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LBI Event Recap: Carolina Jam Fest Day 2 (Charlotte, NC)

By R.Simone @R.SimoneP, 05/22/22, 12:15AM EDT


Concord, NC – The second day of LBI Carolina JamFest was filled with head-to-head battles and unbelievable talent. The games were some of the most competitive I’ve seen so far this travel season. The players were competitive and played every minute like it was the championship game. No possessions off. No lazy defense. Just tough in your face, so no mercy, “this court belongs to me” basketball. I loved every second of it.



Olivia Tucker 2024   CP3 Flames 16U EYBL
Olivia was the player that changes the tempo of the game on both ends of the court. She played great defense, using her long stretch to disrupt passes and get steals. She ran the court and worked to get open, but also was able to lead in transition and finish at the rim or with a nice pass. She is not to be left open in three-point land, because she can score from there, too.

Jamaria Freeman 2025   CP3 Flames 15U EYBL
Jamaria did not shy away and stayed unbothered when the pressure came her way. She has nice handles and a catalog of moves to get herself open or feed her teammates. She is a strong defensive player, utilizing her quick hands to pick her opponent's pockets. She sees the court and advances the ball for easy scoring opportunities.  

Sarah Strong 2024   Lady Strong/Strong Center 2024
This post player is far from your traditional power forward. She can put the ball on the court and beat players off the dribble. Her footwork is solid, and she has a quick reaction, often catching defenders unprepared and unable to stop her. She is strong and once she was positioned; she controlled that space. She is not only an inside threat but a threat from deep as well. She knocked down long range shots with ease.

Olivia Robertson 2025   CP3 Flames 15U EYBL
With a nice baby hook in the paint, Olivia was creative and effective with her shot selections. She was quick on her feet and took advantage of her long wingspan advantage. She ran the court and was able to get some nice blocks and critical rebounds. She is tough and showed she can take a little contact and still get the ball in the basket.

Alyna Rachmat Jones 2027    Fairfax Stars 2025 Nike
Alyna is a shooter that was able to knock down big shots after getting some big defensive stops. Her IQ is high. She made some great decisions with the ball that often led to points on the board. She has a high motor and was very vocal on both ends. Her upside is as high as they come.

Riley Nelson 2023    Fairfax Stars 17U EYBL (Maryland Commit)
Riley played positions 1-4 and played them well. Her quick first step and long reach made it almost impossible to stop her. She was literally a walking bucket, but not a selfish one. She read the defense well, never forcing anything, and making sure her teammates got in on the fun. She was amazing to watch.

Jaida McClure 2026    FBC Queen City 15U
I know for a fact that Jaida was a “Wow Factor”. I don’t mean the subtle wow under your breath with a light head nod. I’m referring to the kind that makes your mouth drop open, your eyes get big, and you unknowingly yell out “WOW”. Her age meant absolutely nothing. She got to the hoop whenever she wanted and took contact along the way. When the other team went zone to slow her down, she lit the gym up from behind the arc. Her IQ is top notch, and she made some great basketball plays that you see at the college level. She is definitely #LBICertified.

Sadie Shores 2024   Fairfax Stars 16U EYBL
Sadie has a quick release and sharpshooter range. She was crafty with her shot selection, sometimes choosing to give a head fake and sidestep before shooting. She works hard on both offense and defense. She was not afraid to get on the court and get scrappy. She has solid court vision and was a vocal leader.

Serenity McNair 2024   Lady Strong/Strong Center 2024
A floor general with a high IQ and quick first step, Serenity showed a lot of talent and heart. You could see her scanning the floor, assessing the defense, and directing her team appropriately. She is an impact player. She can score but can also rack up some assists. She is fast and it was seen without a doubt on defense. Her on the ball defense was impressive.

Brooklyn Saunders 2025   Team Curry GUAA
Intense. Incredible speed. Laser point court vision. This is how I would summarize Brooklyn’s game. She is a coach’s dream point guard. You could hear her voice just as much as her coach’s. Her motor and energy were always high, and her defense was one of the best I witnessed all day. She gave “thread the needle” type of passes, leading her teammates right to the rim, however when she needed to score, she did.

Courtney Davis 2024    Peak Performance-Webb
Every team needs a player that is the muscle. You know, the player that plays with a chip on their shoulder and gives their team some extra energy and confidence to get them to the finish line. This role belonged to Courtney. She was scrappy, tough, and knocked down some big shots. She was a vocal and never took a possession off.

Lenora Nknangwen 2024   Fairfax Stars 16U EYBL
Working hard without the ball was what Lenora did. She made great cuts and positioned herself to hit easy buckets. She had nice footwork on the block which led to old fashion three-point plays. She also can put the ball on the court, forcing the defense to make a choice and make it quickly. Lenora was a consistent and strong rebounder, adding to her undeniable inside presence.