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LBI Event Recap: Summer Sizzler Part I (Warsaw, IN)

By R.Simone @R.SimoneP, 07/20/20, 7:00AM EDT


Warsaw, IN - Teams from all over the Midwest came to Indiana and put in work on the court. For some, this was their first time playing all summer and in many cases, it did not show. Per usual, young lady ballers showed up to play and show no mercy. Here are just a few of today's stand-out players. 

Jordyn Poole  (2024) | Always 100 Elite 2024
Jordyn has quick feet, strong legs, and knows how to sit down on defense and shut players down. She was arguably one of the top defenders in the gym. She was a standout team leader and did a great job of knowing when to score and when to get her team involved. 

Liliana Montavio (2023) | Mac Irvin Fire-Godfather 
Liliana has a go button that does not shut off or slow down until the last whistle is blown at the end of the game. She is quick and light on her feet, able to stay in front of opponents rather easily on defense. She is vocal and not afraid to direct traffic on offense. Liliana uses her crafty moves to get in the lane and let off her signature high teardrop floater, above the reach of much taller defenders. 

Zoe Willems (2024) | Always 100 Gamble 2024
When the ball went in the air, Zoe locked in and became the only agenda she had was to win. She hustled and played hard on every play, was an aggressive defender, and knocked down some big shots, including finishing strong with a lot of contact. When brings a different type of energy to the court and her team, and it showed when she wasn't in the game.

Julia Wenzel (2024) | Michigan Magic
Running the court and doing an awesome job of moving without the ball, Julia made herself available for her teammates to get her the ball. She has a soft touch and consistently kept the ball high and away from defenders. She is a rebounding beast, able to rebound in and out of her area.

Alexa Robinson (2023) | Always 100 Prime 2023
If you like the gritty, work-horse, can do a little bit of everything type of player, then you will love Alexa. She scored, she defended, she rebounded, she sank free-throws, she blocked shots, and she dove on the floor several times in attempts to get her team possession of a loose ball. She did it all with no complaints, just pure hustle.

Rilynn Jones (2025) | Team 419
The smallest player on the court could easily be the toughest player on the court. This was 100% the case with Rilynn. She handled the ball excellently under defensive pressure. She kept her head up to see the court and advance the ball during transition.  She has quick hands, often using them to pick the pockets of her opponents.

Cierra Calloway (2021) | Always 100 Pressure 2021
Cierra showed that showcased her ball-handling skills, using them to maneuver her way through traffic and past defenders. She often had opponents spinning in a circle, trying to stay in front of her. She went to the rim strong, knowing when to take the shot and when not too. She has a high motor and used it to her advantage on both ends of the court.

Talyah Beard (2023) | Tri-County Hoopers
Talyah was the quiet storm on her team. She worked hard and out-hustled everyone, snatching down rebounds, driving to the hoop, creating turnovers on defense, and absorbing a lot of contact as she finished at the rim several times. She's extremely tough and can get scrappy if she needs to. 

Avery Depagter (2024) | West Michigan Drive 2024 (Copeland)
When a player can hustle on defense and still knock down shots with ease, you know they are special. Avery did just that. Her foot was on the gas the entire game. She was vocal and worked hard every defensive possession. Then on offense, she knocked down long-distance shots during key moments and ran down the court to play in your face hard-nosed defense all over again.

Madison Stonebraker (2023) | Always 100 Prime 2023
Madison demonstrated time and time again that when the ball is in her hands, something good was probably going to happen. She is a great decision-maker, including making great shot selections. She was great at reading her defender and making them pay for giving her too much space. She is aggressive and not afraid of a little contact.



Kaitlyn Costner (2021) | MBA Select
Kaitlyn’s is incredibly fast with and without the ball in her hands. It never took her long to break out ahead of the pack in transition and her first step is so quick, defenders were stuck yelling help while looking at the back of her jersey. She turns up the heat on the defensive end, playing some of the best on the ball defense that I saw all weekend.

Ashlynn Brooke (2023) | Always 100 Elite 2023
Scrappy, patient, and a natural leader are just a few of the many characteristics that can be used to describe Ashlynn Brooke. She scans the floor and knows exactly what to run without looking to her bench for assistance. She is confident in her decision making and rightfully so. Whenever you can call a play and in a matter of seconds sink a deep one from the top of the key because your opponent made the mistake of putting their hand down…you know the game of basketball.

Sydney Vis (2022) | West Michigan Drive 2022 (Copeland)
Sydney showcased her ability to be effective on the wing and in the paint. She is crafty with and without the ball, always finding a way to score. She did a great job of running the lanes in transition, always where she needed to be. She is tough and it stands out the most on defense. She has good timing, finding a way to get her hand on the ball and force a jump ball whistle. Sydney was consistently active on the boards.

Nevaeh Jackson (2023) | Always 100 Elite 2023
The “Slasher” of the Jackson twins showed right away that she not only plays hard, but she knows what to do to get herself open and to the hoop. She has a nice first step that made defending her a struggle. She has long arms for her size and used them to deflect passes and grab some steals.

Saniya Jackson (2023) | Always 100 Elite 2023
The “Crasher” of the Jackson twins, Saniya is much stronger than she looks. She had no problem crashing the boards and battling bigger players for rebounds; quite often rebounding over them. She has a nice vertical and knocked down easy layups over those same players. On defense, she did a great job of running the court and getting in front of the ball, stopping teams from making easy transitional points.

Makaya Porter (2023) | MBA Select
Hustle, hustle, and then hustle some more must have been the mantra that Makaya was saying in her head during her games today. She did it all! She hit big shots in the clutch, including a beautiful pull-up jumper in the last thirty seconds of the semifinal game to secure the win for her team. She plays much bigger than her size, bullying her way inside to grab rebounds. And to top it all off, she effectively defended every position on the court.

Destiny Craig (2024) | Always 100 Elite 2024
Destiny showed that she has the skill set to play on the perimeter and the strength and IQ to also play inside. She is a worker bee, doing anything necessary to get her team a bucket. She sits down on defense and is not a pushover. She is vocal on and off the court, bringing great energy to the game.

Trinity Clinton (2021) | MBA Select
When the game got tight and her team was down, Trinity kicked it into high gear. She was aggressive on offense, getting defenders on their heels and driving to the hoop; finishing strong with a ton of contact. She shot the ball well from the paint and behind the arc. She is vocal on defense and willing to guard whomever on the switch. Trinity also showed off her ball handles, weaving through traffic, finding a way to score.

Mariah Stoltzfus (2024) | Always 100 Gamble 2024
Mariah put on display her ability to be a legit triple threat. She has a great game IQ and court vision which allows her to not only see and attack the gaps in the defense and get to the hoop but also to get her teammates the ball for high percentage shots. She plays hard-nosed defense, never afraid to give or receive some contact, and last but certainly not least, she is a shooter!

Jaci Tubergen (2022) | West Michigan Drive 2022 (Copeland)
Whether off the bounce or a hard screen, Jaci let it fly and showed her ability to knock down big shots. She has a quick release and a high arch that hit the bottom of the net with precision. She did a good job of staying wide on defense, using her length to her advantage. After forcing steals and turnovers, Jaci was great at looking up and making sure to advance the ball, even if that meant attacking the rim herself.

Skylar Jones (2023) | Mac Irvin Lady Fire Godfather
Elite Division MVP, Jones is versatile, with a long reach and great footwork, Skylar showed up in a big way. She used her length to create space between herself and the defender to get her shot off. She was patient, using an arsenal of moves to score, knocking down a variety of shots from a baby hook to a floater in the lane. She crashed the boards for easy put backs and finished strong with contact. She’s very athletic and quick for her size.