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LBI Event Recap: WPA Bruins Spring Tip-Off Day 1 & 2 Standouts (Pittsburgh, PA)

By R.Simone @R.SimoneP, 04/19/21, 8:30AM EDT


Pittsburg, PA – Friday night kicked off one of the most significant events in the PA region. Held at the David Lawrence Convention Center, the WPA Tip-Off Classic hosted teams from all over the east coast and Midwest to battle each other on the court. The room was packed. Filled with 20 plus courts and over 100 teams, it was a basketball fan’s dream come true. With so many great teams in the building and dynamic players under one roof, it was hard to sit still. 

Day 1 and Day 2 (Morning Session) Standouts

Makayla Hobdy 2023 | All Alabama 2023
One of the quickest players on the court, Makayla, was a defensive nuisance. She picked pockets and created turnovers on multiple possessions. She also has excellent court vision and did a great job of advancing the ball.  

April Hooks 2023 | All Alabama 2023
April is a tough, disciplined player. She has a lot of energy, and she used it on both ends of the court. She never avoided a challenge and played with a lot of heart. She can score but did an excellent job of never forcing her shot. April gets to the rim but showed that she could knock down the long-range three-ball as well. 

Cheyenne Pearson 2023 | All Alabama 2023
The tallest player on the court and also the most dominant in the paint. Cheyenne was a force on both offense and defense. She kept the ball high and dropped a few great passes when she was doubled-teamed. 

McKenzie Jones 2026 | Cincy Angels 2025 
McKenzie was the shock factor for me. She’s mild-mannered, doesn’t show a ton of emotions or facial expressions. I would soon find out that’s because she’s a trained assassin on the court, that is. She is intelligent, athletic, and plays with a takeover attitude. She did it all! The most impressive thing about her game was the hang-time on her jump shot. She jumps, pauses, then shoots the ball. A skill that you don’t often see with young players.  

Bryn Martin 2025 | Cincy Angels 2025
Bryn has the length and quickness to play positions 1-4 on the court and play them well. She has excellent ball-handling skills, keeping her head up and directing traffic. She was unstoppable on the boards, especially the offensive end, earning quite a few second-chance points. 

Lanie Lipps 2025 | Cincy Angels
Lanie has a high motor player that impacted the game in multiple ways. Playing hard every possession, she was a feisty on the ball defender, making the other team’s primary ball handlers very uncomfortable. She has quick feet and was able to stay in front of opponents with ease. Lanie is also a vocal floor leader that did not get rattled when the heat was turned up. 

Aniya Trent 2025 | Cincy Angels
One thing that Aniya made sure she did every possession was to make herself available to score. She moves well without the ball and knows how to play off of her teammates. She showed that she is tough and can handle contact along with being a consistent rebounder. 

Macy Brown 2023 | MBA 15u Rise
Macy mixed up her game on the offensive end, making her unpredictable and difficult to defend. She showcased her ability to get to the rim, knock down long-range shots, and drive to the basket and finish with a quick stop and pop shot. On defense, Macy used her long wingspan to play the lanes for easy steals.  

Indya Davis 2024 | MI Storm 2024
One of if not the hardest working players on the court. Indya was the player who made a lot of noise without making a lot of noise. She rebounded on both ends, finished easy put-back layups, and knocked down long shots. All while playing great defense, including getting several steals by playing the passing lane. When she went to the bench for a break, the tempo of the game definitely changed.  

Jaidyn Elam 2024 | MI Storm 2024
Jaidyn’s demeanor was cool, calm, and collected, but yet aggressive and calculated. She was patient, never getting rattled under pressure, and making very strategic plays. She got the ball to the open man but also hit big shots of her own. 

Chrisdin Jones 2024 | Team Durant
Relentless and strong, Chrisdin tried to put her team on her back and overcome an early deficit. She hustled! Rebounding, running the court in transition, scrambling on the court for loose balls, and battling for position in the post…Chrisdin fought and gave her team what they needed when they needed it. 

Keyarah Rainey 2025 | Team Takeover-8th Grade
Keyarah played very mature and composed. She was a solid floor general that handled any pressure thrown her way and was a dependable energy source for her team. She was not easily intimidated, often battling for rebounds against much larger players and taking any contact they gave her. 

Reneyia Pickerson 2026 | Team Takeover-8th Grade
One of the toughest kids on the court, Reneyia played aggressively on both offense and defense. She’s athletic, and she can create shots for herself. She’s a hooper. Even at a young age, she has built a nice arsenal of moves to get to the rim and score. 

Maddie Webber | 2023 SLAAM 23 Woodson
Maddie is the kind of player every coach loves to coach. She is competitive, disciplined, and talented. She does not shy away from hard work and showed that she could play the 1, 2, and 3 and be effective in every position. She can knock down shots from everywhere on the court and is a solid defensive player. 

Ava Leroux 2023 | SLAAM 23 Woodson
Whenever a player over six feet can put the ball on the floor and score, it’s a great thing. Ava is quick in her movement and decision-making. She was able to get open in multiple ways and finish strong. She’s a shot blocker that rebounds in and out of her area and also very vocal. She can take contact and bounce back quickly. Tough kid! 

Dee Alexander 2025 | WV Thunder 17U UAA
Dee was hands down the youngest on her team, but it did not show. Her basketball IQ is high, and so is her athleticism. She was patient. She was strategic. She was a game-changer. Not just offensively, but on defense as well. The scariest thing about her game is I’m not sure she understands just how good she is and that she’s going to get better.