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LBI Event Recap: Carolina Top 100 "Afternoon Session" (Fort Mill, SC)

By R.Simone @R.SimoneP, 09/13/20, 7:30AM EDT


Fort Mill, SC: If you are a top stand-out player in the Carolinas, or you think you are, the place to be on Saturday, September 12th was Fort Mill, South Carolina, for the LBI Carolina Top 100 Showcase! Young lady ballers from the classes of 2021 – 2027 brought their time, attention, and game to the gym and to state their claim as one of the best in the area. Some of the best trainers and coaches around came to facilitate skill stations and leave some basketball gems with the players. All of the games were intense and a lot of fun to watch. Here is a snapshot of a few of the players that showed they are queens of the court. 

Stand-out Game Players:   

Kayla Friend 2022  | South Central HS
Long with a wide wingspan, able to run the length of the court and block a shot, Kayla was impactful in a multitude of ways. She can play on the wing and the post, finding a way to score in either position. She is aggressive on defense and makes her presence felt rebounding and altering shots. 

Sammy Ackles 2022  | Holly Springs HS
Sammy has a soft touch around the rim and was able to get a lot of buckets from rebounding and putting the ball in the net. She is very active without the ball, working to get herself positioned and open. She keeps the ball high when she rebounds and when she post up. 

Reychel Douglas 2023 | Millbrook HS
Athletic with a high motor, Reychel seemed to be in the right place at the right time often. She plays in the post but is quick enough to defend the perimeter. She’s tough and doesn’t mind scrambling on the court for a loose ball or two. She is vocal and extremely active on defense. 

Amaia Perkins 2021 | Phillip O. Berry Academy of Technology HS
The tower in the middle, if the ball came anywhere near Amaia while she was on defense, she sent it flying out of bounds. She has great timing and quick hands. She rebounds in and out of her area and can finish strong at the rim. Amaia also did a great job of running the floor in transition, allowing her teammates to get her the ball for easy buckets.

Ke’Onna Bryant 2021 | Terry Sanford HS
Ke’Onna is my favorite kind of player. The type of player that every high caliber and championship team has. The “clean-up” kid. She did it all. Rebounded, blocked shots, dove on the floor, played awesome on the ball defense, bullied her way to the rim, and knocked down short jump-shots. The energy of the game shifted once she checked in.  

Sydney White 2023 | Jordan HS
If Jason “White Chocolate” Williams has a long lost little sister, I’m almost positive it’s probably Sydney White. She’s got moves on top of moves and uses them like its second nature. Her game has a swag to it that no other player in the gym had. She can knock down the triple, drive in the paint, or dish a nice dime to a teammate in transition. Sydney kept the pace of the game moving fast, advancing the ball as quickly as possible. 

Jyana Salton 2023 | Porter Ridge HS
Jyana is a slasher. She did a phenomenal job of moving and cutting without the ball to get wide-open shots. In transition, she was the first one down the court for the easy bucket and one of the first back to play defense. She is smart and a quick thinker. Jyana showcased her ability to score in multiple ways, knocking down a pretty step-back 3-pointer.  

Madisyn Jordan 2023 | Panther Creek HS
One thing for sure, Madisyn can get buckets. Easy buckets, hard buckets, accident buckets… didn’t matter, Madisyn found a way to score. Her motor is high, and so was her energy. She is versatile, able to play and defend in the paint or on the perimeter. She has a soft touch around the rim and can also knock down the triple of you leave her open. 

Indya Nivar 2022 | Apex Friendship HS
Indya is the type of player that impacts the game, whether she is scoring or not. She has a nice game IQ and uses it to help keep the offense moving and shift the momentum of the game. But don’t get me wrong, she can score in multiple ways. She has quick hands and long arms, which gave her an advantage on defense, resulting in quick points.

Saniya Wilson 2022 | Kings Mountain HS
Saniya was a ball of fire in every game she played. She’s fast and aggressive with a high motor that never turns off. She played great on the ball defense, creating turnovers and steals on several possessions. On offense, she’s just as fast and just as aggressive. She gets to the rim almost at will but can knock down a longer jumper too.  

Tyra Myers 2022  | Hammond HS
Shooter Alert! Tyra let the ball fly with a quick release and without hesitation. When she put the ball on the court, she had a variety of moves that she used to create shots for herself and her teammates. Her superb court vision allowed her to get the ball where it needed to be. 

Kylah Slver 2023 | D H Conley HS
Kylah is a game changer! She is athletic and was a handful to defend. She’s strong, which allowed her to handle some rough contact and still finish strong at the rim. When things get rough, Kylah can create her own shot very easily and also drop some impressive passes off to her teammates.