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LBI Event Recap: CGBR Midwest Showcase Day 1 (Indianapolis, IN)

By Steve Reynolds @LBI_Steve, 10/03/20, 8:30PM EDT


Indianapolis, IN: The CGBR National Showcase Midwest was packed with action as host, Dan Olson and lead trainer, Ganon Baker gave young athletes an opportunity to show their stuff. Baker was in fine form as he challenged the girls to work outside of their comfort zone for 2 hours of skills and drills. After lunch and a short break, players returned to implement what they were taught and unpack what was in their bag as the action got hot and heavy quickly. Here are a few players that caught my eye...

2022 Iliana Moran WA | Nike Team Northwest
Moran played like she had something to prove and she did. She proved to be a competitor who oozed with confidence on the offensive end. She made all the shots you want to see guards make; pull-up triples with range, floaters, etc. She was seemingly on fire from the time she enters the gym.

2023 KK Arnold WI | Midwest Elite
Arnold was in her bag Saturday afternoon. She was amazing scoring in the pick roll and in transition. The longer I began to take a look, I saw how good she was defending on the perimeter as well, chesting up on a few players that tried to turn the corner and even having success over the top or going under ball screens. Arnold is becoming a point guard’s point guard and has what it takes to lead a top tier program vocally and in demeanor.

2023 Ava Couch | Gym Rats
Ava Couch plays at her own pace. Picking and choosing her spots and she is very effective at it. She creates space off the dribble and has a nice smooth stroke from 3. Her camp team was competitive and she was right in the thick of it. She’s a very steady and heady player.

2023 Ayanna Jackson IL | Illinois Elite
Jackson is tough. She was very good at going downhill and scoring in traffic. She found ways to impact the game off the ball as well as she pushed the ball in transition and was a factor on the boards.

2021 Nyanuar Pal  NE | Nebraska Hoops Elite
Nyanuar Pal alters and blocks shots...PERIOD! Pal ran the floor well and was one of the most dominant bigs at the showcase. She owned the paint but was able to stretch the floor as I saw her knock down a few 15 footers to keep the defense honest.

2023 Mia Gillis IL | Full Package
Mia just seemed to find herself in the right place at the right time all afternoon. That’s what happens when you run the floor and cut hard as she does. She has unbelievable touch around the basket as she seemingly caught and finished everything thrown her way.

2024 Reagan Wilson IN | Gym Rats 
Reagan Wilson is very skilled and really understands game flow and how to impact a game in many facets. I was most impressed with her maturity and willingness to lead even though she was one of the younger players in attendance.  She is a leader already and is on her way to being a top player in Indiana’s 2024 class.

2022 Kira Chivers IL | Illinois Defenders
Kira Chivers in lightning quick. Her ability to push the tempo and break the other team down in transition was big-time On Saturday. I like the Kira uses her speed and ability to create for others and when she got the ball back, she knocked down open 3s with consistency. Chivers is also hard to beat off the dribble. She has the tools to be an effective small guard at the next level.

2023 Ava Jones KS | Wheat State Elite
Ava Jones was the best paint scorer in the gym. On the catch, loose ball, or offensive rebound she was money with either hand. She moved really well off the ball and is hard to find when the ball goes up as she has a knack for getting her team extra possessions. This kid is very very good.

2021 Mary Wilson IN | Gym Rats
Mary Wilson shot the lights out. SHE SHOT THE LIGHTS OUT!!! Wilson owned Game 2 of the day and had the sidelines buzzing as she torched the nets for at least a half dozen triples (I heard there were more). They came fast and furious as her team hung up 100 points.