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LBI Event Recap: Michigan Mega Scrimmage "Ontario Top Performers" Part I (Belleville, MI)

By R.Simone @R_SimoneP, 11/25/19, 3:15AM EST


Belleville, MI: In true LBI fashion, a scrimmage unlike any other in the state took place Friday evening at Belleville High School. Six of Ontario, Canada’s finest traveled across the border to take on some of the finest from the Mitten. With 30+ college coaches and several national media sources sitting courtside, these games were loaded with great moves, incredible shots, jaw-dropping plays, and smothering defense. In the end, Ontario took home the crown with the most wins for the evening.

The following day, high school teams from every corner of the state and Ontario, Canada, filled Saline middle and high school. Teams were allotted the opportunity to get some pre-season kinks worked out and give college coaches from every level a sneak peek at what they are bringing to the court this season.

Aaliyah Edwards  2020  6’3”  SF  Crestwood Prep (CA)
Arguably the best player, American or Canadian, at the scrimmage, Edwards was an unstoppable force. Her athletic abilities are simply incredible, and she never ceased to amaze spectators. She can jump out of the gym, put the ball on the floor and make her opponents’ ankles wobble, and knock down a step-back jumper with ease. Signed w/UConn

Alexis Daley-Ellis  2020  5’10”  CG  J. Addison (CA)
Alexis took several “likins” and kept on “ticking” on both defense and offense. She did not hesitate to defend the top scorer on the other team. She also did not mind getting in the paint and battling other players for lay-ups and rebounds. She has a quick first step, leaving defenders stuck at times.

Sa’Mone Winters 2021  5’6”  PG  Lincoln Prep (CA)
A vocal leader that can knock down short and long distant jumpers, Winters impact on the game was undeniable. She used her high IQ to do a great job of assessing the defense and making the best offensive call for her team. Sa’Mone also had no problems getting down and dirty for and with her team, going after loose balls and creating contact around the rim.

Shayeann Day-Wilson  2021  5’7”  PG  Crestwood Prep (CA)
A true point guard, it was evident that Shayeann has been working on her game. Her ability to be the floor general on her team with so much talent on the roster was impressive. She played great on the ball defense, snatching cookies left and right while staying out of foul trouble.

Ciante Downs  2020  5’8”  SG   Markham Prep (CA)
Downs was often the best defensive player on the court. Her quick hands and feet led to numerous steals and easy buckets for her squad. She is strong and plays tough. She knows how to bully her way to the rim through the paint, forcing teams to either foul her or let her score. She also did a great job of handling the roc when called upon.

Chantelle Stuart  2024  5’7”  SG  Crestwood Prep (CA)
The youngest player on a talent-packed team, Chantelle, let it be known that she has no problem holding her own and giving whatever it is her team needs from her. She was a defensive weapon and could score when called upon. She crashed the boards and was vocal on and off the court.

Alexis Wright  2022  5’9”  PG  Niagara Prep (CA)
Alexis was simply put a ball of energy that often gave her team the spark they needed to get going. She is vocal on both offense and defense, demonstrating that she is a leader. She is a smart player that makes good decisions and can shoot the ball very well.

T’Yana Todd  2022  5’11”  SG  RCI Basketball Academy (CA)
A long wingspan that she uses to shoot over opponents, Todd is a hard worker that sees the court and advances the ball in transition. She knows the game, and it shows in her movement with and without the ball. She is athletic and very active on defense.

Alexis Stewart  2020  5’10”  SG  Southwest Academy (CA)
Alexis lit the gym on fire with her great shooting from behind the arc. She knocked down shots with her feet set, off the dribble, and with a defender in her face. She is crafty and knows how to bait defenders with the threat of her excellent shooting and get to the rim and score.

Lisa Tesson  2021  5’10”  PG  TRC Academy (CA)
A bigger point guard, Tesson knew precisely how to use her size and strength to her advantage. She can get to the rim and knock down the fifteen footer consistently. She has a high battery, rarely showing signs of being tired or fatigued. Lisa is a vocal leader, and when she wasn’t on the court, it showed.