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LBI Event Recap: Summer Sizzler Part II (Warsaw, IN)

By Steve Reynolds @LBI_Steve, 07/21/20, 12:00AM EDT


Warsaw, IN - Teams from all over the Midwest came to Indiana and put in work on the court. Just as they had the day before teams showed up to play and leave it all on the court. Big-time players definitely rose to the occasion and left a very impressive impression. Here are just a few of today's stand-out players.

Tadessa Brown '22

Alexis Stillman (2025)| Always 100 Blaze
This young guard caught my attention quickly when an up-tempo trapping team applied major pressure to her squad and she seamlessly handled it with relative ease. She took care of the ball in traffic well and had great court vision to make the right pass. Stillman put a lot of pressure on the defense when driving to the basket and made them pay at the free-throw line as well. She also had the ability to stretch the zone out with her deadly three-point range at times as well.

Lily Zeinstra (2024) | West Michigan Drive (Copeland)
Lily has such a smoothness about her game, nothing is ever forced. Even while playing a team from up a level, she managed to make things look effortless. As a point guard, Zeinstra rebounded the ball very well for her team, which obviously allowed her squad to push in transition. She managed to keep her head up and without skipping a beat, make the right decision when it counted. Lily shined in the half-court as well, she is constantly moving and cutting to open areas, penetrating the gaps to kick for open shooters and knocking down threes like clockwork.

Elena Oliver (2023) | Team 419
The older of the two Oliver sisters on this team, Elena, proved to be a lot to handle on the boards this afternoon. Her good size and length coupled with a nice motor made it very difficult for the defense to keep up with her. She did a nice job working and sealing on the backside of the defense and finishing several buckets around the rim. She also managed to throw in a couple of mid range jumpers to give herself quite a nice overall game today.

Savannah Boerema (2023) | MBA Select
Anyone that has watched this young point guard play knows that she exudes some major confidence. She plays with such maturity at times, showing she’s unafraid to be the vocal leader on the floor. Her ability to create shots for herself as well as anyone around her is phenomenal. This lefty can get all the way to the rim and finish, knock down the triple as well as make the exciting play for the assist.

Hannah Clark (2021) | Always 100 Pressure 2021
Hannah was without a doubt lights out today from behind the arc. She has one of those shots that make the other coach cringe a bit because it looks like it’s good the second it leaves her hand. She moved extremely well without the ball, always finding a window for her point guard to locate her in. Hannah managed to drain three long bombs in the first half alone today. She did a great job of keeping the floor spread for her dribble penetrating teammates today.

Cierra Calloway (2021) | Always 100 Pressure 2021
Calloway was eye-catching with her quickness with the ball in her hands. She used her elite athleticism and foot speed to fly past her primary defender over and over. What she lacked in sheer size, she made up for in jumping ability on the boards for sure. She crashed hard and made it difficult for the post players to round up rebounds. Her playmaking ability on the offensive end was absolutely stellar, however, her defense on and off the ball was near perfection.

Delaney Bailey (2021) | Time2Ball Jordan 2021
With good size and strength, Bailey gobbled up several tough rebounds in traffic, her hard-nosed style of play was much needed for her squad. Using a spread the floor style of play, Delaney took advantage of every opportunity she was given to knock down crucial three-pointers for her team today. She made the relative deep shots to the average player, look easy and effortless.

Tadessa Brown (2022) | FLYT
Brown absolutely dominated every aspect of the paint today. With a nice second jump, she was able to contest a shot on one side of the rim and then block a shot on the other. She has very good hands and was able to grab multiple rebounds amidst a crowded key area. Her outlet passes were absolutely on the money all day. She ran the floor with ease and finished around the rim no matter who was in front of her. I can see her recruiting heating up really soon. 

Marlene Bussler (2021) | Strictly Skills
With a quick first step, Bussler was able to blow past over-eager defenders and find herself at the rim easy and often. She put a ton of pressure on officials all day because of her physical style of play on the offensive end; making a heck of living at the free-throw line. Bussler showed that she could knock down the three-ball as well, forcing the defense to play her straight up. With a good motor and great work ethic, Bussler played extremely hard on both ends of the floor all day long for the Strictly Skills squad today.

Genevieve Decker (2021) | Metro Cagers-Matuza
I’ve always been a fan of Decker since the first time I laid eyes on her. She’s so athletic and springy, it can be a little startling at times. What really amazes me is her extremely high ball placement on her jump shot. With her long frame, coupled with incredible length and throw in her ridiculous jumping ability; she can pretty much get her shot off on any defender thrown at her. Her floor game is beautiful to watch as well, she seems to see things open up before they happen. Sign me up to the fan club, please.


Sophia Morrison (2024)  | Always 100 - Gamble 2024
Sophia was a dominant force every time she stepped on the court. Her game IQ is beyond her years. She can direct traffic and be the floor general and can also play the two spot and be just as effective. She has excellent ball awareness on defense which led to multiple steals and easy transition buckets. She is lethal on offense, able to penetrate and score or drop a mouth dropping pass, and can knock down a three at any given moment. 

Olivia Smith (2022) | Always 100 - Elite 2021
With a high motor and unbelievable speed, Olivia did not have an off switch. Her quick hands and feet were a nuisance on defense and opponents hated to see her coming. She is a vocal floor leader and has great court vision. She was very impressive in transition, consistently making sure that the ball was advanced up the court as quickly as possible. She always knew where the open man was and could point her put to teammates.

Faith Carson '23

2023 Faith Carson | UTS Sports
At the end of the Notorious B.I.G.s first single “Juicy,” he is famed for saying “If you don’t know, now you know...” Enter Faith Carson: a 6’5” center who when her 1st game started on Saturday morning had 0 offers and very little buzz. My, my, my how things have changed. Because of her size, strength, and athleticism...ability to catch in traffic and finish...and her rebounding and interior passing ability, Faith has catapulted herself into the top 3 of the LBI class of 2023 prospects but will certainly be pushing for the top spot. LBI staff have received calls and can confirm intent to offer from several D1 coaches.

2026 Vanessa Rodriguez and 2026 Ava Rodriguez | 76ers 2025
In the previous weeks leading up to LBI Summer Sizzler, I had heard some buzz about “the twins.” So for my first game of the weekend, I set out to see what the rumblings were all about and Vanessa and Ava Rodriguez did not disappoint. Both girls have similar skill sets and play winning basketball. Their basketball IQ is off the charts fur their age and fell for the game is there. Though both possess leadership qualities, Ava seemed to be the most chatty of the two. She made passes with either hand equally well within the flow of the offense. Vanessa has a business-like approach to the game. She stroked two triples and each time was already transitioning to her roll in defense at the front of the press. Great kids, high potential.

2021 Alex Long | Cagers Selvia
I’ve watched Alex Long play for 3 years, and every summer she gets buckets and the team she leads wins games they seemingly have no business winning. She consistently outplays players who are stronger, taller, and faster. She was phenomenal for her team this weekend including a 26 point performance in a highly competitive overtime loss. She’s a knockdown shooter. Think Allen Iverson in how she sacrifices her body for a bucket. The kid is impressive and is going to help some lucky school win games at the next level.

2027 Cala Haffner | Always 100 Elite 2026
Cala Haffner was one of our smallest and youngest competitors at LBI Summer Sizzler, but she has BIG time potential. She’s so fundamentally sound for her age on the catch and her shot. Best of all, she has grit...there’s a little tiger on the inside of her. Haffner wasn’t afraid to mix it up and stick her nose in there on hustle plays. The Always 100 Elite 2026 team is one to watch.

2026 Khala Williams | Always 100 Elite 2026
Khala was relentless to the basket. Her coach employed her to take advantage of her mismatches and get a bucket. So, Khala got buckets! She scored at will from the perimeter and finished with touch and athleticism.

2022 Erin Sherwood | CCE - Doneth
“Shooter!!!” is what everyone wants to hear when the catch the ball on the swing. There’s nothing like a shooter with confidence. They change the game. Lefty Erin Sherwood was money in the 1st half of her teams championship game vs MBA Select. Netting 3 triples early to give her team a 7 point half time lead. Though she struggled a bit the rest of the way, she never wavered.

2025 Anna Wypych | West Michigan Drive Wympych/Whitford“And, how do you say your name?” is one of the first things I said to Anna Wypych (Why-pitch) upon introducing myself. But get to know the name because Wypych is going to be a very good PG for some lucky program as she graduates from level to level. Right now, that lucky program is West Michigan Drive. Anna has a solid handle and a very good basketball IQ. She flat out just knows how to play basketball and pick her spots on the court. She lines up the 3 and knocks it down or she can create a 3 for a teammate on the dribble drive. The game is simple that way and Wypych knows it.

2025 Elisha Dykstra | West Michigan Drive Wympych/Whitford
This budding talent is long and aggressive. Dykstra is an impact player on both ends of the court. She offers much versatility at this level as she was able to score from all 3 levels and guard multiple positions.

2025 Joslynn Ward SG | West Michigan Drive Wympych/Whitford
I really enjoyed watching Joslynn Ward. She can boogie. She’s has a lot going for her off the dribble. I love how she changes speeds and directions and gets going downhill. She’s a confident shooter too as she was able to make multiple 3's in both games I watched. Watch out for this young hooper. She has it.

2025 Kira Reynolds | Sky Diggs Elite
Kira Reynolds talent level is through the roof. Even at almost 6’3”, she is fluid and runs the floor effortlessly. She dominated the boards at times and led the break on defensive rebounds. Most surprising is her ability to pass off the dribble, in transition, and on the interior. Many say that the true sign of greatness is a player's ability to make those around her better. Kira is on her way to greatness.

2025 Monique Mitchell | Sky Diggs Elite
There is still no substitute for energy and effort. Monique Mitchell displayed that in dominating fashion this weekend by attacking the basket and gobbling up offensive rebounds that led to easy put backs. She even willed her team in a comeback attempt from down 20 to within 4. She scored 10 straight points at one juncture, but Sky Digg came up short to the eventual champs.

2025 Ryia Wilson | Sky Diggs Elite
Ryia Wilson had 10,000 steals this weekend and I’m only exaggerating a little bit. She’s a ball hawk on defense and creates havoc with her ability to sit and stay under ball handlers. Steals, deflections, and headaches all around when this kid is on the floor. Time and time again, Wilson created live-ball turnovers for her team that turned into easy baskets.


Undefeated Diaper Dandy Division Champions, Always 100 2025 Farley just found a way to get it done every time out. Over the years, this team and its core have found a way to beat some of the a plethora of ways. Hats off the coaches and kids for exemplary teamwork and grit. Here are a few kids that caught my eye during the championship run


2025 Addison Baxter - Baxter shouldered the ball-handling load, and handled pressure from the other team and her coaches to get the job done. Made solid plays in big moments.

2025 Elianna Foley - Super tough kid. Called on numerous times to make things difficult for the other team's best player. She gets tough baskets and doesn’t back down from anyone.

2025 Gabriella Barnes - Barnes owns the paint. She was able to scrap for rebounds and get crucial second and third chance points for her team

2025 Nyah Mullins - Mullins is strong and tough. Seems to be the emotional leader of the team. She does a lot of things well and anchors her team in that way.

LBI Summer Sizzler Roundup

  • AJ Ediger of West Michigan Drive (Iowa commit) has her legs back and showed why she one of the top 2021 prospects in the country.
  • Brynn Shoupe-Hill (Always 100) is legit. Catch and shoot 3 and played more physical this weekend. Great pick up for Dayton.
  • Alex Long (Michigan Cagers) can play higher than the level she’s being recruited.
  • Yes, believe the hype, 2023 C Faith Carson is going to be that good.
  • I believe 2021 G Kaitlyn Costner (MBA) is going to break out this year. She’s got a lot in her bag on both ends of the court.
  • LBI hopes everyone that was injured in any way heals quickly. Its sport of the game, but its heartbreaking for us as a staff to see kids go down.