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LBI Event Recap: Wootten's Top 150 Day I (Mansfield, TX)

By Steve Reynolds @LBI_Steve, 10/25/20, 7:30AM EDT


Mansfield, TX: There was nowhere to run and nowhere to hide at the Wootten 150. There was ample time talent wall to wall, and athletes from all over the country came to Mansfield, Texas, to compete and measure up. On day 1 of the camp, it seemed to me that the 2021s seem to settle in first. But the "babies" were not far behind as I saw some extraordinary things from the 2023 class, especially PGs Taliah Scott and Jada Williams. Here are a few players that stood out...

2022 Jordana Codio | Essence EYBL
Nobody is running the floor and finishing like Codio. She's a blur out there. Codio was big time in transition, and in the half-court setting, she featured a spin move that is to die for. Very very impressive showing for Codio on Saturday.

2023 Taliah Scott | FBG
This young guards game is well rounded. She can give you what you want on the offensive end off the dribble and is already elite at creating space to get her shot. She is slight of frame but shoots the ball effortlessly with range. She is an excellent on-ball defender but even better off the ball as she took two very impressive charges on high caliber athletes in one 20 minute session. Scott has the goods and definitely belongs.

2022 Carleigh Wenzel | SA Finest
Carleigh Wenzel is very good. Wenzel's poise and ability to shoot are next level. She shot it well off the bounce and of the catch and shoot variety. She has an uncanny ability to slow things down and play her pace without ever being in a hurry or forced to do something she doesn't want to do.

2021 Sania Feagin | Georgia Pearls
Dominant. Feagin was unstoppable in the paint. She featured a spin move baseline with her back to basket from the block and a simple in and out from the key's top, which she made a killing on. There was simply no answer for her one on one or on the boards day one at the Wootten 150 camp.

2021 Greta Kampschroeder | Midwest Elite
Kampschroeder is a ballplayer in every pure sense of the phrase. She helped her team win in so many ways. She hustled back on defense time and time again to hinder transition opportunities. She made open shots and smart decisions with the ball. Kampschroeder is a winner, and she displayed her ability to do whatever it takes to get her team a win.

2021 Kendra Gillispie| Lady Jet & Lions Elite
Gillispie's butter-soft jump shot was on display in game two of the second session. She got hot, and she got hot, quickly making back to back three-point bombs and several more mid-range jump shots. The big smile on her face said it all as she was red-hot.

2022 Mwenentanda Ndjakalenga | All Iowa Attack EYBL
There is so much to like about Mwenentanda Ndjakalenga. She has extraordinary length, and she uses it to her advantage on the defensive end as she offers big-time defensive versatility. Also, it seems that everyone I went to view her court; she was knocking down a triple. Ndjakalenga is a big-time prospect!

2022 Tionna Herron | Team Lex Tarheels
Tionna Herron gets better and better every time out. She controlled the boards and ran the court like a deer on Saturday. Herron altered and blocked shots. It was awe-inspiring how many of these blocks were kept in play that her team could rebound. Herron is a force in the interior.

2022 Kailyn Gilbert | FGB
Kailyn Gilbert scored, scored, and scored some more. She was relentless to the basket and had a few spurts where she ran off several baskets in a row. She's a tough guard one on one, and she has the frame to take and dish out punishment. What made her extremely hard to guard was that she was a threat as soon as she crossed half court as she nailed a few deep triples as well.

2022 Talaysia Cooper | Team Curry
Talaysia Cooper was seemingly everywhere and involved in everything good that happened on the court for her team. She found herself in the receiving end of passes for buckets because she runs the floor and moves without the ball. She was one of the few stars that saw most of her success off the ball as she created a lot of opportunities for herself with her defense and constant movement off the ball. But don't be misled; Cooper was terrific, creating for herself as well. You could argue no one impacted the game in more ways than Talaysia Cooper did on Saturday at Wootten 150.