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LBI Round Up: April Showers Classic Part II (Warsaw, IN)

By R.Simone @R.SimoneP, 04/20/21, 1:45PM EDT


Warsaw, IN – After not being able to host the event last year due to the pandemic, it was a great feeling to step into the gym and see all of the teams competing again. April Showers is the event that catches players fresh after high school ball but before they hit the road on their respective circuits. As usual, they did not disappoint. For the most part, it was obvious that these girls love the game. Pandemic and all, they continued to work on their game and take it to the next level. Congratulations to all the teams that took home the championship banner this year. To all of the teams that didn’t, keep grinding!

IGB Bradley 2023
IGB has a nice team full of shooters; in the game I watched, they jumped out 33-4 and cruised to an easy victory. They moved the ball well and played as a team; everyone had the green light to fire, and they were not missing. The few times they did miss, they were super aggressive cleaning up the boards for put-backs. IGB as a unit was not afraid to lock up on defense in the first half alone; they caused two 5 second calls out of bounds defending their hoop.

Grand Rapids Storm UA RISE 2023
An excellent squad that plays to their strength, and this group has a lot of them. Made up of a team of players that can all shoot it, handle it, defend, and the way they play off each other was a joy to watch. Solid point guard play surrounded with very capable wings and strong inside presence. This team will be tough to beat this spring and summer.

Wisconsin Flight Elite 10th UAA
One of the better teams in the 16u division, the flight team has exceptional guard play, and their defensive pressure sets the game's tone. They were very scrappy; they forced multiple turnovers and have the playmakers make the proper read in transition to either knock down the three or get something going to the basket. Look for Flight to win a lot of games this spring/summer.

Top Performers

Ellie Wilkerson | 2022 Indy Magic BSTTL
Ellie has a deceptively smooth game; she lulls her defender to sleep and then makes her move for two or a nice dish to a teammate; Ellie has a nice handle and always seems to make the right play.

Macy Donarski 2023 | Wisconsin Flight Elite 10th UAA
Macy was one of the best guards on the floor vs. Example Sports; she handled the relentless pressure all game with an exceptional handle, great court vision while dropping some sweet dimes to her teammates. When the defender gave her space, she comfortably knocked down the J. Sitting next to a few college coaches; they consistently raved about her toughness and game; look for a big spring and summer from Macy.

Samantha Beyer | 2023 Wisconsin Flight 10th UAA
Samantha spearheaded the strict relentless press by Flight; with her quickness and tenacity, she forced a ton of turnovers and was always in position to make the defensive play. When the game was in doubt, Samantha calmly knocked down a dagger 3, dropped a dime, and finished on the break, game over!!!!

Antionique Auston | 2023 Wisconsin Flight 10th UAA 
Mrs. Do it all, whatever Flight needed she delivered. Auston dropped dimes, made the tough bucket, played crazy defense, and made some big-time plays in crunch time to help seal the dub.

Jasmine Brown| 2023 Example Sports GUAA
I heard it all before the game, and it didn’t take long for Brown to show me that all the talk was warranted. Brown is a super smooth guard who plays at her own pace; she is an elite playmaker and bucket getter, and she dropped some dimes that had the whole crowd gasping in disbelief. The sky is the limit for this 2023 guard.

Madisyn Saracco | 2023 Example Sports GUAA
Madisyn is a super aggressive guard that looked to attack and made plays on both ends of the floor; she made some huge plays in the two games I watched her, and her effort was always on GO. Madisyn is very skilled with the ability to create a shot off the bounce and scorer in the flow of the offense.

Azyah Newson- Cole |2023 Example Sports GUAA
A very smart, high IQ guard who could shoot it, pass it, and locked up on the defensive end. Azyah made big shots and big plays all day.

Cadence Dykstra | 2023 Grand Rapids Storm UA Rise 2023Cadence is a very smooth guard, and she made play after play with a nice handle and an ability to get in the paint to distribute the rock; big summer on the UA Rise Circuit ahead for Dykstra.

Mayla Ham | 2023 1 Nation Elite 3SSB
Mayla is a very quick long, athletic wing that plays downhill and is super aggressive attacking the hoop. She was all over the floor offensively and defensively, knocking down jumpers and finishing with some highlight-reel moves in the lane. Look for her to improve immensely with the 1 Nation coaching staff.  

Corniya Clay |2024 1 Nation Elite 3SSB
You want someone to pick up 94 feet Corniya is your girl, tough nails defensive-minded PG that brought a lot of swag and tenacity to the defensive side of the ball. Offensively she was just as fierce attacking the rim off the bounce to make plays for herself or her teammates.

Chance Gray 2022 | Sports City U
Chance is a shooter. Not just a shooter, but a consistent shooter from deep, even late in the game. She has a quick release, with a high arc and perfect rotation. Her shots hit nothing but the bottom of the next. In the semi-final and championship game, she combined for a total of 11 threes. Not only can she shoot, but she also has a quick first step and gets to the rim for the strong finish. She’s was fun to watch!  

Cotie McMahon 2022 | Sports City U
Cotie had her way on the court. She sized up her opponents and drove to the hoop in pure bulldozer fashion, almost always resulting in her heading to the free-throw line or getting an easy two points. She was a vocal leader, and when she needed to be, the spark of her team’s offensive runs.  (Ohio State Commit)

Ruby Whithorn 2022 | Michigan Crossover EYBL
A fighter until the very end, Ruby showed once again how relentless she is as a player. There wasn’t anything she didn’t do to make sure her team ended up in the final dance. She is a flat-out hooper. She gets to the rim and finishes with major contact, she can knock down the short jump shot with ease, and she is a massive defender, getting some major blocks and steals. 

Lexus Bargesser 2022 | Michigan Crossover EYBL 
Lexus is a chameleon. She adapts to the game and serves what needs to be served. She a slasher that gets to the hoop. She knows how to move without the ball, making the necessary cuts to get herself open. Lexus was also a floor general, running the offense and creating shots for others. She has a high motor and is always in go mode. 

JJ Barnes 2025 | Wisconsin Playground Elite-Smith
Big-time players make big-time plays. Clutch players show up in clutch moments. JJ Barnes is both big-time and clutch. With her team down 16 points, she put them on her shoulders and helped spark a 22-6 run, scoring 12 of those 22 points. That same energy was given on the defensive end, where JJ picked off passes and swiped the ball from the other team on multiple possessions. She is a takeover player! 

Teresa Kescenovitz 2025 | Wisconsin Playground Elite-Smith
Teresa made sure that she was at the right place, at the right time to make big plays. She was a confident force on the block, taking her time and make great decisions. She crashed the boards for some crucial rebounds and game-changing second chance point opportunities. Teresa read her teammates well and moved accordingly with the offensive flow. Her steady and strong play was a key component to her team’s success. 

Olivia Nickerson 2024 | IGB 2024 Morse
Olivia is a hard worker that played her heart out until the last buzzer went off. She hustles, playing great on the ball defense and running the court to get back on defense in transition. As hard as she played, she was still able to be a huge scoring factor knocking down six three-pointers in a very tough game.   

Madelyn Geers 2024 | WM Drive-Copeland
A natural leader, Madelyn did a great of running the team’s offense and making great decisions with the ball. She knew when to score and when to make sure her team got involved. She is a solid scrappy defender and never backed down from a challenge.

Lily Zenstra 2024 | WM Drive-Copeland
One of if not the hardest working player on the court, Lily let her presence be known. She knocked down big shots from all over the court. She handled the ball under pressure, staying poised and making great plays. She has a flame thrower hand, set the rim on fire from long distance in every game. She is a high-powered player that will be making big splashes wherever she goes. 

Leila Wells 2024 | Sports City U
Leila has a very calm and collected demeanor that masked the “beast mode” game she brings. She is tough, never afraid to get in the paint to make tough shots and take some contact. She battles on the boards and even got some huge second-chance points against more prominent players. She has great on-the-ball defense and forced numerous turnovers. Her motor is high, and so is her potential.  

Kira Reynolds 2025 | Sports City U
A dominant force in the paint, Kira was a dynamic shot blocker. Her timing is superb at her age, and she was able to send shots flying from every direction. She moves well without the ball to make herself available to score and has excellent footwork that allows her to finish strong. She runs the court in transition and finishes at the rim strong. 

Helen Holley 2024 | Sports City U
The player that does all the little things to win is a great way to describes Helen’s game. She consistently does a great job of boxing out to snatch down big rebounds. She watches the ball and was always ready for quick passes from her backcourt, finishing the play with her soft touch layups. On defense, she knows how to use her long wingspan to play the passing lanes and create turnovers for the other team. 

Emily La Chapell 2022 | Wisconsin Flight Elite UAA
One of the toughest kids on the court, Emily, played physical on both ends of the court. She is a floor leader, with and without the ball in her hands. She understands the game and can vocalize that on the court. She has a lot of energy and uses it to get to the basket to finish tough shots. She also can light up the perimeter, sinking some pretty deep three-pointers. She works hard every minute that she is on the court. 

Dara Capaldi 2022 | Factory Orange
Showed some flashes of elite bucket getting and playmaking, Dara glides off the dribble and displayed an ability to get to the rim and make a play to set up her teammates.  Dara has a nice handle and can play multiple positions.