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LBI Event Recap: The Clash Part I (Cincinnati, OH)

By Marcy Reynolds @LBIMarcy , 04/26/22, 3:30PM EDT


Cincinnati, OH: The Clash this weekend was one of the places to be with elite talent from top teams from the Midwest. Although there were many who climbed and clawed their way to the forefront this weekend, here are a few that caught my eye.

2025 Jayla Lampley SG Indiana Blaze
With her length and motor clicking on both ends of the floor in game 1 today, Jayla got her hands on the ball almost every single possession. She put a ton of pressure on the defense when attacking the basket in the quarter court. Jayla crashed the offensive glass relentlessly, getting extra possessions and putbacks throughout the game. Future definitely bright for this young player!

2023 Shonda Jones (Purdue commit) CG Sports City U 17U
Affectionately known as “The Spider”, Jones was electric from all over the court in her first game Sunday morning. She exploded for a game-high 23 points. Jones used her ability to change gears in the quarter court to finish several tough buckets at the rim. Spider dropped in several long bombs but was a nightmare to stop from getting to the rim. She drew numerous fouls as she sped through the lane and finished some bunnies with difficult angles as well. This future boilermaker was a definite game-changer today!

2023 Olivia Brown PG Indiana Elite Thunder 3SSB
At any point in time, Brown is the hardest worker in the gym! She leaves everything out on the floor. Her motor is through the roof, hawking the ball handler with seriously bad intentions. On the offensive end, she sees the floor so well, that defending her in transition becomes a complete nightmare. When she does decide to get to the rack, her speed and quickness with the ball is tough to contend with.

2023 Trinity Ralston PG 1 Nation Elite 17U 3SSB
Her energy was felt immediately when she stepped on the court. She brought tenacious defense that bothered ball handlers all game. After getting a crucial steal at the top of the key, a simple stunt was enough of a threat to make the point guard feel uneasy. Staying in front of this explosive guard proved to be too difficult for the opposition. Her shifty quickness allowed her to break down her primary defender and get to the rim. This energetic guard dropped off a few very nice dimes for her post players down the stretch to pull away from a very good All In Gold team early on day 2.

2025 Kira Reynolds SF Sports City U
Kira started the weekend off with a bang for sure, scoring at will in the paint to give her team a nice early lead. Her half-court interior game was troublesome for the 1Nation post players. This talented freshman repeatedly snatched rebounds and started the break, weaving in and out of traffic and eventually finding herself at the rim. Reynolds ability to push the ball herself in transition was too much for the scrambling defense, which often ended with a trip to the charity stripe or a bucket. Her defense was also yet again stifling. Her length and knack for blocking shots were on full display all game long. 

2024 Daniya McDonald SF 1Nation Elite 17U 3SSB
You wouldn’t have a clue this youngster was playing up just from watching a game. Her frame and strength is next level for sure. McDonald used it time and time again to almost bully undersized players in the paint. When a like-sized or bigger defender matched up with her, she simply stepped out and hit long jumpers. McDonald is definitely effective in the half-court, but transition is absolutely where she shines. She’s so tough in the open court, slashing and tearing through the defense like a hot knife through butter!

Indiana Elite Thunder 3SSB
This team has some really good talent that’s smothered in toughness. This experienced group packed with all ’23s except for one fought hard from start to finish for the win over Sports City U. Baxter was a real presence inside for them, on both ends of the floor. Brown and Norman did a phenomenal job taking care of the ball and not turning it over against the high-pressure defense of Sports City U. Makalusky, future Butler Bulldog, was a force from all over the court. She used her nice length to pull down several keyboards and convert them into easy buckets. To make matters worse for her defenders, Makalusky knocked down several deep bombs that gave her squad a major boost of energy. I can’t talk about deep shot-making without mentioning Karson Norman! She was clutch late in the game hitting a corner three to all but secure the win. 

Zennia Thomas PF Sports City U 17U
The match up was Sports City U vs Meanstreets Elite. Some of the most physical, gritty, and prideful programs around. Without a doubt, Zennia showed up to play in this game. Getting to the paint proved to be a dangerous choice at times. You almost had to have some kind of death wish to venture in the lane Saturday evening during that game. Fouls mounted in a hurry, injuries piled up and yes so did the technicals! Zennia didn’t shy away from what was happening however, she glided her way around the paint finishing through contact and aggravating the defense all the while. During Sports City U’s late-game run, Zennia managed to drain a big three, rake in a couple and ones, and draw a huge charge to help seal the deal on a nice win for her team.

2024 Angelina Smith PG Bolingbrook Panthers 17U
The ultimate floor general for her team. Angelina controlled the tempo of the game with her ability to push in transition, attacking disheveled defenders or slow it up and direct traffic and allow her teammates to get set. She has a very mature understanding of finding the right flow between the two. Although Smith can be a facilitating point guard at times, she excels greatly when deciding to be a scoring threat from that position. Smith creates her own shot with next-level ball handling as well as understands how to gain space to get her shot off as well. Her size never detours her from getting to the basket and finishing in a variety of ways because of her good body control.

2024 Yahaira Bueno PG Bolingbrook Panthers 17U
In the early game on Championship Sunday, Bueno was absolutely on fire. Dropping 16 first-half points with 4 three-pointers, this young guard was not going down without a fight. Although her squad trailed throughout the first half, Bueno was a bright spot with her lights out shooting from behind the arc. She scored those long bombs a from few different ways; ball screen action, catch and shoot looks, and a big transition bucket as well. Bueno definitely showed off her shooting repertoire for all to see this morning.

2023 Emma Barnett SG Sports City U 17U
Not to be outdone by the lights out shooting from opponent Yahaira Bueno, Emma Barnett put on an absolute clinic from deep. Barnett has a good understanding of her game, she was phenomenal moving without the ball to find open windows to get her shot off. The six footer was very good with her footwork when coming off screens ready to shoot as well. 

2024 Kendall Braden SG Sports City U 16U
The stage was set: Sports City U vs. Indiana Blaze in the semi-final game. Expectations were high, tensions were palpable and top-notch players came out to play! Kendall Braden is definitely one of those players. Kendall showed off her ability to hit big-time shots in big-time games. Her range was next level for sure, almost stepping on the sideline as she drained a bomb from the corner to start the game. Kendall proceeded to get hot from behind the arc and knock a couple more down in the first half alone. Halftime didn’t cool her off however, she continued her work from deep, knocking down 3 more triples for her talented squad. Kendall finished with a whopping 23 points to propel her team to a big win over Indiana Blaze.

2024 Jordyn Poole PG Always 100 Elite 2024 3SSB
Jordyn Poole is flat-out good y’all! She never disappoints in leaving all she has out on the floor. This kid has a phenomenal motor with a superb knack for scoring the ball in every which way you want. She’s a real three-level scorer. Poole hit shots from behind screens, mid-range jumpers, runners, awkward layups—-you name it and she hit it. She was able to consistently break down defenders and cause major chaos from the half-court defenses thrown at her. Helping seems to be the logical thing to do right? Well, ‘Jordy’ finds the open player more times than not, dumping and dishing to waiting bigs. Poole was simply electrifying today.

LBI Snipers (Top Shooters)

2024 Yahaira Bueno SG Bolingbrook Panthers 17U
With a lightning quick release and perfect form, Bueno is a sharp shooter for sure. 

2023 Karson Norman CG Indiana Elite Thunder 3SSB
It’s bad enough Norman has such consistency on her three-ball, but she has major range to along with it as well.

2024 Kendall Braden SG Sports City u 16U
Braden is a knock down shooter with big time guts, she’s unafraid of the big moments.

LBI Lockdown (Top Defenders)

2025 Kira Reynolds Sports City U 16U
At 6’4” Reynolds defends on the perimeter and has an amazing length that racks up blocks like no other. 

2023 Olivia Brown Indiana Elite Thunder 3SSB
Brown is a relentless on ball defender with a motor for days.

2026 Heaven Sneed PG Sports City U 16U
Heaven’s on ball defense is intimidating and envious all at once. I’ve literally seen her make ball handlers cry.

LBI Buckets (Top Scorers)

2023 Ashlynn Brooke Always 100 Elite 2023 3SSB
Brooke is a natural scorer that never wavers in her confidence to do so.

2024 Jordyn Poole Always 100 Elite 2024 3SSB
Saucy, is skilled, and savvy. This kid can put the ball in the bucket from all angles. 

2023 Kathryn Eidle Wolverinas 2023
Eidle is so smooth and makes scoring look too easy! 

LBI Best Floor General
2024 Angelina Smith Bolingbrook Panthers
Smith was unmatched in her ability to lead her squad with major maturity and pose.