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LBI Event Recap: Run For The Roses Day 2 (Indianapolis, IN)

By Marcy Reynolds @LBIMarcy, 09/06/20, 12:00AM EDT


Indianapolis, IN: TFNs Run 4 Roses is in full swing with heavy action and tons of talent. Every hall at the Indiana Convention Center has been filled with squeaking sneakers, skilled shooters, and sensational squads. Here are a few of LBI's standout performers.

2022 Maddie Vejsicky | Ohio Future Black
Maddie had a quiet confidence about her. She has a whole lot of skill and swag, but the humility and willingness to share the ball is there as well. When allowed to catch anywhere in the high post, she picked defenses apart as she squared up and decided to attack. Her change of direction and great body control made it impossible for defenders to guard. In a tough, close game from start to finish, Maddie managed to set her teammate up for the go-ahead three late in the game. After a yet another made three from her opponents to tie things up, Maddie executed a sideline out of bounds play with:04 left for a game-winning bucket for her team.

2022 Charlotte Richman | Clutch Rose (OR)
Charlotte has a presence about her that makes you take notice. She showed great floor leadership and took charge bright and early for the second day round of games. She ran the break quite effectively, and when the defense lost track of her, she managed to sneak in a couple of corner threes as well.

2022 Lainey Spear | Clutch Rose (OR)
Spear showed the ability to play off her pump fake and find a way to really make it work. It looks so realistic that she managed to throw off many defenders closing out throughout the game. She finished several tough drives and even converted a couple and one opportunities at the rim. Her downhill, aggressive style of play on the offensive end gave her team the boost they needed to compete at a high level.

2023 Sophie Swanson | Wolverines 2022
Swanson's toughness was on full display in the early game today. She is absolutely your classic all-around utility player that every coach dreams of. She executed every single box out that was needed, finished contested layups over and over, trapped in the full court-snatching all the loose balls, and yes, even knocked down threes in the half-court. Swanson gave an all-around solid performance today.

2022 Koryn Greiwe | Indiana Elite Prime 2022
Koryn’s pace and overall control of the game was amazing to watch. Her change of speed in the transition allowed her to score either at the rim or in the midrange with a nice stop and pull up. She showed what a floor general should look like for sure, directing traffic and always assembling her squad in the half-court. Koryn is not simply a facilitator for her team; she was still able to move without the ball nicely and knock down threes as well.

2023 Asiah Baxter | Indiana Elite Prime 2022
The impact 33 had on the game was simply priceless. She grabbed numerous rebounds in traffic and started the break for her team, finished several contested layups in the lane, as well as stepped out and hit jumpers from beyond the arc. Her impact wasn’t just on the offensive end either; she flat out took the ball from lazy players and contained dribble penetration with the best of them.

2022 Abby Kimball | MBA UA Rise (Michigan State commit)
Yes, those who follow Abby know what an elite scorer she can be. Maneuvering her way to the basket, weaving through traffic and gliding up the court, scoring the ball at will. Down late in the game, what changed the momentum for her team was Abby’s on-ball defense! She sat on the ball handler and caught every move she attempted, flat out disrupting the entire team's plan.

2023 Sarah Rombus/2023 Faith Carson | UTS Elite
As I sat to come to watch this team play, all I heard from the surrounding crowd was, “dang those two are huge!” The two-towered over the rest as they loomed in and around the paint. I’m not sure their opponents saw one clean look all day. They managed to contest, alter, or block everything that came their way. All game long, they took turns contesting a shot, while the other one snatched the rebound. On the offensive end, Rombus used her combination of quickness and obvious length to get her shot off, and 20 may have the best hands in the business! She caught and finished everything in her vicinity. UTS Elite has a phenomenal 1-2 punch with these two players for sure.

2023 Rashunda Jones | Lady Gymrats
Jones came out the gate guns blazing! With an absolute onslaught of steals and layups, she single-handedly ran the score up for a double-digit lead quickly. Jones showed exceptional athleticism and quickness in the full court, along with composure and great pace in the half. Oh, and please don’t think that merely meeting her at the rim is the solution; Jones knocked down pull-ups and threes as her defender tried to gain a step by sagging off. This stellar sophomore has a mature yet electric style of play about her.

2022 Kate Clarke | Indiana Elite Thunder
From her footwork to the end of her fingertips, Kate Clarke screams elite shooter. The most dangerous attribute she adds to her elite shot is the confidence she has to shoot it anytime, anywhere. And she’s locked in. In fact, she’s been locked in for a while now. High School Season is just around the corner, and Clarke seems to be in mid-season form already.

2022 Kate Hollifield | FBC Carolina Elite 16U UAA
I had heard from LBI evaluator and video coordinator Kris Wallace that Kate Hollifield was legit. And Mr. Wallace was right, Hollifield is legit. She’s murder in transition as she was able to covert multiple AND1s down the stretch vs. West Michigan Drive. Hollifield also hit a few bombs from beyond the arc for good measure, but it wasn’t enough as FBC would eventually lose in overtime. Look for Hollifield to continue to raise some eyebrows this weekend.

2024 Summer Davis | Michigan Storm 2024 Simpkins
Summer Davis has the “It” factor. She has the “that” factor. She has whatever you need, as she displayed on Saturday morning that she can score anytime, in any given situation. But it’s her passion and deep respect for the game that shines. I saw Summer miss an easy bunny, but instead of dropping her head or pouting, she made sure she was the first person back on defense. I was 2 seconds away from giving her a standing O because that’s the type of basketball that isn’t seen often from young stars.

2024 Alyrica Hughes | Owensboro Elite 2024
Owensboro Elite was outmatched for most of the game, but Alyrica Hughes was not phased one bit. Her calm demeanor at the PG position was a catalyst for Owensboro to stay competitive. Hughes featured a slick handle and uncanny ability to get to the basket and finish from multiple angles. Hughes is definitely somebody’s PG at the next level.

2024 Stephanie Utomi | Michigan Storm 2024 Simpkins
Stephanie Utomi is an impact player. She already has a college-ready frame and a speed & power combo that serves her well on both ends of the floor. Verses Owenboro Elite, Utomi made a living in the passing lanes and converted in transition. She was involved in loose ball scrambles and offensive rebound opportunities all game. She’s the poster child for Michigan Storm’s physical and uptempo style of play.

2024 Lexi Castator | Always 100 Paul 2024
Lexi Castator has major potential. She already has great positional size as SG and uses it well. I saw her early this year, and she has since improved her motor and looks very confident. Castator scores on all three levels as her talent was head and shoulders above the rest. Castator has Top 5 talent, but only time will tell if she gets the nod.

2021 Ellie Schwartzmann | Drills 4 Skills - Brown
Ellie Schwartzmann was unstoppable in the paint. She caught everything thrown her way in the post and scored over both shoulders. She made a living at the free-throw line as well as she featured an unorthodox one-handed shot that she sunk every time. The 6’0” PF is a force.

2024 Maya Anderson | 1 Nation Dream Team
Maya Anderson has a lot of tools in her bag. She features an ability to change speeds off of her hesitation dribble. Anderson has blinding speed and a knack for getting all the way to the basket. Maya Anderson is definitely trending up in her class.

2026 Kamrah Banks | Lady Gym Rats - Banks 2022
Kamrah Banks is on her way to being a big-time player. Banks is playing in the 2022 division, and though that doesn’t work for a lot of girls, Banks is getting and taking advantage of her opportunity. She handles the ball well and is a confident scorer already. The sky is truly the limit for this kid.

2022 Avery Zeinstra & 2024 Lily Zeinstra | West Michigan Drive
The Zeinstra sisters just get it. They both make the right play and seem to be a step ahead of the competition. The younger of the two, Lily Zeinstra, is the biggest of the two. She’s was very good going downhill and put a lot of pressure on the FBC Carolina Elite defense to stop her. Though she did not score much, Lily was instrumental in creating opportunities for her teammate, rarely seen by someone her age in a very competitive game in which she was playing two years her senior. Lily is well on her way to be considered one of the top 2024s in the region. Big sister, Avery, is just Steady Eddie. She’s always in tune to what the flow of the game is, and her composer is off the charts. Down the stretch vs. FBC Carolina Elite, Avery made great decisions and tough baskets. A recipe for a winning team as she helps lead her team to thrilling a 2 point overtime win. There are some strong sister combos in Michigan, perhaps none better than the Zeinstras.