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LBI Event Recap: Always 100 Spring Bling Part Two (Fort Wayne, IN)

By R.Simone @R.SimoneP, 03/28/22, 4:30PM EDT


Ft. Wayne, IN – It is officially travel ball season, and how fitting to kick start it in one of the basketball capitals in the country. Teams from Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio took the courts at the SportsOne facility on a mission. That mission was to play hard, work out early spring kinks, and leave their footprint in the memory of their opponents. It was Championship Sunday and teams really turned up the heat with the competitiveness. Here are a few standouts from Day 2.


Aaniyah Bonner 2026  | Always 100 Elite 2026
Aaniyah gave her team what they needed when they needed it. She fed the inside, she hustled back on defense to break up plays, she found ways to get easy buckets and knocked down a few triples. She is a “get it done” type of player.

Tee Morris 2024  | Nike Lady Gym Rats 2024-Banks
A bully style guard that muscles her way to the hoop, Tee showed a lot of heart and tenacity. When she got hot, she was on fire, scoring from all over the court and giving her team an energy boost. She can without a doubt take contact and finish big.

Teresa Abraham 2024  | MBA 2024
Teresa was one of the hardest working players on the court. Her effort and toughness were very visible, and her team benefited from it. Once she got going downhill, she was all gas with no brakes. She pushed her way inside, forcing defenders to either foul her or let her score.  

Taryn Fisher 2025 |  Indiana Elite Orange
The most impressive part of Taryn’s game for me was her defense. Her timing was everything! She played the lane perfectly, disrupting passes and contributing awesome help defense. Her on the ball defense was a nuisance to the other team and they quickly gave it up by either passing it or putting it in Taryn’s hands directly. She also blocked some shots, grabbed rebounds, and lead the way in transition.

Avery Kelly 2024  |  Pocket City Ballers
Avery is the type of floor general that coaches hope for in a point guard. She sees the court and reads it well. She is aggressive and very purposeful, never forcing anything but making sure her decisions count. Her verbal communication keeps things flowing and in place on both ends. She is a superb passer, finding her open teammate and leading her right to the basket.

Jordynn Johnson 2026  | Always 100 Linx 2026
Jordynn is a tough player, and it shows in just about everything she does. She handles pressure like she’s a high school junior, keeping her composure and making good decisions. She is patient on offense however she did not hesitate to penetrate inside and create shots for herself. She can also sink long range baskets when she must.

Saniya Jackson 2023 | Always 100 Elite 2023
Playing multiple positions efficiently, Saniya was able to help her team tremendously against some tough competition.  She can defend and play on the perimeter, knocking down some deep threes, but she also did a great job of crashing the boards and getting rebounds. She is a vocal defender and did not shy away from getting physical to go after loose balls.

Jaslynn Ward 2025  | MBA 2025
Jazlynn was impactful to the game as soon as she stepped on the court. Her energy seemed to add a level of toughness to her team and their intensity increased. She goes after the ball on defense, but is under control and not producing a lot of fouls. She was consistent on offense, able to score from a variety of places on the court and in crucial moments.

Addisen Mastriano 2024  | Always 100 Elite 2024
An undeniable presence not only in the paint but on the court in general, Addisen did everything a dominant post player should do. Once she planted her feet there was no moving her. She was awesome at feeling out the defense and making strong moves to score. She ran the court well, making herself available to catch and get an easy bucket or playing clean-up, getting rebounds and second-chance points.

Bailey Pickens 2024  | MI Crossover EYBL 2024
In my humble opinion, Bailey was the best on the ball defender that I had the pleasure of watching all weekend. She is not just fast, but fast and precise.  The few times I saw her get called for a foul it was either an incorrect call or her helping out a teammate. The most impressive part of her defense is it never let up. No matter how tight the game was or who she was defending, her level of play either stayed the same or intensified. Bailey can also shoot, sinking 4 three-pointers in one game alone.

Mariah Sain 2026 |  MI Crossover EYBL 2025
Mariah is a pure athlete. She jumps out of the gym, has a quick first step, can handle the rock, and is fearless on defense. Once she gets going, she offensively is a problem, capable of scoring in multiple ways and creating her own shot. She has a high motor and never showed signs of slowing down.

Lily Taylor 2025 |  Example Sports 15u Rise
While her team was in a slump, Lily gave them the energy boost they needed by literally taking over the game. She helped to spark a 12-0 run by scoring 9 consecutive points and getting an assist on 2 more. Her defensive presence also increased, and she was responsible for getting some critical stops. Lily showed a lot of heart that remained until the final buzzer.

Ciara Sims 2024  | Always 100 Rebels 2024
Crashing the boards, being a constant voice on defense, and hitting some tough shots were just a few of the contributions Ciara made to her team. She is a hustle player, staying active and always in the mix. When she wasn’t at the rim taking and giving some contact, she stepped behind the arc and knocked down some deep threes.   

Sophie Klinger 2024 | MBA 2024 Rise
Sophie is intense and I mean that in the best way possible. She proved herself to be a leader on the court that knows how to control the offense and get her team involved, but she also has the ability to step up and take big shots herself. On defense, she was a game-changer. She set the tone and was responsible for some momentum changing stops.