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LBI Event Recap: Hoosier Heat (Indianapolis, IN)

By LBI Staff @LBInsider @LBIMarcy @LBI_Steve, 07/09/19, 3:30PM EDT


2022 Amaya Bonnor 5’11” PG Golden City 17U GUAA

Indianapolis, IN: The Hoosier Heat came to a close on Monday.  Day 3 featured more marquee matchups between some of the nation’s most exceptional talent.  Elite teams and individuals rose to the surface to make it clear that they belong in the “Best in the Nation” conversation. Their presence upped the level of play for the entire field at this year’s Hoosier Heat.  I was especially impressed with the younger players and teams who gave us all something to look forward to.  This tournament provided proof that the girl’s game is advancing to new levels every year.  I can’t wait to see what next year’s event will bring.  Based on what we saw this year, I do not doubt that it will be even bigger and better.

Hoosier Heat Top Performers

2021 Jersey Wolfenbarger 6’1” SG Arkansas Banshees
Wolfenbarger was phenomenal! The skilled wing proved that she could do it all! Scoring the ball in many different ways, she was able to slash through contact and finish at the rim. Also, she was an excellent perimeter rebounder who went coast to coast and made things happen for her Arkansas Banshees squad.

2022 Amaya Bonnor 5’11” PG Golden City 17U GUAA
When Amaya was knocking down her perimeter and three-point shots, she was hard to contain. Her shooting had defenders closing out on her quickly, and she blew by them and dished the ball out to open teammates. Her tough defense caused trouble for opponents and resulted in many steals. This kid is talented and I can see many PAC 12 schools on her radar rather sooner than later. 

2020 Cianna Gloster 5'11" Post Michigan Storm 2020 GUAA
Do you want energy? This kid brings it! She was very active on the glass and fought for almost every rebound and loose ball. She ran the middle of the floor that resulted in fast-break points, and outrebounded the opposition big time! Gloster converted on many “And Ones” during the Hoosier Heat. College Coaches if you want a kid that is going to go 100% every time she's on the floor, Gloster is the kid you should take a long hard look at.

2021 Alexia Mobley 6'2" SF Angels Basketball Club
Mobley was a rebounding machine in the low post! She went after every rebound and battled down low with everybody. She gathered a large number of offensive rebounds and went back up and finished. Alexia didn’t let anyone out rebound her, and she was a huge rim protector for her Angel's team the entire event.

2020 Kache Donald-Etienne 5'8" SG Illinois X-Citement
Kache solidified herself as one of the best shooters at the Hoosier Heat.  It is common for her to drop bombs from 3-point range.  Against the West Virginia Thunder, it was just another day at the office as she recorded five (5) 3-pointers. 

2022 Amani Rivers 5’11” C Philly Triple Threat 15U
This may have been the most physical, rough, and tumble game I’ve been witness to in a long time. Having said that, Amani Rivers fit into this style like a glove. She played with such strength and physicality that the way the other team tried to impose their will on the game with aggression, had little to no effect on her. She had several big-time blocks down the stretch along with numerous tough rebounds in traffic. Rivers caught the ball well inside and managed to finish some timely buckets as well.

2022 Mia Mancini 5’3” PG Rivals 9th Silver
Don’t let her small frame, quiet demeanor or pretty smile fool you, Mancini can play some good high-level basketball. She showed off her shooting skills early when her team struggled to get going, knocking down much-needed threes. Mia quickly made it clear what her bread-and-butter game was though; her ability to get her team involved and make them better! Her court vision is at such a high level. She managed to find players through windows that seemed closed shut. Her skill and variety in which she used it, was definitely a standout on the court.

2022 Chaplin Cunningham 5’7” SF Team B. Wright
It’s been a while since I’ve seen a girl that keeps my eyebrows up for longer than they should be. Team B. Wright has a very, very good team, full of athletes and skill. She stood out to me for reasons that could be considered unexpected; her defense. I mean this girl made me feel a bit uncomfortable at times with how physical she played. Her on-ball defense had girls sweating, her off the ball defense caused numerous turnovers and her post-defense-yes I said post defense, was three levels above tough. I watched her swipe extremely hard at balls, rip away soon to
be jump balls, and body players all game long. Her energy and effort were simply unparalleled.

2022 Garen Haney 5’10” SF Team B. Wright
When on the first play of the game a player leaps up over everyone and finishes like a dunk could’ve come, then you know you have a special athlete on your hands. Haney was head and shoulders above everyone else at times. Driving with a full head of steam made her an absolute nightmare for defenders; she is so strong and physical, stopping her when she got in the paint was nearly impossible. She excelled, however, when it came to the defensive end. Guards quickly realized that throwing that bunny pass over the top of her was a terrible idea. She snatched several of those out of the air for some easy points for her team. She continued to standout possession after possession with her athleticism and physical play.

2022 Klea Kaci 5’9” ON-A Game 14U Caroline-Hummell
This young lady’s game was exciting to watch. She’s one of those players that will have the ball in transition, make a move and just when you think you are anticipating what’s next-she does something different. She kept me guessing the whole time. Kaci showed off her skill with the ball in her hands, making strong, quick moves to blow past defenders. This long guard made good decisions throughout the game, whether it was taking uncontested threes or finding an open cutter. Her versatility and variety in which she was able to score the ball
was fun to watch.

2022 Madison Stevenson 6’4” C Gauchos (white) & 2022 Kyla Oldacre 6’5” C All Ohio Xpress
I felt like I was walking into the land of the giants when I showed up to the matchup between All Ohio Xpress and NY Gauchos. Oldacre stands at 6’5” and Stevenson at 6’4”. To fully experience the power and size they brought, I purposefully positioned myself directly under the basket, and they didn’t disappoint. Rebounds were fought in inches, whoever got position first, whoever left the ground early, and definitely whoever wanted it the most. These two affected the game so much that plays were being called for them, and all the perimeter players had to make adjustments quickly. The paint was owned by the bigs today. Any shot that tried to make it to the rim was met with opposition by the likes of Stevenson and Oldacre. These two finished several contested and extremely tough buckets inside.

2023 Alexa Raabe 6’3” C WPA Bruins
This promising young talent has some definite upside. Her size and length was a problem for most to contend with today. She also put pressure on opposing bigs to run the floor hard because she sprinted every possession. Alexa showed great ability to protect the rim and get big blocks or even alter shots. She was able to secure the rebounds on the defensive end nicely while grabbing a few offensive boards and throwing them back in for two. Raabe caught the ball well in traffic showing off her strong hands and was also able to finish some with contact. She is absolutely one to keep an eye on in the near future.

2023 Taliah Scott 5’9” PG South Beach 15U UAA
Taliah Scott merely is electric with the ball in her hands. She was able to find the balance of involving her teammates in the flow of the game and creating shots for herself. Though she struggled shooting the ball from the field, the talent and the skill was obvious to see. So obvious, that at the start of the game there was one college coach. As word started to spread quickly, by half time, there were at least a dozen to catch a glimpse of the ultra-talented Scott who is ready to take the girl's basketball world by storm.

2023 Jada Jones 6’3” C South Beach 15U UAA
With a scary blend of strength and athleticism, Jada Jones is sure to continue to make strides as a dominant post player. Jada has only been playing basketball for a little over a year but is already showing significant time potential. She’s a monster on the boards and is a capable finisher with either hand when she snatches offensive rebounds. Her presence and physicality is imposing and will no doubt be one of many reasons for college coaches to check out this budding star.

2022 Camille Jackson 5’9” PG IL X-Citement Joi
At the point guard position, you need players who are steady, defend, and can make the big play when you need it. Already a household name among 2022s, Camille Jackson was that player in the Il X-Citement victory vs. West Virginia Thunder Gold. Jackson was able to make up for a mistake that she made and owned just seconds before making the go-ahead layup in transition. At 5’9”, Camille’s frame and athleticism is a problem for players trying to defend the paint. In this instance, Jackson sealed the deal with a three-point play the old fashioned way.

2021 Skye Robinson 6’2” PF Team Loaded 2020 Davis
Do-it-all power forward, Skye Robinson, has the tools to be an impact player at the next level. She has a young Asia Wilson type of flow to her game. She went off the bounce from the high post. She stepped out and looked great from 3. She hedged well on pick and roll situations and was a force in the paint. Versatility is king at the power forward position these days, and Robinson has it.

2022 Halei Murrell 5’6” PG The Compound Crimson Tide
Nothing gets me more excited while sitting in my chair and evaluating point guards that pass the ball well and enjoy doing it.
Halei Murrell is that girl, and I loved watching her do her thing. She broke down defenses and delivers the ball to her shooters and bigs for scoring opportunities. With no-looks and behind the back passes, Murrell is entertaining to watch. However, it’s her enthusiasm for making a play for her teammates that catches the eye.