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LBI Event Recap: Tri-State Showcase Session I Standouts (Elizabeth, PA)

By R.Simone @R.SimoneP, 10/19/20, 1:00PM EDT


Elizabeth, PA – With the world still feeling the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic and there being limited opportunities for players to travel and show what they are made of, showcases have been an avenue that many are takin advantage of. LBI traveled to Pennsylvania to watch and be amazed by some of the best talents that PA, WV, and VA have to offer.  

SESSION I (2021, 2022, 2023) STANDOUTS:

Morgan Altavilla 2022| Baldwin High
Morgan was a constant vocal leader on the court. She made it her business to talk to her teammates and make sure they were all on the same page. When she wasn’t doing that, she was letting it fly from three-point range or crashing the boards to help fight for rebounds.

Joli Strati  2021 | Blackhawk High
Always having a hand in the lane on defense, Joli made sure she pulled her weight on the defensive end of the court. She hustled every play and made her presence felt. She knew when to cut and worked hard to get open. Joli also showed that she can knock down the deep three when she needs to.

Alexa Washington  2023 | Oakland Catholic
Alexa has an undeniable swag about her game that she brought to the court every game. She is a baller. She is quick in her decision making with minimal turnovers, her IQ is high, her motor is high and her defense was smothering. On offense, she posed a triple threat. She can knock down a three, penetrate the paint for a layup, or pass with precision for an assist. Either way, she made sure the ball was going in the basket.

Jasmine Timmerson  2023 | North Allegheny
Smart player that is crafty and knows how to effectively weave through traffic, Jasmine put her speed and defensive abilities on full display. It was almost impossible to get around her and once she stole the ball and headed down the court, it was almost impossible to catch her. She has a high motor and played through any fatigue. She was a problem from behind the arc as well.

Jasmyn Fisher 2022 | Woodland Hills
A scrappy player that did a great job of hustling down the court to play great defense, Jasymn was not shy about getting in an opponent’s face and making them very uncomfortable. On offense, she was awesome at reading the defense and attacking the gaps for easy buckets.

Journey Thompson  2022 | Peters Township
Journey is a long and athletic combo player that can jump. Whether she was snatching down a rebound or shooting over a defender, she stayed elevated above everyone on the court. She did a nice job of using her length to keep the ball high and finish with a soft touch. She can also knock down the mid-range jumper.

Halena Hill 2023 | Oakland Catholic
A vocal floor leader that made some great decisions with the ball, Halena did not take any possessions off. She hustled and work hard every second she was on the court. She sat down on defense and help create turnovers while still having the legs to knock down deep threes.  

Kate Robbins 2022 | Upper St. Clair
Kate showcased her ability to play and defend multiple positions. She is a hard worker and vocal leader with and without the ball in her hands. She ran the lanes well and made herself available in transition. She was also a strong rebounder, always boxing out and crashing the boards.

Dynasty Shegog 2021 | Gateway
A player that knows how to put her size advantage to good use, Dynasty was great at overpowering defenders and making solid decisions with the ball. She had a nice variety of moves to help get defenders off of her. Dynasty did a good job of surveying the court and making some dynamic passes.

Madelyn Laird 2023 | Pine Richard
Madelyn stood out most by her efforts to make sure she was one of if not the first person down the court. She worked really hard to get open and make herself available to score in both the half-court setting and in transition. She was always crashing the boards and securing rebounds on both ends of the court.

Bailey Kuhns 2022 | Greensburg Central Catholic
One of the hardest-working players in the gym, Bailey did all of the little things that made a big difference in the game. She is tough and able to handle contact and still keep playing hard. Being a leader seems to come natural for her, asking questions like “Are we switching on defense?” and “Pick on your left?” She has great court vision and good passing skills to go along with it.  

 Eve Fiala 2023 | Indiana Area
Eve has a wingspan that is intimidating all by itself. She has a soft touch and is able to keep the ball high and finish at the rim. She altered and blocked shots like it was nothing, causing opponents to think two and three times before coming in the paint. She has a huge upside with unlimited potential. 

Vita Vargo  2021 | Mars Area
Vita is a tough disciplined player. She never avoided a challenge and always stepped up to the plate. She has a lot of energy and she used it on both ends of the court. She can score but also knows how to feed the paint and get her teammates involved.