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LBI Event Recap: CGBR Midwest Showcase Day 2 (Indianapolis, IN)

By Steve Reynolds @LBI_Steve, 10/04/20, 9:00PM EDT


2026 Lola Lampley (IN) | Indiana Blaze Is A Monster

Indianapolis, IN: I looked forward to seeing the “babies” on day 2 of the CGBR National Showcase Midwest. I’m a glutton for potential and there was a lot of it. The showcase features some of the top kids in the Midwest and quite possibly the country. Here are a few prospects that stood out.

2024 Riley Abney (MI) | Bates Fundamentals (OH)

2024 Riley Abney (MI) | Bates Fundamentals (OH)
Riley caught my eye during skill work because she owned that time. Simply put, she has the call in a string. It’s not automatic that skill work translates so seeing that it did translate to the game for Abney was exciting to see. She really knows how to use her handle and footwork to set up her teammates. She also is adept at getting space for her own shot. Riley is definitely moving up the charts in the Michigan 2024 class.

2025 Jaylah Lampley (IN) | Indiana Blaze
Jaylah works! On both ends, she just flats outworks everyone. She has a long wiry frame that she used to make an impact on the defensive end, especially on the boards. Lampley transitions quickly as well and covers space quickly with her speed and long strides to get easy baskets in transition. She offers so much on the defensive end and will most certainly be a defensive juggernaut at the next level.

2024 Aliyah Al-Hameed (IA) | 360 Select/Pure Prep Adidas
I just felt like Al-Hameed was a battering ram today. The lefty got to the basket at will. She kept it simple with a jab step or a pump fake and got downhill for baskets time and time and time again. She has no problem playing to and through contact which will serve her well at the next level.

2025 Kira Reynolds (IN) | MI Crossover

2025 Kira Reynolds (IN) | MI Crossover
There is no doubt Kira has high major talent. What remains to be seen is if or when she will turn the corner as a competitor and I saw that today especially on the defensive end. She matched up with some of the top players in the showcase and she leveraged her defensive versatility and length to rebound and block shots at a high level. Kira also shot the 3 well and got to the basket at will. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more versatile 6’3” player in the country.

2024 Morgan Roberts (IN) | Showcase
I love shooters! And when they are efficient and confident, that’s even better. Morgan Roberts is that kid and she’s a shot-maker. The lefty has a soft and easy stroke from deep but maintains that touch on all levels when scoring the ball. Roberts does a lot of things well on the offensive end and she had it clicking on all cylinders at the CGBR National Showcase.

2026 Lola Lampley (IN) | Indiana Blaze
So ummmmmmmm... Lola Lampley is a monster. She is skilled and has the physical and mental makeup to be the best 2026 in the country. She’s 6’0” and even if she doesn’t grow another inch, she has the frame to be an impact player on any court in the country. I saw her bury defenders under the basket and finish seamlessly over either shoulder. She made triples, she made floaters, she made jump hooks, she made put backs. Most impressive is that she is very good out of the universal athletic stance on both ends. I know that sounds like it should be normal but I don’t see kids her size committed to being in that stance in both ends like she is. It really is what separates her from everyone else. Pound for pound, the best kid in the gym.

2025 Mari Gerton (OH) | All-Ohio Xpress
Mari was all over the court on Sunday. Whether she was darting and diving into passing lanes or beating everyone to the over end in transition, Mari seemed to be in the thick of the action on both ends of the court. She knocked down a few open triples and kept the pressure on the defense with her ability to weave in and out of traffic and get it the basket. Mari has a lot in the tank.

2024 Dominique Mack (NE) | NE Hoop Elite

2024 Inia Jones (NE) | NHE
Inia Jones was punishing defenders at the rim. She’s so strong and shifty. I literally thought she was going to hurt someone as she was aggressive, fast, and powerful to the basket. She featured a nice high pull-up jumper in 3on3 drills and she knows how to get to it.

2026 Taylor Brown (PA) | Lady Elite
Little Lightening Taylor Brown showed she understands how to navigate competing with players who were much bigger and stronger than her. But there is one thing she really gets that a lot of young PGs don’t seem to understand to be able to play at the next level: if you are small, your best bet is to use your skill to get others shots. And that is what Brown did at a high level. She didn’t force anything which is what players tend to do at showcase events. But don’t get it twisted, Brown can create space to get her shot with the best of them with range.

2024 Dominique Mack (NE) | NE Hoop Elite
Dominque is a long and athletic four that can shoot the three very well. She has to improve her base to be as effective as she can be but she has a ton of upside as she can stretch the floor and has very good touch around the basket.

2026 Jazmine Jones (FL) | Hollywood Eagles
Jazmine is a bucket! The super fast scoring PG kept defenses on their heels all afternoon. At 5’3”, she finishes surprisingly well at the rim with craftiness. Her floater was butter and her ability to see the floor in transition was even better.