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LBI Event Recap: The Cut (Louisville, KY)

By Steve Reynolds @LBI_Steve, 07/12/21, 11:45PM EDT


Louisville, KY: I was at THE CUT in Louisville, KY to kick off the live period where dozens of coaches were in attendance to see some of the top teams and players in the country. The action was fast and furious as there was a different kind of energy in the gym that hasn’t been there for almost 2 years as college coaches returned to evaluate and support their top recruits. Here are some top players and performances from THE CUT.

2022 Bella Fontleroy - Arkansas Banshees
Was good to see this young lady continue to return to form and she did in a big way. Fontleroy was oozing confidence as she was able to keep her team in the game with great effort on the boards and marksman like shooting from beyond the arc. Fontleroy netted 5 triples in one game and everyone of them was at a pivotal point in the game to keep her team within striking distance. Though her team did not come out on top Tuesday evening, Fontleroy, no doubt, made an impression on me and the dozens of coaches on the sideline.

2025 Laynee Stanley - Arkansas Banshees
Size and skill set are there. Stanley displayed the ability to get up and down the floor and make an impact on both ends. She played to contact and finished tough shots as well.

2023 Hawa Doumbouya - Team Thrill
6’5” with soft hands and back to basket moves. This young lady has an extraordinary wings span. She needs some development but the length and agility are there.

2023 Paris Locke - Team Thrill
Paris was money in both games I watched. Big shot after big shot. She scored on all three levels with precision. Locke even stepped up to guard the other team's best perimeter player and did a heckuva job showing coaches she's a legit 2-way player.

2025 Cameron Booher - 4SH
Booher played up a few levels and showed she Is a super skilled PG with elite composure at a young age. She handles the ball very well and chose her spots to make an impact on the offensive end. I was really taken back by her basketball IQ and ability to facilitate the offense.

2023 Amiyah Reynolds - SCU
Amiyah is an elite floor general for one of the best teams in the country. At The Cut, she really helped Sports City U shift gears into a transition team on makes and misses during her rotation. Her poise and basketball IQ are beyond her years.

2022 Allison Bayse - SCBC Thunder (Northern Kentucky commit)
Bayse is a baller. She played with pace and shiftiness. She’s really adept at creating shots for herself off the dribble. Her motor allows her to compete at a high level and her skill set really allowed her team to be competitive in tough games.

2026 Blossom Wallace - Ohio United
There ANOTHER Wallace on the horizon. Blossom comes from a family of ballers and she held her own on seemingly every possession at The Cut. Wallace’s motor, speed, and athleticism were on display as she inserted herself in every play. Whether multiple efforts on the boards or defending multiple positions, Wallace was an impact player you couldn’t keep your eyes off of. She has great touch around the basket already and was an elite finisher in transition. Look for Blossom to bloom this summer!

2025 Janiyah Williams  - Arkansas Banshees
Some kids you can’t appreciate the depth of their game unless you watch the entire game. That’s Janiyah Willians. She doesn’t force anything. She’s so smooth and has an easy come, easy go demeanor. But don’t let that fool you because her game is BIG TIME and she has a lot in her bag. Williams has all the shots: midrange, floater, 3ball, etc. She also has all the passes as she can find you on the post or in transition. I was very impressed by the depth of her game at her age.

2024 Sanai Douglas - Sports City U
Douglas was constantly putting pressure on the opposing team's defenses and offenses. She has a deadly combination of strength and speed that allows her to get her defender's shoulders turned so she can wreak havoc on the help.  She finished with either hand amongst the trees. On defense, she’s the muscle for SCU. She makes it so hard for PGs to initiate offense with her ability to sit on you and keep you in front.

2025 Tyler Jones - Arkansas Banshees
Jones was a blur on the court. She was special in the passing lanes as well as offensively in transition. Jones used her athleticism and first step to get downhill and finish. I few possessions later, she’s stepping out to knock down the triple. Jones offers versatility on both ends of the court and that will make her an impact player at the next level.

LBI Quick Hitters

Guards really have to pass better for their teams to be elite…the 2025 class has real talent…Sidelines were packed with top programs and their head coaches (Mulkey, Graves, Close, Barnes, etc.) to really hone in on Sports City U’s Grace VanSlooten and Chance Gray…teams executing half court sets at a high level in early July is impressive.