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LBI Event Recap: Wade's World PG Clinic (Ann Arbor, MI)

By Keith Wade @wadesworld32, 11/02/21, 5:30PM EDT


Ann Arbor, MI: Halloween Sunday might have been scary outside but the scene inside the gym was competitive and loaded with girls getting better and showing off their skills. Here is a brief recap of some of the talent that blessed us at the Wades World PG clinic.

Naiya Krispin 2026 Rochester Hills
Easily one of the top young guards at the camp only an 8th grader Naiya showed great poise a sweet handle and a smooth ability to get her shot off in traffic. Stood out in drills with her exceptional ball skill.

Kiera Roehm 2026 Saline
High IQ physical guard that makes plays getting to the basket or knocking down the three. Kiera has a court awareness and feel for the game well beyond her years and takes pride in working hard on both ends of the floor.

Anna Richards 2024 Lansing Catholic
One of the future top recruits in the state of Michigan, Anna has great length, a great feel for the game and makes plays off the dribble, and does a great job slashing and consistently staying active off the ball. She is a very smooth, tall guard that has great vision who does a great job getting her teammates involved.

Tessa Roe 2024 Lansing Catholic
Tessa was one of the hardest working guards today, she was super aggressive attacking the basket and she showed a nice ability to handle the rock and get to her spots on the floor. She also was very tough on the defensive end applying ball pressure and working hard off the ball.

Bridget Timbrook 2025 Churubusco IN
Bridgett is a tough guard that played physical on both ends of the floor getting inside the lane making plays off the bounce and showing the ability to knock down the three ball. Keeps improving every time I see her which shows her top-tier work ethic.

Charlotte Miller 2025 Gabriel Richard
Already one of the top guards in the Ann Arbor Area (regardless of class) Charlotte is an outstanding floor leader and does a great job knowing when to be aggressive and score and when to get others involved. Charlotte keeps improving her jump shot and her footwork which makes her an even scarier opposition for the defense. Big time Freshman year on deck for Miller.

Faith Jungwirth 2024 Okemos
BIG GUARD, as I affectionately tabbed her, Faith showed up to work on her guard skills and she showed that she could do it all. Watching her in the drills she did a great job with her handle and footwork showing she was light on her feet and had an ability to get to the basket off the bounce. Already pretty dominant with her back to the basket Faith showed today she is just as skilled on the perimeter.

Gabriella Halliwill 2024 Lansing Catholic
Gabby has the full package. She can shoot it from all over, has a great handle, is an excellent passer, and has the ability to get by her defender off the bounce when she needs to. A very skilled, extremely smart guard she is an excellent floor leader that does a nice job playing off the ball as well. Look for her to be one of the top recruits in the state this next two years.

Katelyn Shtogrin 2025 Utica 
Another one of the big-time young players that showed up and showed out. Katelyn has a nice handle a sweet shot and the ability to get to the basket off the bounce and finish in traffic. Just like a lot of the deep 2025 class Katelyn has a great feel for the game that is well beyond her years.

Maggie Hilliard 2024 Cranbrook
A tall guard who showed some nice ball skill and an ability to score the rock. She rebounded the ball well and pushed in transition creating for herself or her teammates. She looked real good in station work.

Skotti Ball-Duley 2024 Owosso
Skotti has a very versatile floor game and the clinic was a great chance for her to show off all of her ball skills. She looked good in all the drills displaying her handle, footwork, and the ability to finish. During the scrimmage, she really impressed me with her defensive ball pressure and in an obvious guard heavy rotation, she was able to be very effective with or without the ball in her hands.

Sophia Bussell 2025 Monroe 
Easily one of the most improved players I watched today, Sophia showed just how much she has been working on her game since the LBI 64. Her handle was tight her jumper was money and she showed a nice ability to flat out get buckets. The deep class of 2025 just seems to get deeper and deeper and Bussell showed she is in the conversation as one of the better players in the class.

Teresa Repichowski 2024 Lansing Catholic
A light’s out shooter, Teresa showed she had more in her bag by putting the ball on the floor and making plays off the bounce. She was very aggressive in scrimmage play and showed advanced ball skill in the station work.

Alison Hufstedler 2025 Oxford 
Alison is an exceptional finisher in traffic she has good length and uses it well on both ends of the floor. She stood out in the drills with her attention to detail, footwork, and ability to handle the rock. Another in the long line of top 2025 players in the state.

Molly Mcleod 2025 Marian 
Molly is a big-time shooter, but today she showed she could do a lot more. she displayed a nice handle, solid footwork, and an all-around game that has her right in the mix of one of the top players in the deep 2025 class. Molly has a great feel for the game and a nice swag about her that screams confident!!!!

Ashlyn Moorehead 2025 Tecumseh 
Is a very skilled bucket getter already, she can hit the long ball, knock down the pull-up, and has a crafty ability to finish in traffic. Ashlyn who already stands out in AAU will definitely be a problem in the SEC white this year.

Ava and Vanessa Rodruguez 2026 Dexter
Two different players but both bring a lot of similar traits to the game, Buckets!!! Both can shoot it from the parking lot and when pressed can beat their defender off the dribble for two or a nice dime. They have a very advanced floor game, I have seen these two play multiple times and they seem to get better each time out.

Kadyn Maida 2025 Saline
Kadyn has a nice handle and the ability to get to the basket and make plays. She also showed real nice ball skill and a great feel for the game. She has good length and did a great job slashing and finishing at the basket.

Kate Starky 2025 Grass Lake
Kate shoots the triple extremely well and is very aggressive attacking the basket off the dribble. Kate showed some solid ball skill in the stations and has continued to improve each time out and looks like she has set herself up to be a big part of the Grass Lake program her Freshman year.

Mary Copple 2023 Brighton
Mary is a beast!  she works extremely hard at her game and all of her improvements show every time she hits the floor. Today she displayed the whole bag, knocking down the three ball in the shooting drills, showing her great handle and her elite footwork she stood out the whole afternoon. Mary is one of the top junior guards in the state and with her constant improvement, the top of the list for her class is not far-fetched of an idea.

Rylan Buschell 2025 Belleville 
Arguably the best PG in her class, Rylan showed all day why she is in that conversation. She has the rock on a string, great vision, she already makes passes like a 3-year varsity player.  Her overall PG game is well beyond her age. Today she also showed that her three-point shot has gotten a lot better which makes her an extremely tough cover. Look for Rylan to become one of the state’s hottest recruits pretty quickly during her first year in High School.

Se’Crette Carter 2026 Rockwood
This girl is a straight bucket……She uses a quick first step and a nice jumper to score the rock at a high clip. Today she showed great ball skill in the drills and her ability to do more than just score the rock. Only in the 8th grade, Se’Crette is going to be a huge problem for some high school coaches when the time finally comes.

Eliza Bush 2025 Arbor Prep
Eliza was limited because of Cross Country (she is running in the state championships) but she was able to do enough to show that she is one of the better combo guards in the deep 2025 class. She has a nice handle, can shoot it from deep, and has a very high basketball IQ with a great feel for the game.

Sela Lefler 2023 North Farmington
Lefler jumped out to me right away in the station work with how smooth she handled the rock and glided through the drills. In full court play, she showed her strong defensive ability, nice jump shot, and her ability to make plays off the bounce. Sela played with a lot of poise and was under control never letting the defense rattle her.

Ava Lord 2025 West Bloomfield
Ava showed good ball skill, does a great job getting to the basket, and shows a good feel for the game as a young player. She also showed to be a tough defender.

Ryian Wilson 2025 Washington HS IN
Wilson is a super quick guard that caused havoc on both ends of the floor. Defensively disrupting the offense applying full court pressure and hounding the ball, offensively she used a quick first step and a nice wiggle to get by her defenders to get buckets. She made great decisions when she got in the lane dropping dimes to teammates when she was cut off.

Liv Linden 2023 Hartland 
I will say this once again and I will continue to say this, I DO NOT UNDERSTAND why coaches are not beating this young lady's door down. She can do a lot of things on the floor that stands out, she shoots it well from deep, she has an elite handle that allows her to get to her spots, she sees the floor extremely well making some sweet passes to set up teammates she locks up on defense and she has tons of fun while doing all of these things to help her team win. Attention GLIAC coaches she is a 2023 Combo guard, she plays at Hartland High School her name is Liv Linden, check her out!!!