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LBI Event Recap: Wooten Top 150 Camp (Mansfield, TX)

By Keith Wade @wadesworld32, 10/05/21, 12:30PM EDT


Mansfield, TX: The WOOTTEN top 150 lived up to all the expectations and much more!! It was two days of great competition, a lot of on court learning and a chance to see some of the nation’s finest!! I could probably write about everyone at the camp but here are some of the ballers that caught my eye!


Qadence Samuels 2023 6’2 Guard
Qadence is a long wing with a smooth game and a sweet stroke from deep. She did a great job this weekend being active without the ball, rebounding the basketball, and getting herself free to knock down the jumper.

Flaujae Johnson 2022 5’11 Guard
Flaujae is so nice with it, she displayed a sweet handle, dropping dimes, getting to the rack, and hitting the three from deep. Easily one of the more exciting girls to watch this weekend, Pop the popcorn, Flaujae put on a show every time she stepped on the floor and wherever she ends up the show will continue.

Jayln Brown 2022 6’2 Guard
This young lady just finds ways to get buckets. She is a long wing that glides to the hoop and she slashed and wiggled her way through and around the defense all weekend long. Showing off an effortless ability to score the rock, Jalyn had a great two days.

Reniya Kelly 2023 5’7 Guard
One of the top PGs in the camp, Reniya showed off her ability to run the squad with her exceptional handle, great vision, passing ability, and strength getting to the basket when necessary. Reniya is the real deal!!

Talaysia Cooper 2022 6’0 Guard
GAME!!! The best way to describe Talaysia is “girl got game” she had the whole package clicking this weekend, her handle, her vision, her ability to easily elevate over defenders and score the rock, she was pretty much uncheckable. Whoever is lucky enough to land her is going to be one happy program!

Chloe Kitts 2023 6’3 Guard
If Euro was a style you would think Chloe Kitts. She is a long skilled guard that knows how to use her length, her high IQ, her crafty ability to beat her defender, and sometimes her “just I am taller than you” mentality to dominate the camp. Easily one of the top 5 players I watched Chloe, who was the one-on-one champ, played at a very high level all weekend long. Only a junior she will be causing nightmares for coaches for two more years.

Reychel Douglas 2023 6’0 Combo Guard
Reychel is a tough guard with nice ball skill who was very effective on both ends of the floor. She did a great job showing a great feel for the game and taking what the defense gave her. She hit the jumper, got to the rack finishing in traffic, and scored the rock in transition. She had a very productive camp.

Sayvia Sellers 2023 5’7 PG
Sayvia, the “Alaskan Assasin” was unstoppable this weekend. Along with her crafty ability to get wherever she wanted off the bounce she hit the jumper at a high clip and dropped some sweet dimes to her teammates. There were a number of big time PGs in the camp and Sayvia stood tall amongst them all.

Erica Moon 2023 5’7 PG
In most camp settings there is not a huge emphasis on passing but Erica showed just how good she is at delivering the rock and setting up her squad for easy buckets. Being a former PG I love and appreciate a nice dime and Erica dropped a few that had me adjust my seat. Great vision and a tough defender she is the ideal PG to run a college squad.

Lazaria Spearman 2022 6’5 PF
Post players let's be frank get no love in 5-5 games at camps but Lazaria did a great job running the floor, rebounding at a high clip, pushing the ball in transition, and even hitting the three. At 6’5 with athleticism, she was a force down low but she was able to show some great ball skill as well.

Hannah Hidalgo 2023 5’8 PG
It’s easy to write about the top players in the country because they do so much well but they don’t always necessarily have the highest motor every time out. Well, you don’t have that problem with Hannah, she plays on the go all game, and her exceptional ball skill, vision, and ability to make a play stand out regardless of the situation. Hidalgo was one of my favorite players to watch this summer and nothing changed after this weekend, she has the flare and the game to be a program changer wherever she ends up.

Shay Bollin 2022 6’3 Combo Guard
Shay was super aggressive on offense attacking the rack and making plays off the bounce. Her drives were opened up by her unlimited-range she displayed on her shot hitting threes well beyond the 3-point line. Shay also did a great job rebounding the basketball and mixing it up down low on defense showing her physicality.

Taliah Scott 2023 5’9 Guard
Taliah is a straight bucket getter, she used the bounce to create for herself and her teammates and was very effective in getting in the lane for tough finishes. She hit the jumper consistently and was very aggressive on defense forcing turnovers and applying ball pressure. Razorbacks got a good one!

Montaya Dew 2023 6’3 Wing
Montaya is a super athletic wing that did a great job scoring the rock inside and out. She was all over the floor grabbing boards, blocking shots and her energy was on full in everything she did. Montaya has a great frame and used her athletic ability and ball skill to make some big-time plays.

Kailyn Gilbert 2022 5’8 PG
The Camp Championship PG, Kailyn did everything her team needed to make sure they were successful. She is a strong guard with an elite handle and a great feel for the game that allowed her to make multiple plays for her and her teammates. She was always in control and never let the defense speed her up. She showed all weekend why Arizona was lucky to get her!

Londynn Jones 2022 5’6 PG
The one thing I can tell you which separates Londynn from other PGs is, in one of her big-time matchups this weekend she drew three straight offensive fouls, and each one led to her either scoring or dropping a dime the next possession. She is super quick with an elite handle and if the defender backed off of her she hit the three. Londynn was easily one of the best guards in the building.

Jenna Lawrence 2023 6’3 Wing
Jenna, the Razorback Commit showed off her sweet stroke all weekend. One of the best shooters in the camp, she did a great job playing off of her teammates by moving without the ball to get open and displaying her inside-out game scoring from deep and slashing to the hoop for multiple buckets.

Ashlyn Watkins 2022 6’3 Wing
Ashlyn Stole the show with a powerful one- handed dunk in action which caused an uproar on social media but even before the Dunk, Ashlyn was smooth, making plays and showing off her ability to handle the rock and finish at the rim in traffic.

Jordyn Poole 2024 5’6 PG
Jordyn used her super quick handle and wiggle to get to her spots on the floor and knock down the pull-up or get to the rack for two. She was one of the quickest guards at camp and showed that she feared no one. Only in the 10th grade Jordan definitely showed that she belonged and is here to stay.

Justine Pissott 2022 6’4 Wing
Arguably the best player all weekend, Justine showed why she is one of the top players in the country. She led her team to the Camp title by scoring inside and out, playing tough defense, and using her extremely high basketball IQ to control the game. If you know her game you know that she can shoot it effortlessly from well beyond the 3-point line and when you add in her ability to score in the post and off the bounce it’s pretty much a wrap for all defenders trying to check her.

Amari Whiting 2023 5’10 Combo Guard
Amari has no off button.  She was on the go the whole weekend making plays off the bounce and in transition for her and her teammates. A tough defender who showed she could score getting to the rack or hitting the perimeter shot.

Chloe Clardy 2023 5’9 Guard
Chloe has a real smooth game, she never gets sped up and she is able to find her shot off the bounce or in the flow of the game.  She always plays with control and has the crafty ability to get to the rack and score in traffic when she is not knocking down the jumper.

Jordy Griggs 2023 6’2 Wing
Jordy is a tough combo guard with great length, she plays well going downhill getting to the rack and has the full bag when it comes to getting buckets. She hit the triple and used the pull-up when necessary. Big time scorer.

Allie Ziebell 2024 5’11 Wing
Lights out shooter and playmaker. Allie one of the best shooters in the building had her stroke on display this weekend but also showed her all-around game helping win the 3-3 competition. Allie plays with a boat load of confidence and rightfully so, she lets the game come to her and when she decides to take over she is extremely hard to cover. Stay tuned she is only a 10th grader!!

Bailey Maupin 2022 5’10 Guard
Maybe the toughest guard in the camp, bailey was all energy and showed her offensive skill set by rattling off multiple buckets in the one-on-one competition. In the mix in every play on both ends of the floor, it’s easy to see why Texas Tech tabbed her as a top commit.

Harper Peterson 2024 6’3 Wing
I Love what Harper brings to the table, not only does she improve every time out but you can just see her soaking up all the basketball knowledge that is presented to her. Harper has great length, a smooth stroke from the outside, likes to mix it up and rebound, and makes plays on both ends of the floor. Coaches I know she’s not a secret but if you don’t have her on your board, you are missing out.

Summer Davis 2024 5’9 Guard
Summer represented her and the state of Michigan very well, she was one of the top defenders in the camp and she was confident knocking down multiple triples and making plays in transition. She played every play full tilt and used her high-level ball skill to score it and make plays for her teammates.

Indiya Davis 2024 5’9 Guard
Indiya also represented the State extremely well and was one of the top defenders in the entire camp. She was explosive attacking the lane and making big-time plays for her or her teammates. She did a great job getting out in transition and either dropping a dime, hitting the jumper, or finishing in traffic. The class of 2024 in Michigan is in great hands with the Davis Twins at the top!!

Janae Kent 2023 6’1 Guard
Janae had a big-time weekend attacking the rack and scoring the basketball. She as usual played under control and used her smooth demeanor, body control, and quick first step to either beat her girl off the dribble or pull up for the short jumper. Janae who had been battling some injuries look to be back in game form and ready for a big Junior year.

Mckenzie Swanson 2024 6’3 Post
Mckenzie, who was playing on a guard heavy team, didn’t get a lot of touches but she used the experience of being on the big stage to her advantage by playing extremely hard, rebounding the rock, getting after every loose ball, and taking advantage of attacking the basket when she got it. Mackenzie definitely showed she belonged on the floor with the nation’s best and I am excited to see her back in Michigan displaying all the things she learned.