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LBI Event Recap: Tournament of Champions / Des Moines Session III Part 3 (Des Moines, IA)

By Steve Reynolds @LBI_Steve, 07/28/20, 3:00PM EDT


Des Moines, IA: The scene was set for many players to showcase their talents in front of many scouts and college coaches that were viewing via live stream. There was a lot of young talent in the building in Iowa which will make college coaches very happy when they start putting these kids on their recruiting board. 

Elauni Bennett 2023 | Run GMC 16 GUAA
Elauni Bennett made a living from the elbow today. With ridiculous amounts of catches there, she showed several ways to punish her opponent. She hit the open jumper, drove and finished with spin moves, blew past slower defenders, and racked up numerous and ones for a completely dominant performance. Her quick second jump made it almost impossible for the other team to get a hand on anything off the boards today as well. Bennett was absolutely electrifying to watch.

Allie Ziebell 2024 | Wisconsin Flight Elite
Steady Eddy was the name of the game for Ziebell. From start to finish, she managed to keep her foot on the pedal. Her consistent play was too much to handle for her opponents this afternoon. She showed a ton of grit while attacking the basket with wreck-less abandonment at times, seemingly unaware of the contact that was coming. She was able to finish difficult shots around numerous defenders in the paint time and time again, allowing her team to pull away rather quickly.

Lucy Schonlau 2023 | Nebraska Attack 15U GUAA
There was simply no answer for when she got the ball in the paint. When her team struggled for points, it seems like a no brainer who to look for, and sure enough, the ball found her, and she answered the call. Hawk showed excellent footwork in the paint and was able to finish with either hand as well. When facing full-court trapping and pressure the ball team, sometimes it can be hard to find your big as she looms down low, but Hawk definitely made her presence felt on both ends of the floor today.

Julianna Ouimette 2023 | Wisconsin Flight 9th GUAA
Julianna did a phenomenal job of disrupting the flow of her opponents today. She harassed bigs after a rebound and jumped passing lanes periodically. Ouimette's strength really allowed her to pressure ball handlers and make them work extremely hard just even to get a pass off. She knocked down shots at a very efficient clip, and it was hard to contain off dribble penetration as well.

Audrey Hatfield 2021 | MN/WI Force 2021
Hatfield fought for every inch in the paint. She used her size and physicality to create space, which allowed her to score much-needed buckets for her team today. She was a threat to get an offensive rebound and put back. Hatfield is a real anchor for her team.

Britt Carlson 2022 | North Tartan 16U
Britt did a great job starting the ball game off hot against a very talented Midwest Elite squad today. Attacking the basket proved to be very effective early for her. She finished nicely amongst a crowd in the paint but also stepped out to hit a couple of mid-range jumpers as well. Carlson also managed to pull down several tough contested rebounds from the crowd for added possessions for her team this morning.

Sydney Affolter 2021 | All Iowa Attack (Iowa)
All Iowa Attack produces winners, and they didn’t stop with Sydney Affolter. She really can do it all and impressed with her ability to finish at the rim. In fact, she can just flat out shoot any shot given to her by the defense. Affolter was the difference in both games I watched and the anchor for All-Iowa’s undefeated run through Nike TOC Session 3.

Macy Donarski 2023 | WI Flight Elite 10th GUAA
Macy is pesky on the defensive end. Big time motor allows her to impact the game in many ways. She’s quick and has fast-twitch muscles that enabled her to get to the basket with ease. She scored at a high clip but found the balance in keeping her teammates involved in the championship game vs. MN Fury, Macy was rock solid in that she just played like she had been there before. She made significant decisions with the ball in her hand and was efficient from the field. Congrats to WI Flight Elite on winning the 10th-grade division Nike TOC Session III championship.

Lily Krahn 2022 | WI Flight Elite 10th GUAA
WI Flight Elite 10th was flat out impressive all week. Lily Krahn also fits that description. She was unguardable most of the time because of the threat she posed with her in the gym range. She was money from behind the arc, effortlessly canning triples from deep. She also runs the break well with the ability to pull up or hit streaking teammates for easy buckets. Krahn is very, very good as she has a great feel for the game and seemingly can do whatever a given situation calls for on both ends of the court.

Jenica Lewis 2026 | 360 Select
Jenica Lewis has a high ceiling. No, I mean, she has no ceiling. I was startled to find out she was a 2026. The game is already polished as she can score from all three levels. She is playing up but was very competitive and, at times, dominated. She’s a competitor. I’ve seen quite a few 2026 players, but none more skilled and gifted than Jenica.

Mayla Ham 2023 | Michigan Crossover
I could’ve sworn Mayla has a twin on her team; it seemed like she was everywhere doing everything. She did a great job of jumping the passing lanes for steals to get her team extra positions. Mayla also drove to the basket hard, usually beating her man because of her quick first step. She showed off an array of finishes in the paint in transition. Keep an eye on Mayla as seems to be improving day by day.

Rakiyah Beal 2022 | Michigan Crossover 17U EYBL
Beal got her first taste of action at the 17U level, and she looked like she belonged. She featured a pull-up jump shot in which she elevated head and shoulders above any defender. But Beal is a slasher. Time and time again, she took the baseline for easy layups. Look for Beal to break out next year, and she has the length and athleticism to compete on both ends of the court.

Audrey Roden 2021 | Cal Stars EYBL (Nevada) 
Roden can flat out score the ball. She has ridiculous range on her three-ball. There no predicting what angle she will attack, which kept the defense on their heals. She’s quick, like quick but has a fluidity to her game that makes on-lookers feel like she’s a veteran or someone much older. Nevada got a steal...PERIOD!

2024 Peyton McCabe | All Iowa Attack 
Peyton's business-like demeanor catches the eye. She’s a very, very good shooter that can get her shot off from anywhere. Get's her feet set and has little movement that allows her to be consistent even at a young age. She’s super smart and knows where her money is, and she gets it. 

Anna Lassan 2024 | Michigan Crossover
Anna does a little bit of everything, and she does it well. She made clutch triple for Michigan Crossover throughout the weekend. She got to the basket and finished tough shots. And she was able to do those things when they mattered most. She’s tough and not afraid to do the dirty work. Lassan is the kind of kid you can just throw out on the court, and she will find a way to be effective. You can’t ask more from her because chances are she’s already given it.