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LBI Event Recap: Wootten's Top 150 Day II (Mansfield, TX)

By Steve Reynolds @LBI_Steve, 10/26/20, 9:15AM EDT


Mansfield, TX: I enjoyed the Wootten 150 set up. It made for a very competitive Day 2. The semi-finals of the 1on 1, 3 on 3, and 5 on 5 were very competitive. The athletes were engaged and hungry as they seized the opportunity to compete against the best of the best in Mansfield, TX.

2022 Christeen Iwuala | SA Finest
Iwuala is very gifted. I haven’t seen anyone this year her size as quick and mobile as she is. In spurts, she was dominant as she could get to the front of the rim off the bounce from the perimeter and finish rigid baskets in traffic. If Iwuala can be consistently aggressive and prolong her spurts of effectiveness, she could be a big-time stock riser.

2022 Tonie Morgan | Central Florida Elite
Tonie Morgan can go. She’s tough for even the best defenders to stay in front of. She can be shifty or kill you with her first step. She has a knack for finishing off the bounce in traffic. She’s going to be a nightmare for Florida High Schools to prepare for.

2023 Chloe Kitts | DME Sports Academy 2022
Kitts has the kind of game that makes coaches take a deep breath in disbelief. It’s rare young players of her size have the sort of skill and length combination she has. The most enjoyable attribute she has is her competitive nature. She competes on both ends of the floor and wants to be apart of the big moments. She’s a dog among dogs, and she goes for the jugular.

2021 Maggie Vick | TN Flight
Game one of Day 2 saw Maggie Vick breakout in a big way. She made several triples and scored in a variety of ways throughout. At 6’4", she has a quick, high release and also has a good pace when going downhill on her attack of the basket. She is effective with her butter-soft touch all over the court and is a threat to score at all times.

2021 Alli Palmieri | Bria Holmes Elite (Boston College)
Ultra skilled guard Alli Palmieri was outstanding this weekend. The Connecticut Gatorade POY shot the lights out. Her sharpshooting helped get her team to the championship. She has a great handle, which she used to create space for her shot or get to the rim. She’s a handful on the offensive end as she moves well off the ball too.

1 on 1 Challenge Winner: 2021 Talia Von Oelhoffen (Oregon State)
Playing one on one can be an opportunity to show off all your skill work. It can be an opportunity to drop someone with your best crossover, hesitation, or counter move of choice. You could even choose to try to score every point with a ten on the degree of difficulty scale. Or you could be like Talia Von Oelhoffen and keep it simple and get buckets. Von Oelhoffen jab stepped or straight-line driver her way to the 1v1 championship. She defended well and boxed out to limit possessions for her opponent. But in the end, the Oregon State commit was just too good around the rim and outlasted an excellent group of one on one players at Wootten 150.

3 on 3 Championship Top Performer: 2023 Jadyn Donovan
Donovan’s length and athleticism were on full display all weekend. She has elite elevation and shot placement on her pull up jumper going either way. Donovan used that skill to propel her 3 on 3 team to victory in OT. You could see it coming, but there was nothing anyone could do as Donovan drained a Kobe-like 15 footer going right to end the game. Donovan was impressive on both ends of the court.

5 on 5 Championship Top Performer: 2021 Reigan Richardson (Georgia)
Richardson impacted the Wootten 150 5 on 5 game on both ends of the court. She was tough on the ball and created transition opportunities for her team with steals and deflections. She was extremely efficient from the field, managing to can at least one shot on every level. Richardson was very businesslike in her approach all weekend and led her team to the championship.

LBI Speed Round
Sania Feagin was the most dominant player at the event...Justine Pissot is very good, gets her money off her jump shot, which she can get to anywhere on the court...2021 Sacha Washington is intimidating and commands respect in the paint on both ends of the court...Paulina Paris was consistently good all weekend; she’s a winner...Caroline Ducharme is legit; if I had to pick a player to start my team with, she’d be the first pick...2022 Janiah Barker is very good and is well known but what’s scary is, she can be even better and has the ridiculously highest ceiling still...shout out to the 2023s, they are going to be special