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LBI Event Recap: Summer Sizzler Part II (Grand Rapids, MI)

By R.Simone @R.SimoneP, 07/23/21, 7:00AM EDT


Grand Rapids, MI As summer travel winds down, teams from the Midwest region stormed the courts of MSA Fieldhouse in Grand Rapids, MI. All the players came ready to show all of the college coaches sitting in the balcony and streaming live just what they are made of. Games were competitive and at times extremely intense. All in all, it was a great weekend and wonderful way to finish the summer for many programs.

Josefina Rastrelli 2024 5-Star/MBA Select
Shooting from all over the court and hitting big shots was what Josefina did. She worked hard and was tough on both ends of the floor. She never gave up and was relentless, regardless of how close or out of reach the game was. She was on fire around the perimeter.

Tia Phinezy 2024 Always 100 Takeover
Tia was undeniably a huge impact player. She dominated the boards and often got easy put back points. Her timing was great allowing her to block and alter shots consistently. She was amazing in the paint but did not hesitate to let it fly from long range when left open. She battled, never giving up easily, fighting to give her team a win.

Ciara Sims 2024 Always 100 Takeover
Ciara is a flat-out hooper. She had a variety of moves to free herself from defenders and get to the rim for buckets after buckets. She can score. She’s also a team player, doing what she can to feed the hot hand or create shots for others by making the defense collapse. She was a strong force on the defensive end as well.

Brinn Hunt 2022 C2K Thunder Black
A versatile player that is strong in the paint and can handle the point guard position, Brinn was the battery pack for her team. She used her strength to dominate in the post and snag rebounds. She used her strong perimeter play to be a strong floor general and defend if she needed to. She is scrappy and will get on the floor, without hesitation.

Kendall Carruthers 2022  C2K Thunder Black
Kendall showed up when her team needed her. She used her speed and quickness to create some much-needed turnovers and stops. She can handle the ball under pressure, making great decisions. She was calm and never panicked. Kendall can knock down long distance shots from deep.  

Theryn Hallock 2022   MBA 2022 UAA
When she is locked in, there isn’t much that can stop her. She intercepted passes, playing the lanes and showing great anticipation. Her quickness and energy showed itself on the offensive end in several ways. She’s aggressive and knows how to get to the basket. She is a game changer.  

Abbey Kimball 2022   MBA 2022 UAA
Abbey was an assassin behind the three-point line. She has a quick release and was able to knock down shots off the bounce and with a hand in her face. She is fearless and always found a way to impact the game in some way. She is a natural born leader and will not hesitate to takeover and get her team the win. (Michigan State commit)   

Madison Uyl 2025  MBA 2025 Meerman
A player that shows up under pressure, Madison was excellent at keeping her cool and a level head in tight situations. She helped get some crucial stops in a very intense game. She is a team player and was great at moving the ball around for the best shot. In the clutch, she stood tall and sank two clutch free-throws to send the game in overtime.

Jordyn Boanema 2025  MBA 2025 Gortmaker
Jordyn is a very active player that made sure when she was involved as much as she could be. She plays hard every possession, scrambling for loose balls, never backing down. She did a good job of not turning the ball over in tight situations. She is a shooter and lets it go with confidence.

Jaidyn Woods 2025  MI Crossover 14U
Jaidyn was a lot of fun to watch. She is athletic and strong, able to put the ball on the court and bully her way to the basket. She was awesome at using her body to protect the ball and keep the defense at bay, finishing strong with contact. Jaidyn is also a strong rebounder and on the ball defender.

Rylan Buschell 2025 MI Crossover 14U
With quick feet and active hands, Rylan was a terror on the defensive end. She showed solid on the ball coverage without committing a ton of fouls. On offense, she handled the point guard position well, keeping the offense flowing and scoring when she needed to.

Rayah Hitt 2025  MI Premier Blue RBSL
Rayah is a vocal floor leader with great court vision and game IQ. Her presence was felt on both ends. The game flowed differently when she wasn’t in the game. In overtime, Rayah made a great move to the basket and finished with a hook shot, sealing the victory. She’s a smart player with tons of tenacity.

Ella Miller 2022 Michigan Finest 2022
Ella’s presence in the paint was felt and undeniable. She is strong and was able to keep the defense on her hip as she made power moves to the rim. She showed nice footwork and a nice jumpshot in the lane. She was dominant on the boards, averaging double digits, I’m sure. Her play was very consistent all tournament.

Nelia Guice 2023 OLH-Impact 2022/23
A hustle player, working hard on offense and defense, Nelia battled for everything. Loose balls, rebounds, and even shots, she was not afraid to get scrappy to make it happen. She was a great defender, forcing uncomfortable shot attempts and creating turnovers. Neila made sure she fed the ball to her post and that the ball moved around.

Zoe Guice 2024  OHL-Impact 2024
Zoe is quick and long, and she uses both to her advantage on defense. She did a great job of playing the lanes to intercept and deflect passes. She plays aggressive. She can handle the pressure just as well as she can apply it. She’s got range, letting the ball fly from deep and with confidence.   

Aaliyah Ratliff 2023  West MI Drive Anthony
An active and vocal leader, Aaliyah played smart and with a lot of energy. She is a great on the ball defender, applying major pressure and staying out of foul trouble. She has a high motor and never seemed to slow down or get tired. She still managed to sink some long high arched threes…four of them in one game.

Imani Frazier 2025 Ohio Elite 2025
Imani was amazing. She is a monster in so many aspects of her game. She has great footwork, able to outmaneuver her opponents, and finish strong at the rim, with and without contact. She was a rebounding machine, dominating on both ends of the court. Her timing was impeccable. She blocked and altered shots, making it look so simple. She is vocal with a high IQ, able to direct traffic without the ball in her hands. 

Ava McKaig  2025  MI Mystics J. Smith
Ava is a tough and scrappy guard that never said never. She is a floor general, taking charge when she needed to but also keeping her teammates active and involved. Ava showed that she is a fighter. She did not stop playing until the last buzzer sounded. She is confident and hi some really big shots at crucial and clutch moments.

Olivia Linden 2023  MI Mystics Hightower
Looking up, seeing the floor, and advancing the ball were all things that Olivia did consistently and well. She made great decisions and showed that she is capable of controlling the offensive tempo for her team. She played gritty and with a lot of energy, often sparking runs and sharing that energy with her team. When needed, Olivia hit some nice shots and made some smooth passes.