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LBI Event Recap: Michigan Thanksgiving Preview (Belleville, MI)

By R.Simone @R.SimoneP, 11/25/21, 1:45AM EST


Belleville, MI – With season openers right around the corner, teams are trying to get as many runs in as they can. The competition was tight and definitely gave us a preview of what we might see this season. Teams were not taking the scrimmages lightly, throwing their best punch every game. Everyone wanting to leave a lasting impression with their opponents. All the teams hustled, never letting up, and playing extremely hard. Here are a few standouts for the day.

Grass Lake Warriors
The thing that stood out the most with Grass Lake was their temperament. They just hoop. No bells and whistles or intimidating chants. Just hardcore from start to finish, gritty, in your face basketball. They were disciplined on offense, running their sets as many times as they needed, always taking the best shot possible. They have a couple of playmakers who can take over a game and put big numbers on the board. One thing they are not lacking is shooters. Multiple Lady Warriors can light up the perimeter with the best of them. Tenacity will be their superpower this season. If they want a shot at the big dance, they must be able to play through anything. They cannot lose their fight and determination.

Arbor Prep Gators
The Lady Gators had a solid showing. They are loaded with quickness, athleticism, and toughness. Their upperclassmen have clearly accepted their leadership role and did a great job of setting the tone on both ends of the court. Arbor Prep likes to turn up the heat and apply major pressure, and they have the speed and depth to do it. On defense they are smothering and on offense they show patience. That’s a great combination to have. Consistency will be their superpower. If everyone continues to own their role and keep the chemistry at a high level, look for them to be the favorites to win Division 3. 

Belleville  Tigers
Belleville as a unit is loaded with potential. They play hard every possession, battling for rebounds and loose balls without hesitation. As the season progresses, look for this team to get better and hungrier. The Lady Tigers are not afraid of a challenge or tough competition. If the prediction is correct, they will have two players to step-out and be the go-to man for their team on the offensive end/, giving them the floor leadership, they need. Their superpower this season will be confidence. They must be mentally tough if they want to make a run in the playoffs; trusting themselves, their coaches, and each other.

West Bloomfield Lakers
The Lady Lakers were my pleasant surprise for the day. They can turn up the heat! On defense they are super active. They communicate, play outstanding help defense, and did a great job of rotating and recovering, making every shot a difficult one. West Bloomfield has multiple offensive threats. They have slashers that can create shots for themselves, and they have sharp shooters on the perimeter that are able to consistently find the bottom of the net. Their superpower for this season will be resiliency. If they can keep this high energy, solid chemistry, and intensity all season, they will be a top contender in Division I.

Hamtramck Cosmos
Hamtramck is filled with players who are naturally athletic and work hard. Although at times they struggled to get points on the board, it wasn’t because they didn’t take shots. They can penetrate the middle and get good looks at the basket. Defensively they used their speed to beat opponents down the court and get some big stops. Execution will be their superpower for the season. They must lock down and focus on both ends of the court. Keeping turnovers low and continuing to work hard on their game are critical factors if the Lady Cosmos want to have a successful season.