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LBI Event Recap: USJN Premier Invitational Day I (Westfield, IN)

By LBI Staff @LBI_Steve @LBIMarcy, 07/06/19, 8:15AM EDT


USJN Premier Invitational Day I (Westfield, IN)

2023 Jade Tillman 6’0” SF GTS Fusion 16
Jade Tillman was a force for GTS Fusion. Though she was one of the youngest players on the court, she was Fusions emotional leader as she did not allow the score of the game dampen her enthusiasm for the game. Tillman converted multiple And1s because of her attacking style of play. She will also soon be collected multiple offers if she continues to develop and grow as she has the talent to become a big time prospect.

2021 Trinity Clinton 5’7” CG MBA Select Gold Gauntlet 17
Players with elite power and speed combinations are always tough to deal with. Trinity Clinton has elite power and speed and it serves her well on both ends of the court in MBA Selects 3 point win over a very talented Georgia Pearls team. She grabbed rebounds amongst girls 6-8 inches taller than her. She slashed and scored at will. Clinton also has moments of creating havoc on the defensive end. Clinton is a headache for opposing coaches, but a must watch for college coaches.

2022 Kiley Capstraw 5’11” SG New Jersey Belles 17
This young, but skilled shooting guard stood out among her peers in a highly competitive game vs. Central Florida Elite. Kiley Capstraw attacked the basket in the half court setting and made multiple pull up jumpers in transition. With a buttery smooth shooting stroke from anywhere on the floor including the free throw line, Capstraw showed off the depth to her game that makes her a top 2022 to watch this weekend.

2022 Cotie McMahon 5’10” SF Sports City U 17
When Cotie McMahon gets a rebound, she’s going to go 0 to 100 in 2 seconds and honestly, it doesn’t matter who you have back. McMahon played like a woman possessed as she aggressively attacked the basket, played the passing lanes, and competed for every rebound in Sports City U domination of Drive Nation. McMahon was dominant!

2022 Bridget Utberg 5’6” CG Georgia Metros 17 Gold
Bridget Utberg is the Georgia Metros engine and floor general. She created for herself and others. Also, she featured a sweet, consistent stroke on the catch and shoot 3 and pull up jump shot. Utberg is ultra skilled and she used that skill to keep the Metros competitive. Utberg makes the game look easy and has all kinds of on court swagger.

2023 Kaliyah Sane 5’10” SG Team Iowa
This young shooter waisted no time to heat up once the game started; going 3 for 3 early from deep. Kaliyah showed off her range and skill throughout the entire game on opening night of the USJN Premier Showcase in Indianapolis. Shooting the long ball is by no means all this baller can do. She handled the rock in the open court with ease and confidence; drove to the basket with good defenders drapped all over her and finished several difficult shots in a variety of ways. I was thoroughly impressed with what she brought to the table for dinner tonight!

2023 Aalyah Del Rosario 6’6 C Renaissance
Problematic is quite the understatement when trying to muster up any words to describe the play of Del Rosario. Standing at a whopping 6’6”, Aalyah dominates the paint. She absolutely imposed her will on any of the undersized players who tried to tussle with her down there. She snagged rebound after rebound after rebound with no solution in sight for the opposing team. This front court bruiser has amazing feathery touch around rim however-finishing several of her contested buckets over the front with ease.

2023 Angelica Velez 5’6” PG Renaissance
On the heels of the 4th of July celebrations, I have make the obvious comparison to Velez and an extravagant firework display with all the backyard bbq sauce you could want! She didn’t make her presence quite known until the game was close and intense. She came on hard and in a hurry too. She had some spicy layups down the middle, a sweet behind the arc shot and a smokin crossover in her repertoire as well. She brought all the right sauce for her young team so far.

2023 Naveah Foster 5’7” SG MBA Select
This young backcourt player was so dynamic in the open court and transition. She flew by multiple defenders possession after possession with skilled ball handling abilities and elite conditioning. Foster was able to easily get to the rack and find herself either finishing tough shots or shooting a pair of free throws. She managed to keep her opponent off balance throughout the game with a very consistent long ball shot as well. This is a very well rounded young guard.

2023 Gabriella Ross 5’7” CG Renaissance
Although Gabriella isn’t a front court player, she plays like one at times. She is no doubt a dicey and shifty at times kind of girl-but her physical style of play took center stage. She drove like a woman on a mission! Her ability to create the contact and play through it was very impressive. She managed to rack up multiple and one’s because of her strength once she got to the paint. She was a super tough and physical on ball defender as well; never really allowing the ball handler to turn the corner on her.