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LBI Event Recap: Always 100 Spring Bling Part One (Fort Wayne, IN)

By R.Simone @R.SimoneP, 03/28/22, 6:15AM EDT


Ft. Wayne, IN – It is officially travel ball season, and how fitting to kick start it in one of the basketball capitals in the country. Teams from Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio took the courts at the SportsOne facility on a mission. That mission was to play hard, work out early spring kinks, and leave their footprint in the memory of their opponents. Here are a few standouts from Day 1.



Brooklyn Fream 2025 Always 100 Elite 2025 3SSB
Sometimes it’s not only what you do but also how you do it. Brooklyn did all the basic things coaches encourage players to do, but she did them in a dominating fashion. She was literally snatching down rebounds, making hard cuts without the ball to get open, and consistently scoring in multiple ways. She definitely made her opponents work hard. 

Braxcynn Baker 2024 MBA 2024 UAA
With a long wingspan and high IQ, Braxcynn did an excellent job of being very active on both ends of the court, creating several different scoring opportunities and easy baskets. She did not shy away from penetrating the paint and finishing some tough shots. 

Camiyah “CeCe” Bonner 2026 MBA 2026
With an IQ beyond her years, CeCe is a hooper. She can score at will in multiple ways, but she is far from selfish. She forces defenders to crowd her so that she can feed her teammates the ball. She gets to the rim with impressive fashion, cuffing the ball and keeping her eyes on the rim. She has quick hands and feet on defense and made it her business to get her team the ball. CeCe is on her way to being a premier player in Michigan and the country. 

Veronica Lugo 2024 Nike Lady Gym Rats 2024-Banks
Veronica is so fast; sometimes, she out ran herself! She has quick hands to go along with her speed, and she goes after the ball. She is tough and relentless, never letting up. Veronica is all gas on both ends of the court, stirring up frustration with her opponents.

Peyton Hartsough 2023 Always 100 Wright Black 2023
Peyton was aggressive offensively and a verbal leader. She kept her composure while under pressure, making great decisions with the ball and creating shots for herself. Peyton’s floor leadership was evident in her ability to control the tempo of the offense, even when the ball wasn’t in her hands. 

Zoe Willems 2024  Always 100 Gamble 2024
Zoe’s impact on the game came in many ways. She is a hard worker, and she always seemed to be in the right place at the right time. She is an aggressive defender, creating turnovers and transition points for her team. Zoe is tough, finishing in traffic and with contact. 

Nevaeh Dickman 2025 Indiana Elite Orange
Neveah was an inside force for her team on both offense and defense, playing much bigger than she is. She is smart, making plays to create shots for herself and her teammates. She ran the court well in transitions, filling the lanes and making herself available. She was dominant on the boards, rebounding in and out of her area. 

Anna Ignatoski 2025 MBA 2025
Anna has great court awareness. She sees the court, finding the open man, attacking gaps in the defense, and creating plays for her teammates. Anticipation is her superpower on defense. She intercepted passes and interrupted fast breaks often.

Zyann Phinezy 2025 Always 100 Showtime 2025
Zyannis very athletic and a workhorse. She was always on the go, never taking a possession off. She is a strong on the ball defender and doesn’t mind getting up close and personal. Zyann used her long reach to break up plays and finish strong on the other end. She has high energy and a nice upside.

Myana Cooksey 2024 MI Crossover EYBL 2024 
A smart and crafty defender that operates on a different kind of energy source, Myana was very impressive. Even when exhausted, her level of play and speed did not diminish even a little. She is smart and controls her team’s tempo on the offensive end to get the best shots possible. Myana finds a way to score, either directly or indirectly; she made it happen. 

Faith Okorie 2023 Example Sports-Wolfpack
An undeniable presence on the inside, Faith snatched down hard fought rebounds and sank second-chance points. She is most impressive when her back is to the basket, showing off her strength and footwork. Faith did a great job of trailing in transition to either grab the offensive board or accepting the assist for an easy bucket.

Brea Garber 2024 Always 100 Wright Black 2023
Working hard without the ball to make herself available to score was what Brea did best. Her ability to score inside and on the perimeter made her a defensive nightmare. She plays just as hard on the opposite end of the court, using her long wingspan to disrupt passes and alter shots.

Brooklyn Tornes 2024 MBA Rise 2024
Athletic, tough, and relentless, Brooklyn showed that once she gets going, she’s hard to stop. Brooklyn attacked the rim in back-to-back possessions to get the old fashion three; she missed her free throw but got her own rebound and sank a three-pointer. She plays in your face defense and is not afraid to get dirty, diving on the court for loose balls.