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LBI Event Recap: Windy In Indy Classic Day 2 Evening Standouts (Indianapolis, IN)

By Kris Wallace @LBI_TV_, 07/25/20, 10:15PM EDT


Tanyuel Welch (2022) | Lady Gym Rats 16u Hollins

Indianapolis, IN: Lady Baller Insider takes a look into the top performers of USJN’s- Windy in Indy Day 2 here in Indianapolis, IN.

Tanyuel Welch (2022) | Lady Gym Rats 16u Hollins
Welch belongs on a lot more radars. Welch had a strong showing for the lady gym rats attacking the basket using a good change of pace to keep the defense guessing. Welch finished with 27 points in the matchup as she looked strong the entire game!

Lexus Bargesser (2022) | Michigan Premier 17 Gold
Lexus Bargesser has made a splash in the recruiting the past month, and she is showing why she is becoming a household name coming up big for premier on the defensive end shot-blocking shots, playing the passing lanes and applying pressure on defense. Bargesser has also improved her jump shot as she looks very comfortable shooting the deep ball.

Makayla Timpson (2022) | GA Metros 17 Gold
Timpson is a 6’3" beast! Timpson put fear in her opponents today as she contested shots left and right for the Metros group. Timpson did not hold back in the second half finishing with double-digit points and rebounds finishing off a tough win vs. the Aces.

Macy Brown (2023) | MBA 15 UA Rise Randel

Macy Brown (2023) | MBA 15 UA Rise Randel
Macy Brown is full throttle at all times she comes at you, and she comes at you hard! Brown had a strong performance shooting the deep ball in today’s matchup doing whatever she wanted on the court as they pull off a huge win!

Bailee Kissinger (2022) Team Factory 16 National BSTTJL
Bailee did all the dirty work for this heavily talented Factory group getting on the floor, playing the passing lanes, and aggressive on the glass. Kissinger was a finishing machine, not letting contact stop her as she led the group on the way to victory.

Nicole Melious (2023) | NY Hoopers 17

Olivia Mezan (2022) | Lady Lightning 17 Platinum Martinez BSTTJL
Mazen is the shooter no coach wants to go up against. Mazen finished with seven triples in the matchup as she moved exceptionally well without the ball in her hands being able to set herself up for open looks, and if she got an inch of space, she was letting it go, and the entire gym knew it was going in!

Nicole Melious (2023) | NY Hoopers 17
Melious shot the lights out in the matchup against MBA today; the 2023 guard was very efficient in everything she did on the court. Melious finished the game with five triples and finished with 25 points. Melious has made a name for herself as she continues to play brilliantly on a nightly basis!