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LBI Event Recap: Michigan Review From Select 40 (Cincinnati, OH)

By Keith Wade @wadesworld32, 08/06/22, 2:30AM EDT


Cincinnati, OH: The State of Michigan was well represented in Cincinnati for the Select 40 to end the July evaluation period. Some teams won their bracket, teams that made the final four, and teams that made the title game. With gyms packed with college coaches, a number of our girls showed they were ready for the next level, and here are just a few that I was able to see that stood out!!!

Kendall Hendrix 2024 | Michigan Crossover 16U EYBL
Kendall scores the rock in multiple ways. She hit the short jumper, scored in the paint, and did a great job slashing and scoring through contact. Kendall had a great week proving that she was back and would be one to watch moving forward. 

Devin Hagemann 2024 | Michigan Crossover 17U EYBL
Devin had a nice week running the show for the Crossover. She got in the lane with the bounce, made plays, and was consistently hitting the perimeter shot from deep. She was relentless on defense, applying tough on the ball pressure, and usually was able to turn it into transition points. Devin, who has been playing up all through high school, showed that she will be one of the top PGs in the state for the next two years. 

CeCe Arico 2027 | Michigan Mystics Dalton 2026
Ce Ce playing up two grades was a beast. She is an extremely gifted athlete who ran the floor well, scoring the ball in transition or dropping dimes to a teammate. She has a very tough physical mindset, high motor skills, and a high IQ. She made a living outworking her opponents for rebounds and put backs cashing in on multiple and-ones in the process. No way you can talk about top middle school girls in the state and not mention CeCe. 

Ava and Vanessa Rodriguez. 2026 5’5 Guards Michigan Mystics Dalton 2026
The twins are super skilled guards that made big play after big play, whether hitting a three, creating a sweet pass, or jumping the passing lane for a steal. These two young ladies play way bigger than their size and have a heart even larger. The way they handle the rock, create a shot, and never back down from anyone, we will be mentioning the Rodriguez twins for a long time!

Layne Sleight 2023 | Michigan Mystics S40 2023
Layne is a light’s out shooter who does much more than just shoot. She did a great job putting the ball on the floor, attacking the basket, or making a nice pass to a teammate. She has an excellent feel for the game and plays with supreme confidence. Whoever lands, Layne is getting a big-time shooter but an even better player. 

Megan McCalla 2023 | Michigan Mystics S40 2023
Megan had a big-time weekend, doing a little bit of everything for the Mystics. She scored the ball inside and out, rebounded well, and was a force in the lane on both ends of the floor. She did a great job taking advantage of the defensive matchups if they played her with a small. She punished them in the paint, and if they went big, she took them outside; she was a matchup nightmare. 

Victoria Gray 2025 | Michigan Mystics S40 2025
Victoria is a long wing with great size and athletic ability; she did a great job slashing for buckets, rebounding the basketball, and playing tough defense. She was a big reason for the Mystics' success with her high energy effort to get to loose balls and make plays. 

Anna Richards 2024 | West Michigan Drive 2024
Anna is a very versatile guard and one of my most improved players over the summer. She had an excellent weekend showing her ability to do it all on the floor. She played and covered 1-4; she handled the rock, shot it well, and even came up huge with a floater as time ran out to help the Drive knock off FBC.

Reese Polega and Leah Richards | West Michigan Drive 2024
Reese and Leah together make a dominant combination in the Drive's wide-open offense and defense. They both do a great job moving without the ball scoring inside and out, and more importantly, they both defend the lane at a very high level. The Drive is among the best teams in the state regardless of age, and these two are a big reason why!! 

Madelyn Geers 2024 | West Michigan Drive 2024
Geers was incredible all weekend; she was unstoppable off the bounce, got in the lane, and scored with some pretty spectacular finishes in traffic. She has a quick first step and a nice handle to consistently beat her defenders. Her weekend was nice enough that questions about where she should be on college coaches recruiting boards should have been answered loud and clearly. No hesitation, coaches, this girl can play!

Alison Bisballe 2024 | Michigan Mystics S40 2024
Alison is a very active do it all big who plays well out of the high or low post. She has the ball skills to handle the ball out top and make plays for her teammates or hit the jumper if they leave her open. Bisballe is also a very efficient scorer on the low block; she gets excellent position and has great footwork and a soft touch. Defensively she is always a threat to block or alter a shot, and she does a nice job of not fouling while protecting the hoop. 

Isis Johnson 2025 | Michigan Crossover 17U EYBL
STRAIGHT BUCKETS………When talking about Isis, you start and finish with that girl who can score the ball. Isis is so smooth, unrattled, and long that she glides through and around the defender to score in multiple ways. Playing up a couple of grades doesn’t faze her one bit; she only knows one way to play, which is to go at whoever is covering her, and usually, she gets the better of the two.  She is the next big-time prospect from the Mitten.

Lily Williams 2026 | Michigan Mystics Dalton 2026
Lily is the most improved player I have watched all summer. Her advancement as a post scorer is unbelievable. She gets great position, catches the ball, keeps it high, and has developed a soft feathery touch around the hoop, making it almost impossible to stop when she gets it. She is an aggressive rebounder, doing a much better job locating the ball and getting it instead of relying on height alone. Already a power five recruit, if Lily continues this pace of improvement, we may be talking about much-much more! 

Indya and Summer Davis 2024 | Legends U 
The twins are two of the top players in Michigan, and this weekend they did nothing to change my mind. They both are so incredibly talented. They can play 1-4, cover 1-4, and are just magnets to playmaking. They can score at a high clip knocking down the three or driving to the hoop. They are great at using their length, speed, and athleticism to score in transition, rebound, push the rock, or flat out cause havoc on both ends of the floor. The State of Michigan has two good ones in the Davis Twins that will be two of the highly rated recruits in the class of 2024.

Sydney Savoury 2027 | Legends 2025
The word I like to use to describe this young lady is “GENERATIONAL” she is special, and she is just getting started; technically, she hasn’t even started yet. Still a full year away from stepping on a high school floor, Syd is already the most talked about player in the state, if not the country. She is explosive in all aspects of the game and has an extremely high basketball IQ; she is physically capable of mixing it up on the inside and skilled enough to play the perimeter. Savoury has added a lovely 3-point shot to her game, making her even more impressive. I usually talk about which college will be blessed with a superstar, but in this case, whichever high school she attends in the fall of 2023 will have a generational talent on its hands.