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LBI Event Recap: Summer Sizzler Part I (Grand Rapids, MI)

By Marcy Reynolds @LBIMarcy, 07/22/21, 11:30PM EDT


Grand Rapids, MI: The Summer Sizzler was phenomenal and featured a number of talented high school standouts. There were many players from all levels in attendance competing underneath one roof in front of several Division I, Division II, Division III & NAIA coaches. Many players brought their “ A Game” as coaches sat back and relaxed ate some popcorn and enjoyed the show. A few notable players were:

2024 Alexis Castator SG Always 100 Paul
In consecutive games today here in opening play at the Summer Sizzler, Castator showed why she is someone to continue to keep an eye on. This shooting guard most certainly put the ball through the hoop with great efficiency from deep, but her ability to bet downhill and create for others was a breath of fresh air. Castator has a great positional size and definitely knows how to use it, finishing through tough contact all day long.

2024 Nakiya Bonner PG Michigan Crossover 15U EYBL
On the big stage when the lights turn on, the stars come out to play. With stifling defense looking to smother her on every single possession, Bonner somehow managed to shake loose opposing players long enough to drop several threes in the first half alone. This savvy point guard also fought off elite on ball defenders to find herself at the rim or the charity stripe as well. Her presence on the floor for the entire length of the game was extremely crucial for her team, testing her motor and will to keep pushing. Bonner proved she’s not just flash and flair, this young gun has a high skill level, with speed and quickness to alongside her drive and passion for the game.

2023 Morganne Houk PG Factory Basketball 2022
Although this combo guard is playing up, you can’t tell by simply watching her play. She plays with great confidence and poise, almost fearless at times. Her energy is infectious. Her ability to get downhill and to the cup was giving her opponents fits all day. She’s crafty and skilled at just about anything you want. Houk showed off multiple finishing moves once she shook her primary defender as well.

2024 Sinai Douglas PG Sports City U 15U
Sinai has one speed, one gear, and one goal…..go as hard as she can to secure a win for her team. Her ability to maintain her effort and energy from start to finish is exhausting to just watch. Sinai is a surprisingly good rebounding guard, sneaking in and snatching the ball out before anyone knows what hit them. When she gets the ball out in a hurry—she’s a nightmare to try and stop, weaving in and out of traffic in the backcourt, picking up the pace a bit by mid court to shake more defenders, and finishing with flair and pizzazz at the rim. Per usual, Sinai Douglas was consistently solid and energetic for two big wins for her squad today.

2024 Riley Smith SG Sports City U 15U
Riley lit the gym up quickly in the early game on the second day of the LBI Summer Sizzler. She torched the nets with four long bombs when the defense didn’t close out long enough. Her ability to find her spot and get her feet set quickly is next level stuff for sure. She moved so well off the ball, it was hard to keep tabs on her. Her team did a good job of finding her under the rim alone or streaking to the bucket for an easy two points. She not only made them pay from deep, but she played so aggressively in the passing lanes, she managed to nab several steals and breakaway layups as well. If this young athlete continues at this rate, she’s definitely a stock riser in the making.

2022 Faith Stinson PF Ohio Future 2022
When you’re as big and strong as Faith Stinson is, it seems natural to match her up with another big post player right? Well, that’s when Faith is at her best. She takes advantage of her mismatches as long as they keep giving them to her. Her foot speed is too good for the average front court player to stay with her, driving and slashing from the perimeter. When the opposition gives her space and sags off, she drains the long ball very efficiently. Just to and insult to injury, Stinson will also take her talents to the paint and punish the smaller, quicker defenders that coaches have to use to try and stay with her on the perimeter. Definitely, a mismatch waiting to happen.

2022 Ella Burger PG Tri-Country Hoopers 2022
If you haven’t see Ella play in person before, she’s worth the price of admission. Her ability to make others around her better is a sought after attribute for sure. She has a knack for drawing defenders well and finding her teammates like clockwork. Yes, you can make the regular two hand chest pass, but when you can add some flair to it, why not! That’s exactly what Burger does too, a sharp kick to the corner, a no look in transition, and a backhand bounce pass to the big. Her confidence on the floor is absolutely magnetic at times.

2023 Mya Hicks PG Common Bond
Mya is a “do it all” kind of player. She showed that all weekend long. Day two started with her undoubtedly running her team like a coach on the floor, setting up plays, getting teammates in the right position, and being vocal on both ends. She also handled the pressure for her team flawlessly. Hicks managed to get to the rim time and time again. She was able to find a good rhythm throughout the game of hitting threes, driving hard, and distributing to her team. She definitely kept her opponents off balance today with her all around attack.

2023 Riley Rissmiller Post Ohio Elite
Rissmiller is a walking double/double machine.  She dominated the paint and offensive glass in several games in Grand Rapids.  Riley post up game was hard to defend. Once she got it in there she made layups from difficult angles and made it look easy. Where she catches it doesn’t matter, just put it in the book. When the double team came she made the interior pass for an open shot for her teammates.