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LBI Event Recap: Queen of The Rock Part I (Toledo, OH)

By R.Simone @R.SimoneP, 05/15/22, 8:00PM EDT


Toledo, OH: This past weekend kicked off the much-anticipated Queen of the Rock tournament. Teams traveling from Michigan, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Ohio came with their laces tied, their adrenaline pumping, and their game faces on. There was a ton of talent in the building in every class. The competition was steep, and the atmosphere was intense. I loved every minute of it.

Sole Williams 2023   Ohio United 17u Jeter 3SSB
One thing that was for certain is Sole did not come to play. If you know basketball, you know what I mean. She had an arsenal of moves that resulted in layups and trips to the foul line. She’s extremely athletic and made plays for not just herself but her teammates also. She has quick hands on defense and applied high pressure that led to easy transition points. (Committed To Louisville)

Ashlyne Woods 2025   Western PA Bruins GUAA
The best thing about watching players transition from year to year is appreciating their growth in the game. Ashlyne is a great example of that. Her maturity shows most in her basketball IQ and decision making. He dropped some beautiful passes, knew when to shoot from deep or drive to the hole, and her defense was intense and intentional.

Jakiah Brumfield 2025   West MI Drive 15U S40
This long, athletic, and hardworking was an impact on the game on both ends. Jakiah was a key piece of her team’s puzzle. She is tough and played great on the ball defense. She was able to make some moves and finish strong at the hoop. She sees the court and makes some great basketball plays to create shots for herself and her teammates.

Kesha Francisco 2023   Ohio Elite 2023
It takes more than just standing in the paint with your hands up to make an effective impact on the game. Kesha did all the fundamental basics that post players are taught and she did them well. Flashing on defense to alter shots and create turnovers, getting her hand on the ball when a player brings it down and feeling the defense before making a move on the block. She was refreshing to watch.

Allie Stockton 2023    Ohio Elite 2023
Allie is a shooter that was able to knock down shots in multiple situations and spots on the court. She is tough and scrappy and that shows most on the defensive end. Most shooters are not so intense on defense in hopes of saving their legs, but this was not the case for Allie. She hustled hard on defense and still sank long threes off the bounce.

Zy’asija Scott 2024    C2K Thunder-Lima
Zy’asija is a workhorse. She plays with a high motor and energy that her team feeds off of. She is a natural floor leader, able to impact the game with not just her play, but her words as well. She is tough and took a lot of contact on her way to the basket.

Madelyn Geers 2024    West MI Drive 16U S40
Madelyn is a player that has an instant impact. She did a great job of reading the defense and making great plays, including creating shots for herself. Although she got to the rim, she was also effective from behind the arc, sinking threes from deep. She handled the pressure well ad took care of the rock.

Kennedy Blair 2023   MI Storm 2023 GUAA
With a quick release and beautiful rotation, Kennedy was a sharpshooter. She never forced her shot, sometimes deciding to head fake and take it to the rim. She works hard on both ends and was not afraid to get on the court and go after a loose ball. She has solid court vision and was awesome advancing the ball in transition.

Keiryn McGuff 2023   Ohio Future
A versatile player that can play multiple positions, Keiryn was the cleanup kid for her squad. She did a little of everything; rebounding, altering, and blocking shots, finishing second chance putbacks, working to get open, and turning the corner off the pick to sink short jumpers in the paint. She was tough and did not let contact slow her down.

Kam Grant 2024   Ohio United 16U Wallace 3SSB
Kam was fun to watch. She is long, athletic, and versatile, able to be effective from the perimeter and battling in the paint. She has a nice first step and was able to use her length and quickness to breeze past defenders for old fashion three-point plays. Her upside is high and so is her intensity. She’s relentless. 

Bre Swailes 2023    SLAAM 23 Woodson
A quick, smart, and crafty player that has a high motor and never seemed to get tired, Bre was a combination of the Road Runner and the Energizer Bunny. She can score but definitely looks to run the offense and get the ball to the person with the highest percentage shot. On defense she was annoying, and I mean that in a great way. Her on the ball defense was smothering and often caused her opponents to turnover the ball in frustration.

Shakya Anderson 2025   West MI Drive 15U S40
Working hard without the ball to make herself available to score, Shakya was an undeniable presence inside. She’s strong and solid, using both to bully her way to the rim and also stand firm and stop shots in the paint. She rebounds consistently and could give contact just as much as she could take it. She didn’t force shots and did a good job of kicking the ball out and repositioning herself.

Mya Jones 2023   Greg Grant Basketball
Mya understood her assignment and played it well. Mya absolutely dominated the boards, snap rebounds like they literally belonged to her. She is strong and can handle contact. She would almost immediately put the ball back up for easy buckets and frequent trips to the line.

Gabrielle Reynolds 2024   MBA GUAA 2023
One of the top players in the state of Michigan's class of 2024. Athletic with a high IQ, Gabrielle got buckets. She was crafty and quick with the ball, close to unstoppable when she started downhill. She knows when to stop and shoot and when to take it all the way to the rim. She shows up in the clutch, making big plays when they counted the most.

Cali Gregory 2024   Always 100 Paul 2024
Everyone loves a smart floor general that can be a vocal leader, even when the game gets tough. That is without a doubt, Cali. She was patient, encouraging, and never slowed down. She has a nice IQ and finds a way to get her team involved and still create for herself. She is a shooter and was not shy about it.

Faith Jungwirth 2024   MI Storm 2024 Edge
Faith specialized in establishing her position early and controlling everything after that. Whether she was posting up on the block or boxing out for a rebound, no one was getting around her. She has nice footwork and is patient with the ball, not forcing anything. She runs the court and works hard to make herself available.

Jamisyn Stinson 2024    Ohio Future 2024 Shumate
Jamisyn is a go to player. She put her ability to be effective and control a game in more ways than one. She can shoot from deep off the bounce. She knows how to maneuver through traffic to get to the hoop. Jamisyn also plays great defense, stretching out in the lanes and getting steals.

Dakota Alston 2023    MI Crossover 17U EYBL
The one that doesn’t make a lot of noise is the one you have to watch the most. Dakota is a quiet storm that will wreak havoc quickly if you’re not careful. She knows how to slide under bigger players to box out, allowing her to grab some huge rebounds. She is tough and can handle contact when it comes her way. She is a strong defender, forcing turnovers without a bunch of fouls.

Tessa Grady 2023    Ohio United 17u Jeter 3SSB
Shooter…Shooter…High motor…oh yeah…and shooter. Tessa was awesome at cutting and finding the open gaps to let off that beautiful shot that she possesses. She could knock down shots from just about anywhere on the floor, off the bounce, off the pick, and with a hand in her face. She also was a great defender and never took a possession off.

Berry Wallace 2024   Ohio United 16U Wallace 3SSB
Berry is the player that you know is going to make it happen in just about every situation. She brought the ball up the court handling pressure and advancing the ball. She dominated in the post, using her solid footwork to keep defenders puzzled. Berry is a rebounder and shot blocker. Whatever needed to be done Berry did it, and she did it well.

Aryana “Peanut” Cradle 2026   Ohio United 16u Wallace 3SSB
This young lady can go! She is athletic, fast, and has an unbelievably high IQ. She has an entire catalog of moves that she uses to get inside for easy buckets. She can shoot! She has a quick release and is not afraid to let it fly. Her on the ball defense was one of the best I witnessed all weekend and so was her heart. Aryana can only get better and that is almost scary.

Carmen Vasquez 2024    SLAAM 2024 Hurt
It was clear that Carmen understood her role and responsibilities on her team and she worked extremely hard to fulfill them. She did a nice job of sizing up the defense and making smart decisions. She can score in multiple ways but was not selfish with sharing the ball. She plays with a lot of energy and a lot of tenacity. She also was not shy about crashing the boards and battling for rebounds.

Sadaya Jones 2025    Western PA Bruins GUAA
A hard-working player that is tough as nails and never gives up, Sadaya was the pulse of her team. She does all the dirty work that comes with being a great basketball player and she doesn’t mind. She’s a workhorse on both ends and she never seemed to get tired. She snagged down rebounds and took contact like she was the biggest player in the gym. Her defense is top notch and often led to a lot of transition points for herself and her team.

Candence Dykstra 2023   West MI Drive 17U S40
Candence was the muscle and energy for her team. She is strong and knows it. She often bullied her way inside to get three-point plays or at minimum draw the foul for a trip to the stripe. She moved well without the ball, making some great cuts and finishing strong. On defense, she showed no fear. Nothing came easy in her area, and she did it every possession. Her ability to play so many minutes and never slow down was impressive. (Committed To Toledo)