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LBI Event Recap: LBI Top 64 Showcase (Dearborn, MI)

By Keith Wade @wadesworld32, 09/27/21, 1:30PM EDT


Dearborn, MI: The gym was loaded with ballers for the LBI top 64, with drills, competitions, and games the collection of top talent did not disappoint. The competition was high and the playmaking was eye catching, here are some of the girls who stood out today.

Rachel Williams 2023
Rachel showed a nice all- around game today, she was a physical defender that rebounded the rock, pushed the ball in transition, and made plays attacking the rack. She also displayed her stroke from outside by knocking down the three ball and hitting the pull up.

Reese Gaytan 2024
Reese balled out today, making some smooth moves in traffic and displaying her nice handle, great vision, and ability to score off the bounce. She was definitely one of the standouts of the camp.

Kaitlyn Sanders 2023
Kaitlyn had it going early today using her size and her handle to find her shot and make plays for her teammates. She showed that she is a very capable scorer and showed great leadership and a nice feel for the game.

Gabriella Halliwill 2024
I love this young ladies game, and today she was in her bag showing that she was one of the top guards in the camp. A smooth handle and a crafty ability to not only create for herself off the dribble but to also set up her teammates with nice dimes, she is the ideal floor general for any situation. Her step back three along with her ability to blow by her defender made her a tough cover all day.

Destiny Washington 2024
Destiny a super quick guard moved very well without the ball, scored in transition, and hit the jumper from three when the defender backed up off of her. She also locked up on defense and showed great enthusiasm while doing it which is not the norm for a younger guard. Bright future ahead!

Alice Max 2025
Alice couldn’t stay the whole camp but did a lot of damage in the post before she took off. She showed a great feel for the post getting good position, showing nice footwork and a soft touch. She ran the floor very well and showed good hands to finish in traffic in transition.

Eliza Bush 2025
A solid young guard who doesn’t make a lot of mistakes, she shoots it well, defends, and has a nice feel for the game. Eliza is super tough and backs down from no one. Stay tuned she’s just getting started!

Rylan Buschell 2025
Rylan is one of the top PGs in her class and she shows it every time out. She has an elite handle and showed that she can score it from three, attack the hoop and finish in traffic. Her biggest strength is her ability to drive and dish, she controls the rock and drops dimes like she has been playing high school ball for 3 years, She is just a freshman……..UHH OH!

Isis Johnson – Musah 2025
Super athletic wing that scored the rock at all levels today, she hit the jumper created off the bounce and was unstoppable in transition. Defensively she was a force all over the floor using her length and speed to cause havoc on her opponent.

Alli Zajac 2025
Alli has a great feel for the game, she works hard to get post position and when she gets it she has nice footwork and a soft touch to score in the paint. She also showed off her range by hitting the 15- footer from the wing and the elbow.

Charlotte Miller 2025
If it’s possible for a player who has not played a minute of high school basketball to get better each time out well Charlotte has figured it out. A strong, smart guard with a very advanced feel for the game, who does it all and always seems to make the right play in any setting. Today she continued to show off her many skills and constant improvement. The sky is the limit for this 2025 PG.

Megan Zietz 2024
Megan is a tall guard that plays with nice patience, has good vision, and made some great passes. She never let the defense speed her up she was always in control.

Taylor Wallace 2024
Taylor was on go all day, she used her shifty handle to create off the bounce hitting the pull up and knocking down the three when they backed off of her. Taylor stood out on every court she was on today.

Savannah Jane Fellenbaum 2024
Very smooth wing with great length and a nice ability to finish around the basket. Savannah Showed a nice ability to handle the ball and made some pretty sweet slashes to the basket for two. Great upside for this young lady.

Faith Jungwirth 2024
Faith was pretty unstoppable around the block today, showing excellent footwork and a physical approach to attacking the basket she scored pretty much on touch. She also rebounded the rock and cleaned up on put backs. Faith was definitely one of the hardest workers of the camp.

Annabelle Gogol 2022
Annabelle plays with a certain swag that screams confidence, she works hard to establish post position then it’s pretty much wraps for whoever is guarding her. Using her extremely light on her feet footwork and soft touch she finishes pretty much everything she touches. She also rebounds the ball at a high clip and loves to trigger the fast break with a pin point outlet pass.

Molly McLeod 2025
SHOOTERS SHOOT………… Molly is a big-time shooter and she is only getting better and more confident in her shot. Today she showed off her range hitting shots from all over the floor and showing off her ability to put it on the floor and find her shot. Another young girl with enormous potential.

Kammy Page 2025
Kammy is a lightning quick guard who competed at a high level, showed she had a good feel for the game, made some sweet passes, and was able to finish in traffic over taller girls.

Anna Richards 2024
Anna is a do it all guard that once again was up to all of her bag of tricks. At one glance I watched her hit a three, next she was setting up a teammate for a sweet assist, then she forced a turnover turning it into a transition bucket. She is definitely one of the top guards in her class and is rising up the coaches recruiting boards every time she steps on the floor.

Chloe Kilbride 2025
Chloe is a strong physical guard that showed a nice handle and an ability to create her shot. She had a nice shot and did a great job making plays on both ends of the floor.

Cece Arico 2026
Cece is a very smart player that made some tough moves to the rack and was able to knock down the triple. Cece has gotten better every time I see her and today she played with a different swag and confidence on both ends of the floor. Cece took the challenge defensively against some of the tough penetrating guards and did a great job sliding her feet and keeping the ball handler in front of her.

Se’Crette Carter 2026
Se’Crette was a tough cover for all guards that lined up against her, she beat them off the dribble attacking the rack for two, or she knocked down the jumper consistently from deep. This young lady is young in age but extremely advanced in getting buckets, her bag is deep and she is still learning the game….. UHH OH!

Leah Richards 2024
Leah has very good ball skills and does a great job scoring the ball inside and out. She is a tough competitor that rebounds at a high clip and shows a great ability to make the right pass to slashing teammates. She makes all the dirty work look pretty and is pretty good and giving her team exactly what they need.

Katelyn Baney 2024
Katelyn caught my eye early with her sweet stroke in the drills and she kept my eye with her all-around play the rest of the day. Katelyn has great size and she used it to her advantage to get buckets, rebound, and lock up on defense. A very nice all-around day for Baney.

Maya Anderson 2024
Maya had a great day dropping dimes and physically attacking the rack off the bounce. She is a fierce competitor that took on all challenges and used her nice handle, great vision, and court awareness to make plays for her team all day. Maya is definitely one of the top guards in her class.

Liv Linden 2023
Liv Never disappoints, she put on a show today with her great court vision, crafty handle, and smooth ability to make the game look so easy. She has so much fun playing the game that her energy and enthusiasm rubs off on her teammates and makes them all want to play that much harder. It’s always fun to hear a coach who never watched her play before comment from the sideline “who is that? that girl can go” yes she can coach, yes she can!!!

Caitlyn Titler 2024
Caitlyn plays the game with a certain bounce in her step and has a pretty stroke to go with it. She moves very well without the ball and when she isn’t knocking down the perimeter shot she is creating opportunities for her teammates with a nice handle and good passing ability.

Amaya Smith 2024
Amaya is a very good basketball player that lets the game come to her but has the ability to make plays on both ends of the floor. She has a very nice shot and does a great job with ball fakes and a change of pace to create her shot. Amaya is a tough defender that uses her quickness to force turnovers and harass the ball.

Alaila Walker 2022
The best thing I heard about Alaila all day today was two college coaches tell me that if they can get her to commit she would be a program changer for them. Alaila has used this fall tour to show she is more than just an excellent shooter, she can pat the rock, drop dimes and make plays off the dribble. Big things ahead for her and whoever is lucky enough to sign her.

Keira Roehm 2026
Keira is a high IQ guard that has a great feel for the game and has a nice ability to make plays off the bounce. Keira has an advanced game for her age and plays with a nice mix of physicality and finesse on both ends of the floor. She is going to be a good one.

Rayah Hitt 2026
Is an exceptional floor leader that has a creative handle and the ability to get buckets or run the show and control the tempo, Rayah plays very hard on both ends of the floor and is a threat to score in transition, attacking the hoop or knocking down the jumper. She is on her way to being one of the top recruits in her class.

Jaya Buschell 2023
Jaya had her jumper clicking and also showed a nice ability to put the ball on the floor and score going to the hoop. Jaya has a pretty shot and it gets better every time I see her play, you can expect a big year ahead for her in the Belleville offense.


Sienna Wolf 2026
Mia McGregor 2027
Tessa Roe 2024
Skotti Ball-Duley 2024
Bridgett Timbrook 2025
Anaijah Rich 2025
Sophia Bussell 2025
Victorya Gambles 2026