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LBI Event Recap: USJN Premier Invitational Day II (Westfield, IN)

By LBI Staff @LBI_Steve @LBIMarcy @LBInsider, 07/07/19, 7:15AM EDT


Westfield, IN: The USJN Premier Invitational continue on Saturday, and a host of talented prospects from different parts of the country delivered some top performances on Day II. Here's a closer look at some that stood out in Westfield. 

6'4" Senia Feagin PF 2021 Georgia Pearls National
Feagin was a matchup nightmare for any defender that A-Game (Ontario) threw at her on Saturday. She's a smooth scorer that went either way with the ball in her hands, scored a few times in transition off the dribble, Feagin got good position on the low blocks which she used her long wingspan and soft touch around the rim to extend over her defender for an easy basket. Many SEC schools were on hand checking out this talented prospect, and after watching her display her talents, I see why many were in attendance.

6'2" Amiya Joyner PF 2023 Carolina Flames
Every year there is a prospect that is playing a few grade levels up and performs, well in Indiana on Saturday Amiya Jordan was that kid. A raw talent from the Carolina state, Jordan was fantastic for the Flames on the glass and on the defensive end as she blocked or altered many shots. She did the bulk of her scoring on dump offs or putbacks. Amiya is a talent that will be a hot commodity for many college coaches in years to come. 

5'10" Sydney Bowles SG 2022 Georgia Pearls
There is no question that this kid can score the rock; she had a few solid performances on Saturday. Bowles shot at it very well from the perimeter as she connected on a couple of deep triples on the day and also showed the ability to create her own shot and finish through contact. Bowles is an excellent on-ball defender, and with her size, strength, and athleticism, she could easily be an elite defender. 

5'7" Dolly Cairns PG 2020 City Rocks (NY)
The Rhode Island commit, made a ton of plays for her City Rocks (NY) squad in transition as she wasn't afraid to hit it ahead to her wings or bigs running the floor. Cairns was able to get to the rim off the pick and roll and either finish in the lane, knock the three-point shot or a relocating teammate for an open shot. She's the type of player that you need running the show for your team and Rhode Island will be in good hands as soon as Cairns steps on campus. 

6'2" Shannon Wheeler 2021 PF Michigan Crossover 16U EYBL
Wheeler has been coming into her own all spring long, and in Westfield, she has continued to show improvements in her game. She got up and blocked some shots and was dominate on the boards as she used her length and athleticism to grab any rebound that was in or out of her area. Wheeler even stepped out and made a few mid-range jumpers, which was very impressive. She holds a few offers as of now, but she will add a few more to her collection if she continues to improve her overall skills. 

6'2" Madeline Westbeld 2020 SF Sports City U 
Was huge for Sports City U in their blowout victory over GTS Fusion. She showed her versatility as a scorer to score the ball inside & out. Westbeld hit several three's spotting up or coming off screens, and when she wasn't knocking them down from deep, she was beating slower defenders off the bounce. She recently narrowed her college choices down to UCLA, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Louisville, and Tennessee, which all was sitting courtside. 

2023 Dakota Alston 5’8” SG Michigan Crossover 14U
This southpaw quickly took over the game against the Hooplife Cyfair Elite squad with much needed deep threes. When her team struggled to find some offense, and they were riddled with foul trouble, she stepped up big time. Dakota was able to consistently lose defenders on the perimeter and hit even when the defense seemed to key in on her. Alston used her superior athleticism and skill level to get to the rim on occasion as well making her a legit scoring threat.

2025 Jessa Troy 5’4” CG Nike Lady Gymrats 13U
Troy opened a very intense and loud game with an in-rhythm three-point bucket! She quickly got into a smooth groove with an and 1, not to mention a steal and breakaway layup to go with it. Her ability to handle the ball with confidence allowed her the luxury of breaking down her defender time after time. Troy played extremely hard on the defensive end for the duration of the game. She got numerous steals, deflections and picked up several loose balls as well. Her energy was hard not to notice.

2023 Taniya Walker 5’5” PG Lady Meanstreets 14U
Walker, Walker, Walker. At times during this game, Taniya Walker seemed almost bored. She showed flashes of big-time scoring skills, but then she made sure her teammates got in on the action for sure. Her flashy ball handling skills were unmistakable as there were no two players able to contain her. She managed to mix in quick-trigger threes and thread the needle with nice interior passing to her teammates. Her on-ball defense was trouble as well, causing turnovers and disruption all over the court.

2024 Chloe Spreen 5’10” SG Nike Lady Gymrats Turquoise
Chloe Spreen is way more than your average Indiana shooter. She is an incredible Indiana shooter! If you think this young lady is trouble now, wait a couple of years because that’s how long you have to wait until she gets to high school. She does have all the right tools to become something extraordinary. Her ball handling is great, even with pressure, her passing and court vision is beyond her years, and her shooting is flat out impeccable.

2021 Brianna Williams 6’0” PF ON-A Game 15U Cohen
Her physical play inside was exhausting to watch. Brianna came to work today-she never let the defense take a break. Williams posted up hard and commanded bodies around her at all times. She crashes the boards on every shot on both ends of the court, converting several for her team. Her energy translated over to the defensive end as well! Sitting on ball handlers and not allowing them to turn that corner.

2022 Skylar Forbes 6’1” SF ON-A Game 15U Cohen
This long and lean small forward showed all kinds of versatility throughout her meeting with the hometown Indy Gymrats. She stepped out behind the arc and hit three balls consistently. When the defense scrambled into a zone, Forbes set up shop at the high post and picked them apart with a soft jumper from 15. That doesn’t mean this 6’1” frontcourt player can’t mix it up with the big girls too; she snagged boards and threw in several putbacks as well.

2023 Claire Mcdougall 5’11” SF Irish Elite Hootman
Irish Elite has quite the gem over there. This small forward is such a workhorse on the court. I mean from blocks that go into the stands to rebounds that have bodies falling everywhere to the occasional old fashioned three-point play. She comes ready to outwork any and everyone when she steps on the hardwood. You can see her intensity and passion all over her face when’s she’s playing; quite the joy to watch.

2021 Ally Vantimmeren 6’2” PF Michigan Crossover 17U EYBL
You could argue no one owned the paint at the 17U level as Ally Vantimmeren did in Day 2 of EYBL action. With at least a half a dozen old fashioned three-point plays and several key offensive rebounds and putbacks over the course of two games, Ally has established herself (again) as a top forward in the 2021 class. I believe the lefty’s improved conditioning has been the catalyst for her improved play since the spring.

2021 Kyndall Hunter 5’8” PG Cy Fair Elite 17
Kendal Hunter made all the difference in 72-58 win over gritty Crossover team. Her impact was undeniable on both ends of the court. Quick hands on defense created loose ball situations. Hunter's quickness with the ball created opportunities for herself and others that just weren’t there for her opponents. If there were an MVP award for the day and I had a vote, I’d vote for Kendall Hunter.

2021 Saniya Rivers 6’0” CG Carolina Flames EYBL
Saniya shot the lights out! All the while, creating shots for herself at will. Has a deadly combination of composure and confidence with the ball in her hand. Rivers ability to get elevation on her shot at any time makes her a threat to score at any given moment. I heard a college coach say to his colleague, “They have no answer for her.” He was right, Midwest Elite had no answer for her on the defensive end, and everyone knew it.

2021 Samara Spencer 5’7” PG Miami Suns EYBL
Samara Spencer showed she is a fearless competitor in 62-58 loss to All-Iowa attack, by netting two big step back three's down the stretch to close the gap. Even in final few seconds, Spencer stepped up in the moment, shot the long one, but missed the triple that would have tied it. Spencer didn’t back down, and I’m sure the coaches took notice.

2020 Sidney Parrish 6’1” SG Indy Gym Rats EYBL Silver (Oregon Commit)
Parrish played her role as the silent assassin vs. the Fairfax Stars. She netted three triples on the afternoon, and I remember her making free throw after free throw. However, little did I know she ended up with 26 points! When you have a sweet stroke as Parrish does, points come quick and in a hurry for the 2019 Indiana Class 4A State Champ.

Exodus NYC 17U EYBL 
Teams that rebound is tough to beat. That being said, Exodus NYC is and will be very difficult to beat. These girls are tough! Also, there are none tougher than Caroline Ducharme. Don’t let Ducharme’s sweet stroke from beyond the arc fool you. She is a workhorse. She attacks the basket off the dribble and crashes the boards with no regard for her own body. Notre Dame commit, Natalija Marshall, must also drink the same juice that Ducharme drinks because the 6’5” Center was just as relentless to the boards as her teammate as she was able to pull down 16 rebounds over the course of the two games played on Saturday. Destiny Adams brings versatility on the offensive and defensive end. Adams also is a great rebounder. Also, while the three aforementioned young ladies control the boards, Dominique Darius runs the show. Her size and speed at the PG position is a game changer and allows the rest of the players to run the floor and enjoy the scoring opportunities they usually wouldn’t have. It’s early, but Exodus NYC’s ability to control the boards might win them a championship in Indy.