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LBI Event Recap: 2019 Michigan Rising Stars Part I (Belleville, MI)

By R.Simone @R_SimoneP, 10/27/19, 11:00AM EDT


Belleville, MI – Showcases are always a roll of the dice. It is your hope that the players who have signed up to play in the showcase come mentally and physically prepared to bring their best game and show us exactly what it is they can do. Unfortunately, that is not always the outcome. However, the young ladies that showed up to the gym today all three things in common; talent, competitiveness, and heart. These young ballers were beyond impressive in both the skill stations and in the five on five games. It is good to know that mitten basketball will be in great hands!

Here are a few standout players that crossed my path…


Gabby Halliwill  2024  5’4”  PG Charlotte
Gabby was very impressive in the individual stations, and that confidence transferred over to the five on five play. She did a great job of handling the ball and doing what great point guards do; seeing the court and keeping her eyes up.

Mckenzie Swanson 2024  6’1”  SF  Holy Family Rochester
Mckenzie showed right away that she’s not your typical 6’1” player. She has solid footwork and is quicker than most players her size. She was excellent in the pick and roll and had a very soft touch when she knocked down the mid-range jumper.

Braxcynn Baker  2024  5’6”  SG  Lowell
Playing hard on every possession, Braxcynn
let it be known that she understands the game very well at her young age. She filled the lanes perfectly in transition, she moved without the ball to create shots for herself and played tough defense. Braxcynn was not gun shy, lock and loading her shooting hand often, knocking down threes and long jumpers. 

Yasmyn Palmer  2024  6’0”  PF  UPSM
A tough, versatile player, Yasmyn
was a huge presence on both ends of the court. She is athletic and uses her athleticism to defend and block shots, and also to move without the ball and make cuts in the lane to get easy buckets.

Tessa Rose  2024  CG  5’4”  St. Pat’s
Tessa’s tenacity was unmatched. When the ball was in her hands, she found a way to score. Whether it be a strong move to the hoop and finishing with a reverse layup of her own, or creating an easy shot for someone else, the ball was at least going in the air for a shot attempt. That same energy was given on the defensive end, as well.

Bailey Pickens  2024  PG  5”6” Detroit Edison
The first thing that stood out about Bailey. She played so hard,  and with so much energy, it made you question if it would hurt offensively. It didn’t. The same strength and quickness she used to stay in front of her man, she used to make strong moves to the basket and finish with a bucket.

Riley Abney  2024  5’5”  PG  Brandon Middle School
Riley’s game is entertaining and yet fundamentally sound. She keeps her head up at all times, and she’s able to see things that most don’t. She can thread a needle with her passes and did so time and time again. She also did a good job of slowing the ball down and getting an offensive flow going for her squad. 


Tierra Golden  2025  4’8”  PG  MacArthur
Tierra is small but was one of the toughest players at the showcase. Time and time again, she weaved through the trees in the paint to get to the rim. She has amazing ball handles and is a solid defender. Tierra was a lot of fun to watch.

Damaya Hartwick  2025  4’10”  PG  Goodrich
Quick feet and quick hands made Damaya an absolute pest defensively. She always seemed to be “in the way” creating turnovers and rushed shots. She is a floor leader that is vocal and patient. Her energy was high, and others fed off of it.

Jayla Jackson 2026  5’5”  CG  Abbot Middle School
One of the most athletic and impressive players at the showcase, Jayla left jaws dropped and mouths open when her graduation year was shared. She has the game IQ of an elite varsity high school player. She knows how to create shots for herself, and she is not afraid of a little contact.

Layla Marshall  2025  5’6”  SG  Western Prep
Layla’s consistency on both ends of the court is what made her standout often. She has long arms that she uses to shoot over opponents and also to deflect passes and steal the ball on defense. She ran the court well in transition and is not afraid to shoot. 

Kamaria Lowe 2026  5’11”  SF  George Washington
Kamaria athleticism, combined with her length, made her a rebounding machine and also a shot blocker. She has a long stride that gets her up and down the court quickly to make herself available for easy buckets in transition.  She’s a lot better than she realizes.