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LBI Event Recap: Mill City Invitational Part II (Minneapolis, MN)

By R.Simone Brown @R_SimoneP, 07/11/19, 7:00AM EDT


Minneapolis, MN– Any scout or recruiter worth their money or their reports will tell you that 10-12 hour days are considered reasonable at tournaments of this size. What helps to make the time go by fast is the caliber of play during each game and the amount of energy and talent attached to each player. There were no disappointments this weekend. My eleven hours on Saturday and nine hours on Sunday well worth it! There were a few familiar faces and names, but tons of new ones that left a lasting impression, to say the least. Congratulations to all the teams that won first place in their division!

Is there a leak in the building? It’s raining everywhere!

Players that lit up the perimeter with their near perfect shooting

Elliana Magestro-Kennedy  2023  5’6”  SG  Let It Rain 2023-Blaxk
Elliana shot the ball with confidence and accuracy every game. She knew when to let it fly, utilizing her quick release, and when she needed to create space to get off a good shot. She never forced anything, and when it counted most, she never missed.

Amelia Osgood  2021  5’9”  PG  Team B. Wright 2021 UAA
When the ball was in her hands, great things happened. Amelia did an excellent job of controlling the flow of the offense, knowing when to move the ball around, when to pick up the pace and when she needed to take matters into her own hands. Her long-range shooting was impressive and consistent.

Taylor Theusch  2020  5’7”  SG  WI Flight Elite 11 UAA
On a team with so many weapons, it is sometimes hard to find your place or know what’s needed from you. This not the case with Taylor. Her sharpshooting skills were always on time. She shot the ball with confidence and without hesitation. She is also a solid defender.

Addison Klosterbuer  2023  5’9”  SG  SD Attack 2023
Addison’s heart and confidence is much bigger than her small stature. She worked extremely hard on both ends of the court and did not mind getting on the floor to get a little dirty. She trusts herself, and it shows when she shoots. She shot the ball well from multiple places on the court, including from deep beyond the arc.

Meghan Strickler  2020  5’10”  SF  AZ Select 17 GUAA
Meghan is a go-getter type of player. She is a workhorse, doing all the little things to give her team an edge. She was responsible for five of a ten point run, which included creating a steal and hitting an easy layup, then coming down on the next possession and sinking a long-range three. The run was just the beginning of her sharpshooting display.

Eye-catching and unforgettable…

A few players that consistently played hard and deserved to be mentioned

Brooklyn Meyer  2022  6’2”  PF  SD Attack 2022
Brooklyn never takes a possession off. She runs the court well, especially in transition. She knows how to make herself available to score. Brooklyn kept the ball high and finished strong at the rim.

Aniyah Augmon  2021  5’7”  PG  Peninsula Elite Platinum
Aniyah has unbelievable speed, even with the ball in her hands. She is a high energy floor leader that did an awesome and consistent job of directing traffic and keeping the offensive flow going. She attacks the rim on offense and always defended the best player on the other team.

Jaiden Horner  2021  5’8”  SG  Missouri River Elite 17U (ND)
A versatile player that can defend multiple positions, Jaiden did not shy away from a challenge. She stepped up and defended bigger players and did a good job of it. She can handle the ball under pressure and score if she needs to. She is an energy source for her team.

Tatyanna Clayburne  2021  5’8”  PG  AZ Select 17 GUAA
Tatyanna is a tough, scrappy point guard that hustles on every possession. She is patient on offense and knows how to create easy scoring opportunities for herself or her teammates. She has great court vision and made some incredible passes because of it.

Kaziah Terrell  2020  5’8”  SF  FBC BounceNation 2020-Bria
Kaziah is athletic and strong. She is an incredible defender and not easily pushed around. She is a vocal floor leader with and without the ball in her hands. Kaziah knows how to score, getting to the rim and free throw line often.

Katherine Burns  2020  6’1” PF  MN Fury 2020-Yellow
A strong rebounder that can move well without the ball, Katherine was able to get some easy looks at the hoop by being in the right place at the right time. She is a good defender, especially in the paint, and also a very good rebounder. She dominated on the boards on both ends.

Annika Shah  2021  5’5”  PG  Peninsula Elite Platinum
Annika is small in size, but her game is big. She has a high IQ and seemed to make all the right decisions with the ball in her hands. She is a strong defender, responsible for creating lots of turnovers that resulted in easy points for her team. She is also a scorer. Annika can get to the rim for a nice floater and knock a three-pointer from deep.