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The Mittens Future: Michigan's 2024 Hot List

By Jason Wilkins @LBInsider, 09/17/19, 8:15AM EDT


We all know the game of basketball is about skill and potential. In today's game, many college coaches are looking for the next superstar at an early age that can help their program get to an elite level. The state of Michigan's class of 2024 has the chance to be one of the top classes that the state has had in some time. Here's a glimpse of Michigan's 2024 Hot List. Remember there is still a long way to go, as players will still need to get better each and every year. 

2024 Hot List Eleven To Watch

2024 Mackenzie Swanson 6'1" SF
Upside is there for the talented Mackenzie Swanson. She's super long and does a lot of things well. She's effective on the perimeter as well as the high post. Because of her skill set, length, and ability to run the floor, Swanson has to be considered to be the player in the class of 2024 with the highest ceiling, but only time will tell. 

2024 Bailey Pickens 5'6" SG
Few improved throughout the spring and summer as Bailey Pickens did. She is effective on and off the ball on the offensive end, using her quickness and fearlessness to get to the basket. In an uptempo style of play, Pickens is extraordinary as she can create havoc in passing lanes to get easy transition baskets. She is moving up the charts when considering who the top 5 guards are in the 2024 class.

2024 Devin "Pooter" Hagemann 5'5" PG
When this lightning-quick point guard is on her game, she's one of the best in the 2024 class loaded with point guards. "Pooter" separates herself from the pack with her ability to get to any spot on the court because of her handle and speed. She has a big-time motor that allows her to wear down her counterpart and gives her an edge down the stretch. Hagemann is really good, but if she adds size, then watch out! 

2024 Lauren Courtwright 6'0" Post
Lauren Courtwright is skilled, relentless, and a handful in the paint. No one plays harder! Whether from the block or high post, Courtwright is one of the most effective and efficient
post in her class. 

2024 Emma Arico 5'4" PG
Fundamentals get you a long way in the game of basketball. You could argue that Emma Arico is one of the most fundamentally sound point guards in the class of 2024. This lefty has a sweet stroke from beyond the arc and basketball IQ beyond her years.

2024 Summer Davis 5'7" PG
Summer Davis is relentless to the basket with all kinds of sauce on her finishes at the hoop. She finishes with either hand with a jelly, floater, and double pumps. Davis is one of those kids that just keep coming and puts her stamp on a game by making the opponent melt under her will to compete and confidence. College coaches are taking notice as Summer, and her sister Indya have already received an offer from Niagra University.

2024 Indya Davis 5'7" PG
Indya Davis oozes with confidence, and it shows in her play. There's not one shot from anywhere on the court that she is not comfortable shooting or willing to take. Her ability to get to the basket and finish is uncanny. Indya and her twin sister Summer have received an offer from Niagra University, but both are hungry for more, and they play like it. 

2024 Na'Kiya Bonner 5'5" PG
Some people say they are gym rats; then there are some that are genuinely gym rats. And when you are a gym rat, there is one specific place that your time in the gym makes the most significant impact, and that is in your confidence. Just last year, Na'Kiya Bonner was a shy, but a budding talent. But this year Bonner came into her own and performed at a high level. Bonner has worked herself into consideration as the top PG and player in the Michigan 2024 class.

2024 Grace Lyons 5'6" SG
I saw Grace play a few games this summer, and in those games, she shot the lights out. When you can shoot the ball as she can at such a young age, then you are and can become a great asset for your team. Playing up has its advantages, and Grace is taking advantage of those opportunities

2024 Lillian Zeinstra 5'8" CG
Ultra skilled guard with the ability to score. She's very good off the ball as well. Composed under pressure and is already leading at a high level. Her three-point shot is refined and deadly. Zeinstra seemed to get better and better every time out, and her stock is rising. 

2024 Riley Abney 5'6" SG
This kid can stroke the ball from the behind the arc; whether it is spotting up or off the catch, you can not give Abney any space at all. She has a quick release and a beautiful form, which is very rare for a kid her age to have. We all hope everyone will improve their game over the next three years, but I am here to tell you if Riley grows another 3 to 4 inches she will have the chance to be one of the premier shooters in the country.



LBI Michigan 2024 Hot List

Name Height Position
Ashley Weller 5'9" SG
Lily Zeinstra 5'8" SG
Maddelyn Geers 5'9" SG
Reese Polega 5'11" SF
Leah Richard 5'10" SF
Leila Wells 5'8" SF
Kate Stemmer 5'5 SG
Yasmyn Palmer 5'11" PF
Anaya Billups 5'9" SF
Alley Bisballe 6'2" Post
Sarah Rekowski 6'1" Post
Mia McLaughlin 5'8" SF
Amaya Smith 5'3" PG
Lauren Wilder 5'4" PG
Maggie Hillard 5'10" SF
Stephanie Utomi 5'9" SF
Stacy Utomi 5'9" SF
Mya Anderson 5'8" SF
Brianna Thomas 5'8" SG