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LBI Event Recap: Weekend On The Road (Indianapolis & Chicago)

By Keith Wade @wadesworld32 & Jason Wilkins @LBInsider, 07/14/21, 4:30PM EDT


Indianapolis & Chicago: The NIKE TOC & GUAA Session II was everything it was built up to be and with college coaches roaming the baselines the intensity and competition was at an extremely high level. There were a number of players that raised their stock, some stamped and secured their stock and some just flat out showed they belong on someone’s recruiting board.

After a great weekend of great basketball here are just a few of the many stars that stood out in the CHI & INDY!

Dakota Alston 2023 SG Michigan Crossover 16U
Shot the ball well all weekend, was money from the corners, and used her creativity off the bounce to get to the rack and finish with an array of moves. Dakota is also a ball hawk on defense, her stock definitely rose this weekend. Her stellar play helped her land an offer from St. John's.

Shawnessy Nordstrom 2024 PG Colorado Premier 16U
Playing up a level Shawnessy showed she could shoot it with the best of them knocking down long jumpers off the dribble or scoring consistently off the catch and shoot. Playing at a great pace, she showed the ability to move without the ball and to create with the dribble for herself or her teammates.

Addison Owen 2026 SG Knights Basketball Academy 
Little quick crafty guard, Addison took over down the stretch in a big win and scored 10 points in the last few minutes slashing off the dribble for baskets.

Zoey Persails 2022 SG Michigan Mystics Ruh 17U
When you give a shooter a request and she follows through you know you are dealing with a real shooter. Coming out of halftime Zoey was taking the ball out right in front of me so I told her to not be shy “shoot it” well right out the break she hit two straight bombs and never let up. Zoey is a light out shooter and also showed she had a handle by creating off the bounce.

Mackenly Randolph 2023 PF Cal Swish 16U
Mackenly was extremely tough around the paint getting great position and showing great footwork and a smooth soft touch. She was very aggressive getting buckets and making plays on the block. Showing a very high basketball IQ, she was a vocal leader on both ends of the floor.

Myana Cooksey 2024 SG Michigan Crossover 15U
Myana had a big-time trip to Chicago which led to her first offer from North Dakota University. Showing an exceptional ability to get to the rack with the bounce, she was dominant in getting buckets in the flow and creating all types of havoc on defense which usually led to turnovers and baskets in transition.

Peyton Mccabe 2024 PG All Iowa Attack 16U
Peyton is a very smart guard that knocked down the jumper consistently and played extremely tough defense all weekend. She was a big part of the All Iowa attack that won a TOC platinum championship in the CHI.

Sarah Rambus 2023 PF Michigan Crossover 16U
Big rebounds, big baskets, and big blocks were the story of the weekend for the Crossover Power Forward. Sarah had a good weekend showing her versatility and scoring not only in the paint but off the bounce as well. She was also a big factor on defense blocking a ton of shots and altering a lot more.

Sydney White 2023 SG Colorado Premier 16U
Sydney has a smooth game and displayed a great handle and the ability to make plays off the dribble. She played very well in the open court and was a tough defender all weekend.

Journey Houston 2025 SF All Iowa Attack 16U
Journey had an aggressive handle and she did a great job getting to her spots on the floor and attacking the rim with a physical presence and a soft touch. She was a big piece to the Attack that won the title.

Rylei Waugh 2023 PG Cal Storm 16U
Rylei stood out all weekend in all phases of the game, she dropped dimes, she scored the rock, she locked up on d and she was a floor general on a team full of floor generals. Avery has the ability to score at all three levels and when getting into the lane she showed that she is strong enough to take the hit and still finish in traffic.

Jada Collins 2024 SF Michigan Crossover 15U
A long intriguing wing Jada caught the eye of many coaches with her athletic body and ability to make plays with her length and athleticism. Jada showed her ability to put the ball on the floor and get to the basket along with being a terror on defense blocking shots Jada definitely made it to some coach's board after this trip.

Avary Cain 2024 PG Cal Storm 16U
Avary is the complete package, she is a long smooth guard that had the rock on a string, a pretty left-hand jumper, and used her length to affect the game on both ends of the floor. Playing up a year she still managed to dominate the game and show that she will be and is a big-time recruit.

Janae Kent 2023 SG Michigan Crossover 16U
Janae showed the coaches that she was more than just a bucket this weekend by rebounding the basketball at a high level, playing the back-up 1, and locking up on defense. She also took over in a few games hitting the three ball, getting to the rack, drawing contact, and still finishing in the paint. Janae is a big-time talent that will be heavily pursued this summer.

Kaleena Smith 2026 PG Cal Storm 16U
This very young guard playing 16U is a SHOWSTOPPER and she is MUST SEE!!! Kaleena put on an absolute clinic of ball handling, ankle breakers, and three ball shooting. With a game well beyond her years, she played with poise and a high IQ to make her a very solid PG and I look forward to seeing her progression as she gets into high school.

Kierra Scott 2024 SG Fairfax Stars 16U
Kierra does it all for her squad she scores the rock slashing and knocking down the jumper, she rebounds at a high level and she is a top defender.

Teya Sidberry 2022 PF Colorado Premier 17U
Teya is a bucket!! she slashed, got to the rack, and shot the jumper effectively all weekend. If there is a way to get a bucket she will and can give it to you. She was also just as aggressive rebounding the basketball and playing defense.

Madisen Wardell 2022 Forward Michigan Crossover 17U
Madisen had a very solid weekend defending some big- time players and scoring the rock. She was extremely effective catching, squaring up her defender, and either hitting the jumper or making a nice post finish. Madisen also consistently rebounded the basketball at a high level.

Lauren Betts 2022 Post Colorado Premier 17U
At 6’7 I was very impressed with Lauren and her hands her footwork and her basketball IQ. She never forced it and she showed to be a great passer out of the post when she was double and sometimes triple team. As one scout in the crowd put it cut and dry, “Betts is a pro”

Marya Hudgins 2022 SG CO Premier 17U
Marya is an impressive guard that does a lot for her premier squad, she makes the right pass and regularly knocks down the jump shot from the wing. She was very good in transition and making plays for herself and her teammates.

Jada Williams 2023 PG Cal Swish 17U
Jada is nice with it at the point, she has a nice handle, the ability to hit the three, the mid-range pull up off the bounce, and has the court vision and IQ to make the right play. In one game this weekend she showed how clutch she is by hitting the game-winner at the buzzer in a heated contest vs the Miami Sun.

Devin Hagemann 2024 PG Michigan Crossover 16U
Devin is a true PG floor general that always has control of her squad and this weekend was no different. Super aggressive with the dribble, she was able to penetrate the interior multiple times for layups or to drop a dime to a teammate. One of the best on the ball defenders I have seen, Devin gave a lot of guards fits in Chicago with her dominant footwork and harassment. She picked up an offer from in state school Michigan State. 

Judea Watkins 2023 SG Cal Swish 17U
When they talk about program changers at the next-level look no further than Judea (JuJu) Watkins. I had heard the talk and read the clippings but I finally got to see it for myself, and it didn’t take long for me to see that JuJu is the real deal. She had an aggressive handle that allowed her to get to her spots, she hit the jumper from deep when they backed off and she was in complete control of the game with the rock in her hands.

Justine Pissott 2022 SG Philly Rise 17U
At 6’4" you would think Justine was down low posting up, oh she did that a bit too, but she was most dangerous and did most of her damage from way beyond the 3 -point- line. With a pretty Stroke, the Tennessee Commit was comfortable hitting multiple triples, she was also an effective rebounder and defender.

Ruby Whitehorn 2022 SG Michigan Crossover 17U
Ruby showed and stamped her top 20 status with a string of games displaying that she does not have many weaknesses on the floor. In a few games when the games were in doubt Ruby completely took over the game on both ends of the floor and proved to be unstoppable when she wanted a bucket a rebound or an assist. The Ruby sweepstakes is heavy and the love from the coaches on the baseline is undeniable.

Hanna Hildago 2023 PG Philly Rise 17U
Super electric guard with an elite handle, the ability to break the defense down regularly off the dribble and hit the jumper or get in the lane to finish in traffic. Hanna had a great two games that I caught but her most exciting one was against Cal Swish where she repeatedly finished with and one's in transition and she made some big-time plays rising to the occasion in the hyped contest against the other top guards on the floor.

Mckenzie Swanson 2024 PF Michigan Crossover 15U 
Mckenzie had a great weekend raising her stock for the Crossover. Showing her high basketball IQ, great footwork the ability to finish around the rim, and also her ability to be a basket protector on defense. She was easily one of the hardest working players I watched all weekend in the 15u division.

Mila Holloway 2024 PG Carolina Flames 16U
A good sign that your PG is nice with it is when the game is close and your coach calls one four low, flat, clear out whatever your isolation call is every possession down the stretch. In all the Carolina Flames chances in a game, I caught Mila had the rock in her hand and each time she delivered. With a smooth handle, a lot of wiggle and a great feel for the game Mila is going to be a hard cover for the next few years.

Averi Kroenke 2022 PG Missouri Phenom 17U
Averi is a tough gritty guard that competes at a high level. She did a great job creating her own shot and she was consistent hitting the mid-range jumper and the three ball.

S Mya Nichols 2023 PG Missouri Phenom 17U
Nichols is a physical guard that does not make a lot of mistakes, she has a good handle and the ability to take the hit and finish in traffic. She is exceptional on the ball defender who locked up and showed quick feet and physicality while doing it.

Lexus Bargasser 2022 SG Michigan Crossover 17U
Lexus is a super athletic guard that made a lot of plays for her crossover team, she plays with a coach on the floor mentality and did a great job of running the team and managing each possession. A few games when the team struggled to score the ball Lex took over and scored going to the rack, hitting the jumper, or scoring in transition.

Beatrice Culliton 2022 Post Missouri Phenom 17U
Very active in the paint scoring the rock and rebounding the basketball. Beatrice had a great weekend showing her soft touch and her toughness inside. Oklahoma got a good one!

Lily Zeinstra 2024 PG West Michigan Drive 
Lily has a very smooth approach to the game, she never seems rattled and she always seems to make the right play. Lily spent this weekend dropping dimes, scoring buckets while controlling the tempo of the game. Lily’s outstanding play this weekend helped lock down an offer from Coach Merchant and the MSU Spartans.

Kennedy Blair 2023 PG Michigan Storm 16U GUAA
Blair is one of the better guards when she has the ball in her hands. A smooth crossover, Kennedy always has the defense on their heels. In Indianapolis, she did a great job running the team and using her ability to drive and either dish or score when necessary to keep the defense honest. Blair who holds multiple offers definitely played herself into receiving many more.