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LBI Event Recap: Tri-State Showcase Session II Standouts (Elizabeth, PA)

By R.Simone @R.SimoneP, 10/20/20, 12:30PM EDT


Elizabeth, PA – On the final day of the Showcase, the lady ballers turned up their intensity and you could fill it in the air. Those who had made a name for themselves the day before were forced to continue to play at a high rate due to other players waking up and now playing at a high level also. The level of talent and competitiveness that was in the gym was exciting to watch.

Alayna Rocco 2024 |North Catholic
If you love a bigger sized guard that can handle the ball in traffic, score at will, and is a vocal leader, then Alayna is your dream come true. She can defend multiple positions, using her length to force difficult shots and turnovers. She keeps her head up and sees the court well.  

Kellie McConnell  2024 | North Allegheny
Ballers ball…and that about sums up Kellie. She can shoot from anywhere and does so with confidence. She has an IQ level beyond her years. She knows the game and it shows on both ends of the court. Her heart is the biggest component of her game and it on full display when she finesses her way to the rim for a layup.

Kyla Fitzgerald 2024 | Armstrong
Kyla was one of the players that stood out because of her consistency. She consistently ran the court hard, especially on defense. She consistently crashed the boards and grabbed some tough rebounds. She consistently sent shot attempts flying out of bounds. Kyla has a soft touch that she uses to finish at the rim or knock down a jump-shot.  

Iyanna Wade 2025 | Clairton
A scrappy player that seemed to start off every game with a quick layup, Iyanna did what good players do. She set the tone of the game and let her teammates know that she was about her business. Iyanna’s speed was on full display. Her first step left defenders frozen and the lane open for her to score. She played monstrous on the ball defense and showed no remorse when she stole the ball and took off to the other end of the court.

Hannah Pugliese 2024 | Penn Hills
Hannah is a high motor player that impacted the game in multiple ways. Playing hard every possession, Hannah was phenomenal assessing the game and giving her team whatever was missing. If they went on a scoring drought, Hannah created shots for herself. If someone was hot on the other team, Hannah stepped up to defend them. She is a smart player that took great care of the ball.

Ava Wright 2026 | Beaver
Ava might be small, but that did not stop here from boxing out and battling for rebounds. She is a natural vocal leader and stepped up right away to do so. She showed an awesome court vision and kept the offense moving when she could. Ava is aggressive on defense and capable of creating her own shot.    

Erin Thomas 2027 | Cincinnati
Erin was a ball of energy, scrappy on defense, and confident on offense. She handled the ball very well, weaving through traffic and finding the rim despite the trees standing in its way. She finished with a sweet hook shot on more than one possession.  

Savannah Daye  2026 | Norwin
To see such a young player understand the game the way Dion does was mind-blowing. She has great court vision and did a great job of focusing on the rim in transition. She penetrated the paint to draw the defense to create shots for her teammates, but she created a few buckets of her own as well.  

Erica Gribble | 2026   Greensburg Central Catholic
Erica showed some jaw-dropping moves in the paint, scoring with contact and utilizing some fancy footwork. She’s a tough cookie that handled the ball very well under pressure. She is a workhorse, giving 110% every time she stepped on the court.

Leah Buford 2027 | City of Pittsburgh
Fundamentally strong, Leah had the entire gym on their feet. She went to the block, established herself, called for the ball, and did a power dribble drop step, finishing with contact. She could have led a drill on boxing out and rebounding. She was vocal and aggressive on defense.


Kayla Walter 2024 | Woodland Hills
Kayla is a hustle player that was relentless on the defensive end. There was no shaking her. With the ball in her hands, Kayla used her great court vision to make sure the ball progressed forward with crisp passes. She was a natural floor leader.  

Ashlyne Woods 2025 | Ohio County
Strapped with an arsenal of crafty handles and moves, Ashlyne was fun to watch. Whether it was a low swing through crossover or an in and out combined with a hop step, Ashlyne was going to get free and make her way to the rim. She can score at the rim, shoot from long range, plays phenomenal defense. Her passing ability is at a very high level, sending perfect lead passes to the post and cutters.

Alena Fusetti 2024 | Blackhawk
Alena is a long versatile scrappy player that is athletic enough to play and defend multiple positions. She consistently knocked down mid-range jumpers off the bounce, never forcing anything. She has a high game IQ and it showed in her decision making. She is a tough player and was able to take contact and still execute.

Avery Davis 2024 | Norwin
Avery was one of the few pure shooters I had the pleasure of watching this weekend. Her form, her quick release, and the ball rotation were almost exactly the same every shot. Whether it be off the bounce or a catch and shoot situation, she sank it. Once she found her rhythm, Avery knocked down every shot she took during one of the first halves of the all-star game.   

London Creach 2025 | Woodland Hills
Athletic, versatile, with a lot of heart, London was a standout player from the first jump ball of the first game. She first stood out for applying smothering defense, using her long stretch to deflect passes and get easy transition points. On the offensive end, she is sly and smart, once again utilizing her length to make moves and get to the rim.

Adrena Gordon 2024 | Akron
Hands down the most dominant player in this group, Adrena made that gym her own. She bullied her way to the paint, literally moving opponents out of her way, finishing strong at the rim. The combination of her strength and quick first step was just too much. She was a scoring machine but still made sure she got her teammates involved and did the little things to impact the game when the ball wasn’t in her hands.

Layke Fields 2025 | Kennedy Catholic
Layke literally came out of her shell right in front of our eyes this weekend. She seemed to grow more and more comfortable with her inside dominance in each game. During the all-star game, Layke could not be stopped. Once she established herself, there was no moving her. She won countless rebound battles, racking up several put-back points. Her upside is incredible with limitless potential.

Mya Morgan 2024 | Greensburg Central Catholic
Mya got buckets! One of the hardest working players on the court, many of her baskets came from maneuvering her way to the paint or battling on the boards for second-chance points. She took many bumps and hits, but it didn’t stop her. She got the job done.

Alexis Bordas 2025 | Ohio County
A strong ball handler that played well when faced with pressure, Alexis was able to keep her head up, see the court, and protect the ball. The ball was in her hands-on almost every possession and she took great care of it. When given instruction she executed, was effective on the defensive end, and was able to create shots for herself.

Dacia Lewandowski 2023 | North Catholic
A constant vocal floor leader, Dacia showed how effective she can be with and without the ball in her hands. She disbursed some precise passes, especially in transition, but also created offense for herself with smart shot selections. She was a huge defensive presence doing a phenomenal job of playing the lanes and forcing turnovers.    

Samaree Perkins 2022 |  Obama Academy
By far one of the most complete players in the showcase, Samaree was phenomenal. She is strong and has the size to be a dominant presence in the post. She can score, she controls the boards, and battles every possession. She is also quick enough to defend the wing when needed and has the confidence to step outside the paint and knockdown midrange jumpers.

Bryn Bezjak 2021 | Albert Gallatin
Bryn’s play showed how much of a floor general she is. She is a verbal leader, directing traffic with and without the ball in her hands. She did a great job of identifying weaknesses in the defense and feeding her teammates or attacking herself. Her game maturity definitely made her standout amongst others, especially with her shot selections.

Paris Gilmore 2023 | Kennedy Catholic
If stealing the ball and playing hard-nose defense were truly illegal, then Paris would have needed an attorney. From start to finish, she sat down and used her quick hands and feet to terrorize her opponents. Her motor is high and she never eased up. She also used her speed to break down the defense and get easy layups.

Paige Julian 2021 | Mowhawk
Paige was a quiet thunder throughout the showcase. She was really good at doing the small fundamentals that have a huge impact on the game. Communicating with her teammates, coming off screens tight and turning the corner, and playing great help defense just to name a few. She also has a quick release and knocked down some deep threes.