the ball on the court and take bigger opponents to the hoop. She did a good job of backing smaller opponents down on the block and having her way. She battled on the boards and grabbed some game shifting rebounds. She has good court awareness and is able to make things happen within the flow of the game. Her upside is high, and she has the potential to become an amazing player.

Iliana Williams 2024 | Michigan Mystics 2024 NE2K
Even during the warm-ups. Iliana was the power source and energy for her squad. She’s a vocal floor leader that walks the talk. When her team was down, Iliana was either directly or indirectly responsible for 12 straight points, sending her team on a 12-3 run. She’s a tough player that doesn’t mind being scrappy or taking contact. She can guard the perimeter and battle for rebounds.   


Alyvia McCorkle 2026 | Mac Irvin lady Fire 15U
Alyvia has a nice Smooth handle. She did a great job using her dribble to get her shot and make plays for her squad. She showed nice range on the J and did a great job locking up on defense. 

Reagan Weaver 2025 | Michigan Drive Premier S40 Pruiz 
Reagan Showed a sweet stroke from deep catching in the flow of the offense or creating her shot off the bounce. Big-time shooter alert!!

Addison Chase 2026 | Michigan Drive Premier 
Addison continues to show that she deserves to be at least mentioned in the conversation of one of the top 2026 guards in the state. Already possessing a lights-out jump shot and an aggressive mindset on defense, she showed me today that she has some wiggle with her dribble, getting around her defender, handling the pressure, and making the right read. Look for Chase to have a huge spring/Summer. 

Ellie Richardson 2025 | Indiana Elite
Ellie is a hard-nosed, tough, aggressive PG with great vision, a nice handle, and an extremely high basketball IQ. She did a great job breaking down the defense and taking what the defense gave her, either scoring the rock or setting up her teammates. Ellie was one of the top 2025 guards I watched all day.

Ryiah Wilson 2025 | Always 100 Takeover 
Ryiah ran the show today, scoring the rock and getting in the paint using her quickness and elite handle to drop dimes to set up her squad for easy buckets. She is a relentless defender applying straight pressure all over the floor. 

Monique Mitchell 2025 | Always 100 Takeover
Monique dominated inside and outside, attacking the hoop off the bounce or displaying her sweet footwork in the paint. On the wing, she showed a smooth touch hitting the jumper from mid-range.

Parc Liggins 2026 | Michigan Drive Premier 15U
Parc is a super aggressive combo guard who attacked the basket and finished well in traffic. A lockdown defender who scored the ball well in transition.  

Brooklyn Hall 2026 | Legends U S40 2026
Hall is a do it all wing with great length and a nice handle and showed the ability to get to her spots on the floor, scoring inside and out. She displayed a tough nose for the ball, using her athleticism and length to dominate the game.

Katie Fox 2026 | Legends U S40 2026
Fox is a deceptively quick and smooth guard with the rock who did a great job of dropping dimes and getting her teammates easy looks. She also showed an ability to get to the rack and finish.